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From boy to ‘gimp’ to full pain gimpslave!

Check out these recent pictures from NYMaster:

training by NYMaster

These pictures from NYMaster document his two-week, nonstop training of a boy into a slave, and finally a rubber encased gimp. NYMaster’s motto is: “I don’t play – I TRAIN!” More pictures of the above depicted trainee available here.

Videos available on xtube by clicking here

NYMaster main site here

The pictures above are copyright by NYMaster and are used here with permission.

Chastity Cage Review – The Tarentula

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 chastity cages

Every man is unique. And so is every set of cock and balls! When the mass-produced commercially available chastity cages just aren’t quite right, there is a myriad of custom options to fit the bill. The time finally came for me to take the next step, and invest in my first custom-made chastity cage.

I wanted a stainless steel device, fairly simple, secure, and still aesthetically pleasing, for a reasonable price. I spent months comparing specs, features, prices, reviews, and options of cages from many makers, and measured myself many many times just to be sure. I chose the Tarentula device from Red Chili, and placed my order in late June.

My first custom chastity cage arrived in September, gleaming and new, more beautiful than the pictures! The craftsmanship is gorgeous, the metal is smooth and shiny, and is true to the specs as ordered. It came with a ring, the cage, a padlock, a storage pouch, and an extra chain to secure around the waist for additional security.

Once I got my very excited self soft, I locked the Tarentula on. The feeling of this custom device is heavenly! It fits perfectly. No pinching, no bulkiness, and no extra spaces or gaps. From the second the lock clicked, it really felt like an entire new level of chastity. Both security and comfort are apparent in both look and feel. Compared to the non-custom cages I own, there is no contest. Due to the “second skin” fit, there is no room for erection. Even when I try to get hard in this, it doesn’t hurt. This cage is extremely comfortable!! Of course, those readers who are experienced with custom cages know the feeling, but for those who aren’t familiar, let me tell you that the feeling is beyond words. It is a very different experience when the cage and ring are custom fit.

While I believe I will be very happy with this cage, I know it is only the first. Someday, I would very much like a cage with an integrated lock, mostly for personal aesthetic reasons. For the foreseeable future, I look forward to spending some time in the Tarentula. Red Chili offers several different devices, accessories, ring shapes, and rings with an attached butt plug, which will be fun options to try out. Heh, at least I know what I’m getting myself for Christmas this year!

Red Chili website: http://malechastity-devices.com/

(Note they are on holiday until the end of October)


Tarentula chastity cage review


Metal would like to thank Cutieboy90 for this chastity device review and for the pictures!


Leather cuffs in the office

Check out these pictures from The Sneaker Boy

gay male bondage


The Sneaker Boy writes,

“Discreet bondage is an interest of mine. In some of these photos you will see me in leather ankle cuffs locked on while I was at work. It was quite an exciting day feeling them on my ankles and knowing that the keys were 20+ miles away. Luckily the BON4M chastity device I was wearing helped me hide my excitement during the day.”

sneaker fetish bondage


Thanks for the hot pictures, Sneaker Boy!

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Sneaker Boy locked in customized ankle cuffs

Check out the pictures and information below from The Sneaker Boy:

sneaker Boy ankle cuffs


The Sneaker Boy writes,

“These bootcuffs are a pair of CTS 5259 that a friend changed out the chain for me on. The original chain was 14” of thin twisted chain, the replacement is this 12” chain with thicker 1” links. This set of cuffs is much more effective at limiting how fast I can move.”

Thanks for the hot pictures, Sneaker Boy!

See more from The Sneaker Boy here — and also find him on Twitter and Tumblr

The Sneaker Boy models his new American Handcuff N-520 cuffs

Here are more pitures from The Sneaker Boy:

American Handcuff N-520


The Sneaker Boy writes,

“I recently got in a pair of cuffs I had been trying to find for a while, American Handcuff N-520. These cuffs are oversized hinged handcuffs, intended for large prisoners, but also great for use as a hobble. One of the photos shows them next to a pair of N-400, the standard AHC hinged cuffs.”

Thanks for the hot pictures, Sneaker Boy!

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More pictures of Prisoner805 at The Edge Jail and Dungeon

Check out these new pictures sent in by Awesome Roper, of Prisoner805 locked up at The Edge Jail and Dungeon:

Prisoner805 at The Edge Jail and Dungeon


Awesome Roper was kind enough to share a list of the gear Prisoner805 is locked in:

Deluxe Tight Hood from Mr. S

Chain and Master Lock Magnum 2-3/4 in Shrouded Disc Padlock from Home Depot

Bulldog Harness 2.0 with Grey Piping from Mr. S

Wrist Manacles “Plug System” No5802X from Parus

Handmade Steel Chastity Belt Model CS-500/A from Fetish Felix

Peerless Model 703C Leg Irons from Handcuff Warehouse

Pictures from The Sneaker Boy

Check out these pictures from The Sneaker Boy:

The Sneaker Boy aka Chris Mitchell leg cuffs


The Sneaker Boy writes,

“In these photos my boyfriend, Jake Wolf, was chained in my Mr. S heavy iron restraints. While he was taking a nap in his new Nike Foamposite I slipped the restraints around his ankles and tightened the screws to secure him.”


Thanks for the hot pictures, Sneaker Boy!

The Mr S ankle restraints are available here

See more from The Sneaker Boy here — and also find him on Twitter and Tumblr