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Hey prisoners,

You might notice a number of updated banner ads in the right-hand column here on Metalbond. In addition, I have been adding a bunch of new links to various other sites, also listed in the right-hand column, and also on the Links page. I hope that you will click through to these other sites and visit them and enjoy them.

(Meanwhile, if you are a webmaster who is linking back to me, please check to make sure you are using my new site address, which is www.MetalbondNYC.com and not the old Thumblogger URL, which goes to my old site.)



Locking metal cock cages

The first image is from the Denying Thumper blog — click the image for a complete report from this guy and a video about his Steelworxx Looker 02:

Denying Thumper blog Steelworx

And here are more images in locking metal cock cages and the men who are brave enough to get locked in them:

MetalbondNYC metal cock cage 01MetalbondNYC metal cock cage 02MetalbondNYC metal cock cage 04MetalbondNYC metal cock cage 05MetalbondNYC metal cock cage 06MetalbondNYC metal cock cage 07MetalbondNYC metal cock cage 08MetalbondNYC metal cock cage 09

I think it would be a great idea for 2013 to get a bunch of Metalbond readers locked in serious chastity, maybe have a bet or dare to see who can go the longest number of days.




Celebrating the erotic male bondage tickling artwork of Achilles

Achilles Heel Art 01Those of you who are interested in TICKLING — and I know there are a lot of you out there — might want to know that the Achilles Heel Art site has closed up shop. The GOOD NEWS is that Achilles, the artist himself, will continue to share his artwork, plus lots more tickle-themed material, at his blog.

[nggallery id=177]



Achilles Heel Art 02Achilles Heel Art 03Achilles Heel Art 04
To visit Achilles, click here