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Dr. Mad Max and his 7-point rigid metal bondage torture device

Check out the images and text below, from Dr Mad Max. (He put me in this contraption once, and it is every bit as nasty as it looks!)



Dr. Mad Max writes:

I designed the 7-point in 2005 or so with the idea that a hog tie should be inescapable and immobilizing from head to toe. Redneck Mark made several of these devices for me.

The collar attaches to the long thin metal bar in order to restrict the limbs and head movement. In most cases the collar will be locked to a floor ring to complete the immobilization. Trying to move is going to be painful and difficult and hence the predicament feature of the 7 point: don’t move a muscle and no pain, but after awhile the spasms set in, try and move – it hurts – pure pleasure at the thought.

The biceps and wrist bar are attached as are the ankles to the single thin adjustable bar spine running up the centre. The spine allows legs to be attached at different angles and wrists and biceps can be adjusted for arm length. Typically we add some means to keep the ankle bar from digging into the shins now that is not nice. For me I like to use an overhead point to tie off the wrists and ankles overhead to further limit movement, or in the words of the famous Engineer Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe “Less is More” mine is “More is More” There can never be too much restraint and immobilization.

Depending on the agility and endurance of the prisoner it is usually an experience of 1 – 3 hours maximum although I have managed 4.5 and took a couple days to get the soreness out after.

I am Dr. Mad Max, Max Cita


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RubberCub79 visits Max Cita

The pictures and text below are from RubberCub79, and this material was shared by Serious Male Bondage


RubberCub79 visits Max Cita

By RubberCub79 

For as long as I’ve been going to the Internet to get my heavy rubber bondage fix, there have been a few sites that have remained tried-and-true for content to fantasize over. One of those would definitely be Dr. Mad Max’s site. It contains pages and pages of the kinky Doctor in various escapology predicaments, as well as an excellent catalogue of gear to purchase on his popular retail website Maxcita.com.

I’d had the opportunity to try out a straightjacket and a sleepsack made by Max in the past, so when I planned my trip to Ontario last summer, I made sure to arrange a visit to his ‘facility’.

I had seen a few pics of his guest room so I had an idea what to expect, but seeing it first-hand sent my kinky little heart racing.

Being the amazing host he is, Max treated me to a few beers and a nice dinner before a very interesting chat about the kink scene and how it’s evolved over the years.  Inevitably the conversation turned to bondage, of course, and exactly what I was interested in.  I’m into extreme forms of encapsulation, breath control and sensory deprivation – sleepsacks, mummification and vacbeds being the ultimate trifecta for me.

So the first bit of gear I was packaged into was Max’s ‘Psycho Vac-Sack’, an airtight twist on a standard sleepsack with the ability to have all the air sucked out. The rubber he uses is a very heavy gauge, so once I was inside, I really felt trapped. And just in case I thought I was going anywhere, he proceeded to tie me down securely to the metal operating table I was lying on. While I was restrained and helpless – and even though I said I wasn’t into ball torture – he proceeded to have his way with my balls anyway, smacking them for a while under the heavy rubber.  As Max said “it’s ok, I don’t feel a thing”.

Eventually I’m released and it’s time for bed.  I’ve asked to sleep in one of his heavy rubber straightjackets and he’s only too happy to oblige.  After strapping me in, he turned on an audio baby monitor, and locks me in the room, the bedroom door being an authentic jail cell door!

I managed to get a bit of sleep but I guess I must have been tossing and turning too much, because at some point he came into the room and gruffly says he’s letting me out because I’m making too much noise. I’m secretly grateful for the reprieve.

The next day, I’m treated to a hearty breakfast before being led back upstairs to try out his heavy duty bondage chair, after being suited up in an amber catsuit.  And he was only too happy to include a bit of electro torture to my cock and balls, despite my protests (not that I really meant it).

Finally I got to experience some of his heavier metal restraints – first the 7-point rigid steel hogtie device, and then the large head and fist metal ball enclosures.  Heavy metal isn’t really my thing, but I definitely got off on just how screwed I was as I heard each lock click shut. The large sphere that enclosed my head didn’t have many holes in it, which added an element of breath play to the situation. I could feel the air inside getting warm and stale in a hurry.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and I had to say goodbye. Being the gracious host that he is, Max even gave me a ride to the airport to send me on my way home back to Vancouver Island. I had plenty of good memories to think about on my plane ride.

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