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gay bondage

Big, muscular stud Nick keeps mouthing off at the CMNM.net hotel, but that only makes the staff want to take advantage of him more. His body radiates heat from his constant training and his rage at being pinned down while buck naked. They bend him over and slide their fingers up his rectum, working open his tight sphincter.

gay bondage

He’s quickly gone from a sports hero standing on a podium being cheered by millions to being penetrated while arse up in a seedy hotel manager’s office.

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Raunchy play at Brutal Tops


The Brutal Tops Masters have installed a sub in their locker room whose duty it is to service their stinky sweaty bodies with its mouth. An inventive use for a bottom’s sloppy wet tongue, able to dig deep between a firm pair of athletic buttocks and lick clean a sweaty puckered hole.

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Master Nick and Derek have been so busy that they’ve not had a shower in over a week. Their feet, cocks, ass crack and armpits are all rank with dried in sweat, the odor is enough to make your eyes water and sting. Using the sub’s mouth as a shower, the two Masters clean every inch of their stinky sweaty bodies in it and get their pungent assholes eaten.



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Head harnessed suck slave


At BrutalTops, a sub is made to hump Sam’s ass like a dog while dominant Nick gets his cock and ball sack serviced in the doggie’s sloppy wet mouth, each testicle sucked and licked like juicy gobstoppers. Billy pushes his erection into the sub’s mouth and down into the back of Sam’s throat. Rising up onto his toes Billy face fucks the useless prick, choking the fag on his cock and delivering his eye-watering penalty for Sam’s lack of discipline while serving his Masters. Pulling his throbbing cock out of Baldy’s ass, Nick positions himself over the sub’s face and unloads a creamy thick deposit of spunk over its lips.

005 014


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Workbench asphyxiation

The hard muscular construction workers at Brutal Tops are incredibly skillful at roping up pathetic subs for their deviant sexual pleasure.


Master Nick restrains the sub, binding his neck to his ankles so the slightest pull on his legs strangles the bound stud. The laughing dominant perverts attach a weight and clips to his balls and smack his ass so every time he kicks out in pain he strangles himself and his genitals are painfully yanked.

008 014

These sadistic men are incredibly knowledgeable in restraint and torture for their own sadistic pleasure. Once his subject is fully bound, Master Lee whips out his large hard cock for the sub to suck.

015 017


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Giddyup horsey!


Master Nick has a plan to liven up the PE lesson, riding two subs in a grueling 20 lap race. Billy and Guy strip to their tight white underwear to compete, their near naked athletic bodies bounce eagerly on the backs of the ponys as they await the start.


Halfway into the race and the subs are exhausted, asses glowing red from being cropped hard, skin ablaze. The Masters take a well-earned rest while the ponys get fed on sweaty Top’s ass crack, watered on Master’s piss straight from the tap.

006 010 016


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What happens in the cellblock

Prison Master Guy and thrown behind bars with cellmate Master Nick 01Ever secretly sniffed a man’s underwear and think you might get caught? That’s what’s happened to pervy sniffer peter at BrutalTops. He’s taken in by Prison Master Guy and thrown behind bars with cellmate Master Nick. The controlling aggressive tops use their new sub ordering him to worship Master Guy’s boots, sniff his hairy pits, lick his asshole and strip down his underwear using only his teeth. Thuggish big-dicked Master Nick corners the trembling sub in his cell punching him and making him service his hard cock. Master Guy uses his stick to penetrate the sub’s slutty hole while he sucks Master Nick till he fills him gob with gallons of hot spunk. These real tops are skilled in controlling and making men serve.

Prison Master Guy and thrown behind bars with cellmate Master Nick 02Prison Master Guy and thrown behind bars with cellmate Master Nick 03

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