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A Left Turn at Albuquerque Continued – Part 05

By Hunter Perez

I never considered myself to be a jealous person, but after my meeting with Holmgren I was deeply envious of his encounter with Quinn, that adventure-seeking magazine writer he met at the schoolhouse. I was unable to fall asleep because I became consumed with resentfulness over Holmgren’s newfound happiness and the possibility that he might find himself in a romantic relationship.

“Why is he able to go out and about and meet people while I have stay locked in a cage?” I thought to myself. “He knows I don’t belong in here, but he’s keeping me here. He’ll probably keep me here for the rest of my life. He’ll probably quit one day and go off somewhere with his new boyfriend and I’ll be stuck behind bars until I die.”

My unhappiness forced me up, which was just as well because Zeb began snoring at an intolerable level. I sat at the foot of bed, sometimes glancing out of the cell door with the hope that Patterson would come chugging by for a quick chat. By mostly I stared at the floor, slowly asphyxiating myself with self-pity.

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Leather bonding

Check out Jason Luna and Damian in Leather Lovebirds. It was originally filmed for Frock The World. This film truly shows Damian’s Dom but passionate side that his captives long for. Jason and Damian gear up, and Damian starts warming him up with some deep passionate kissing before Damian collars him. Before long Jason is sucking Damian’s uncut cock. Once he’s gotten Damian good and hard, Damian bends him over and starts flogging and paddling his ass. Jason takes it like a champ. Once Jason has proven himself, Damian returns his devotion by satisfying his needs and driving his cock deep into his hole.

Jason Luna and Damian in Leather Lovebirds

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Site: DamianXDragon

Title of this video: Jason Luna – Leather Lovebirds

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