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Awesome Roper visits The Edge Dungeon

Check this out! Awesome Roper visited The Edge Dungeon recently, and here are a few pictures he took from inside the facility:

AwesomeRoper gay bondage

More pictures — including many shots of Awesome Roper’s prisoner, are posted to the AwesomeRoper Tumblr page.

Official Edge Dungeon site here.

A behind-the-scenes story of what goes on at this facility available here.

Hint: You can also see more behind-the-scenes at Edge Dungeon at Serious Male Bondage

Show me your new high-security Rivolier cuffs

Check out Cutieboy90 and his new cuffs!

Cutieboy90 Rivolver cuffs


Cutieboy90 writes,

“This is an older pair of their high-security cuffs. The double lock uses a tumbler requiring a key, unlike the type where it’s just a push button that engages the double lock. And of course, the two-toned look of the aluminum body and steel arm is modern, sleek and sexily stylish!”

Here are more pictures from Cutieboy90’s growing cuff collection:

high-security handcuffs


Hey fellow prisoners: Cutieboy90 is author of Milking Day — Be sure to check out his story, and watch for Part 2 later this week!

Cutieboy90 shows off his hinged cuffs

Metalbond reader Cutieboy90 sent these pictures of his Clejuso 19 hinged handcuffs in stainless steel:

show me your cuffs


Cutieboy90 writes:

Dear Metal,

I’ve been a fan of your blog for many years, and am a frequent visitor of the prison library. I recently added some new cuffs to my small-but-growing collection, and thought I’d submit a few pics for you! (I’m afraid I don’t have any “action” shots, as I mostly play solo, and it’s not so easy to use cuffs for selfbondage..)

Anyway, these are the Clejuso 19 hinged handcuffs in stainless steel. Hope you like, and that you have a great day!

Highest regards,


Thanks for the pictures, and for your kind email, Cutieboy90!