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Video: Hard-hat dive helmet connected to its own air supply

The guy in the sleepsack is totally dependent on the supply for each breath. The combination of the hard-hat and his bondage provides him with an extremely intense and helpless experience. He peers through the helmet’s visor as his buddies look on. This guy is really in deep.


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A Week at a Cabin in the Snow – Part 4

By Mister-X/Spartan

Day 4.

After the usual warming, exercises, food and shower the next morning, Master Leach again locked me into the chains. It took some time, as it did the first time, until I was finally tightly standing while in chains. This would be the day I would go to the proprietor’s place to be put into his cell, whatever it was. Master had told me before that someone would be by with his van to pick me up while in the prisoner transport chair, and I figured it would be the proprietor who would do this. With that nice day away to drive around the country, I’d forgotten what it felt like to be tightly chained.

Finished being put into the chains meant next being put into the transport chair. I could hear master leave the room and come back pushing the chair. I was soon back down sitting deeply in the seat while he locked the chains up each side, again with about 12 locks on each side. Again, it took time, but again I was finally attached to that chair. I couldn’t move. My cock was trying to get erect, both from the tight feel of the chains on my body and in anticipation of what lay ahead, so I had more pain to deal with from my cock in that spiked cock sheath tightly confined in the metal cylinder.

Master said that it had started snowing outside, so the proprietor was likely late. We waited and waited. I was starting to get disappointed, until I finally heard the sound of a van driving up. Master Leach went outside, and soon the two of them were back inside. After the blanket was put over me, I was pushed out the door in that chair. There was a ramp set up in the back of the van and I was pushed up that into the van. The chair was soon locked to the sides of the van. I could feel some snowflakes land on the outside of the pinholes at my nostrils as I was taken into the van, so it was still snowing.

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NEW SITE! 30 Minutes of Torment


Check out the scenes below from a new bondage site — 30 Minutes of Torment

This episode is called “Nomad – The Beginning


Bound and blindfolded, Nomad awaits with a bit gag in his mouth as Van approaches, punching the captive’s chest. The blindfold is removed as Nomad endures a flogging, turning his pale skin bright red. In the roman bath with a pillowcase on his head, Nomad has his hands bound behind his back with weights tugging on his balls. Van approaches with a crop in hand as he orders Nomad to his feet and attaches clamps all over his torso. He beats the captive down with the crop, adding more and more weights to his balls as his beating continues. Nomad is then presented with durian fruit at his feet as he’s ordered to kneel on top of the sharp, pointy fruit. After getting a nasty mouthful of the durian fruit, Nomad is hosed down with blasts of water spraying him in the face as he’s bound in the chair. After enduring relentless torment, Nomad is challenged to finally blow a load out of his aching cock.

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Free video preview of Nomad available here.

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