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Happened Last Night (January 2013)

By Erik of Roids N Rants

The shiny black Slick It Up hood is stretched tight around my head, muffling every sound. There are no eye holes, only a hole for my mouth, and I’m totally blind and helpless as I’m being guided deeper into the apartment. Disoriented, I have no idea where I stand, and suddenly I’m seized by too many hands to count and held in place as my arms are pulled behind my back and a rope is tied around my wrists. There is no going back now.

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A comprehensive article about chastity

Dalton from the Serious Male Bondage site has written an excellent and very comprehensive article about chastity, called Bondage Is Chastity. Click the picture to go to his article, which has been posted to Serious Male Bondage Journal:

Serious Male Bondage Journal chastity

Another good resource for information about male chastity is the Denying Thumper blog — written by muscular bisexual guy who is into SERIOUS chastity.

And … if you want to purchase a chastity device, please click here for Mr S.