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Tom Cruise muzzle in Mission Impossible 3

Did anyone see the movie Mission Impossible 3? Tom Cruise wears a modified version of this head muzzle. (If you rent the DVD, the scene starts at 1 hour 13 minutes in).  Apparently they modified it somewhat, so that his face was not covered up.



The muzzle pictured above is from Sinvention — a company in Canada that sells high-quality, handcrafted bondage gear. Here is their description of the above-mentioned muzzle:

“If a non speaking sub is what you desire or full control of their head then this muzzle is for you,” Sinvention writes. “Adjustable from very small (shown above) to large without sacrificing functionality is how we have designed this padded muzzle and collar. Everything will stay in the center and aligned to your subject’s unique cranium and neck. We have also crafted this headpiece with minimal rivets. Mostly sewn construction allows for hours of comfortable wearing. Constructed of English bridle leather with a soft garment leather lining.”


UPDATE: You can see an auction for the modified item used in the movie, plus a picture of Tom Cruise wearing it, over at Prop Store by clicking here.


To learn more and for ordering information for this item, click here




New advertiser on Metalbond: Church of Sinvention

Speaking of advertisers, Church of Sinvention, a Canada-based company that makes high-quality leather BDSM products, is now sponsoring the Metalbond site.

Check them out:


Their kick-ass bondage gear (which you have seen in use over at the Serious Male Bondage site) is handcrafted in beautiful leather with sturdy hardware and secure rivets. Like these lockable wrist restraints, available in various colors:

Classic_DeLuxe_2_48e4e915b2195-800x-480 Classic_Deluxe_R_4c0d3b7a7315e-800x-480 Medical_Restrain_4c069d7067a8d-800x-480

Click for Church of Sinvention!