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Jordan gets spanked on the bondage cross

Tom uses his hand, a riding crop, yardstick, paddle and cane on Jordan’s firm butt. Tears well up in Jordan’s eyes at several points. He tells Tom that he has been good since his last spanking and doesn’t deserve to be spanked as hard this time. Tom might have agreed with Jordan, but Jordan makes this a hard spanking on his own by repeatedly screwing up the count. At the end of this video, you’ll also hear Jordan discuss what it’s like to be spanked on the Bondage Cross.

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Title of this episode: Jordan on the Bondage Cross

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Adam takes a hard spanking

This is a shoot from Spanking Straight Boys. Adam has a very sensitive butt. It doesn’t take much at all to get him grunting, and by the end of this video Tom’s paddle has him pounding his fists (as best as he can while strapped to the bench) yelling louder than any bondage model Tom has ever spanked and wiping away tears. This video opens with Tom using an electric paddle on Adam’s already-sensitive butt. He then moves on to hand spanking and the use of the paddle Adam finds so hard to take. Adam struggles and jerks around so much that he knocks the top cushion loose from the spanking bench. By the end of the video, Adam is sufficiently subdued and more than ready to leave.

Adam takes a hard spanking

VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Adam on the Bench

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Trevor gets restrained in the bondage tower

At Spanking Straight Boys, Trevor gets placed in the Tower, or the Spanking Tower, which puts him in a very vulnerable, humiliating position with his butt fully exposed in a great spanking position. When he showed up for this shoot, Trevor was instantly afraid of the tower. It is tall, heavy and imposing. Looking at it, Trevor didn’t want to believe that it was going to put him in the position it would. He struggled to see some other use for the holes that are clearly meant only for his hands and feet. Within a few minutes Tom locked Trevor in the tower, removing all doubts as to how it would be used. Tom spanks Trevor with his hand, a leather slapper, ping pong paddle, hairbrush, wooden spoon, belt and cane. Through it all, Trevor moans, whines and cries out. In fact, he makes so much noise that Tom puts a ball gag in his mouth to quiet him down some. In Trevor’s defense, a spanking in this position really hurts. Something about the butt and legs being stretched so tightly intensifies the pain. At the end of this video, Tom releases Trevor. Trevor can barely stand up. His butt is red and marked, and he appears exhausted. He hadn’t anticipated anything like the tower.

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Trevor in the Tower

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Owen takes a harsh spanking while strapped down tight

At Spanking Straight Boys, Tom straps Owen to a massage table, using a cushion to prop Owen’s firm butt up and out for his spanking. Owen looks great in this very subordinate position. Tom then administers a hard strapping with a large belt along with some hand spanking. Owen has one tough butt. Instead of reddening, Owen’s butt only turns pink. But that doesn’t mean he has an easy time with the spankings. To the contrary, Owen’s butt is quite sensitive and he has a very hard time with every spanking. Owen finds the belt particularly hard to take, which is why Tom chose it for this session. The belt leaves him a very remorseful, chastened young man, as evidenced by the look on his face throughout this video.

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Title of this episode: Owen – Unpaid Consequences

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Tom wipes the smirk off Parker’s face

At Spanking Straight Boys, Parker turns up for his first spanking shoot wearing an inappropriate T-Shirt with an obscene message. He is keen to appear tougher and more edgy than he really is. He smirks a bit here and there, asks questions he knows the answers to and waits to do things he already knows he should do until Tom tells him to. He’s either trying to be funny or, more likely or he’s attempting to show Tom (and the viewers) that he is bold and rebellious. Tom suspects it’s the latter. Whatever Parker’s motivation was to wear that shirt, it was a bad choice. It ends up costing him a harsh session by hand, and with a strap and cane. Most of the video is the cane, and Tom is heavy-handed with it as Parker continues to be defiant even during the caning — at least at first! By the end Parker has a very red and striped butt, and his smirk is a distant memory.

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Title of this episode: Playing Dumb

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Chad looks great suspended upside down

Meanwhile at Spanking Straight Boys, Tom has Chad put on a pair of white briefs and ankle restraints. He then attaches the restraints to a suspension spreader bar and raises Chad’s feet high in the air. Next the spanking begins by hand, with a riding crop, leather strap and thin acrylic paddle. Things start to get serious with the leather strap, and then get downright punishing with the paddle. Chad is obedient throughout. He has always taken well to discipline, and is polite and respectful both on camera and off. Put simply, Chad does as he’s told.

Chad gets spanked in bondage

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Title of this episode: Chad Upside Down

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Don’t lose count while you’re getting spanked or it starts over

Everyone knows that! Except apparently Logan, who is strapped to a spanking bench for a long, intense session that brings him close to the edge! Logan struggles with the severity of this spanking. He loses the count of the strokes a few times, which causes Tom to start over. Tom uses several harsh implements on Logan, including a rubber paddle/slapper, a wooden paddle, a bamboo cane, a hairbrush, a long plastic shoehorn, a riding crop and a wooden spoon. Logan writhes about, straining against the straps that hold him in place. He shakes his head and his eyes tear up as his butt gets bright red and then purple. Tom also engages in a form of bastinado with the riding crop. By the end of this spanking, Tom has firmly established his dominance over Logan, leaving Logan contrite and obedient.

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VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Logan “Losing Count”

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