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He will do anything to keep his job

At CMNM.net, crafty businessman Joe has always schemed his way into being top dog, but now faced with disgrace and unemployment he’s desperate to do anything to keep his job! Right in the middle of a busy office, he’s been turned into a lowly pup groveling on the floor and using his tongue to shine the office manager’s shoes. And it’s not enough that he’s buffing his shoes against Joe’s big weighty package; he wants to get his mates in on this upstart’s humiliation too!

gay shoe licking

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gay naked humiliation

Foot Men join the New York Bondage Club

Hey guys, this coming Sunday (March 5) the guys from Foot Men will be joining the New York Bondage Club.

According to NYBC, last time Foot Men joined the club they had over 130 guys at the party. They get to the party before 8:30, so come early so you don’t miss any of the action. There will be guys on the ground worshipping feet, tickling, getting restrained, bondage, CBT, rope, electro, fisting, flogging, and more. They will also have all the regualar stuff going on as well. The party starts off more social and then gets going strong. Mix, mingle, chat, play.

This Sunday. Right here in New York Fuckin City.

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