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More of Carter in The Spanking Tower

This video opens with Tom giving Carter a long, hard session with a leather belt. Carter’s ass is already red and sore, so he really feels the sting of the belt. Tom then moves on to a wooden spoon and a flog. Tom finishes with a riding crop that he uses on Carter’s feet. Carter finds it all hard to take. He remains obedient and struggles to maintain his composure, but the belt and the flog in particular sting like hell. Carter continues to forget to address Tom properly, which results in a longer, harder spanking. At the end, when he gets out of the spanking tower, Carter wipes his eyes. And, strangely, when he puts his underwear on, it’s clear that he has the beginnings of an erection. Too bad Tom didn’t see that at the time because he’d have certainly asked Carter a bunch of embarrassing questions about it!

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Title of this update: Carter in The Spanking Tower (Part 2)

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A hard discipline session for Carter

At Spanking Straight Boys, Tom punishes Carter with his hand, a whip, a birch, a perforated paddle and a brand new silicone tawse. It’s a hard session for Carter, who is surprised by all the implements Tom has ready to use on him. Tom even gives him a taste of the electrical paddle. Although he strains, grimaces and complains, Carter is obedient and respectful throughout.

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Title of this update: Covid Party

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Mitch undergoes a forced workout

At Spanking Straight Boys, Tom orders Mitch to get on a an elliptical machine. While he is getting spanked, Mitch must do a hard workout with Tom pressing him to go faster and keep up the pace. As you’ll see, the lateral movement of this elliptical machine shows his butt off to maximum advantage. Tom uses his hand, a yardstick, riding crop, birch and a leather belt on Mitch’s hard, round bubble butt. By the end, Mitch’s butt is red and he tells Tom this is one workout he’ll never forget!

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Title of this update: Faster!

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Tom teaches Carter a lesson

Here’s another guy who gets worked over at Spanking Straight Boys. Carter is 21-year-old straight college dude with a 3.9 grade-point average (translation: he’s smart). Today, Tom has the spanking tower ready for him. Carter didn’t even know that bondage was a possibility, so he was definitely surprised by the tower. He was also surprised when Tom proceeded to shave his butt with electric clippers. Tom knows that being shaved in such a vulnerable position is highly embarrassing, so he takes his time. He spends over 16 minutes shaving Carter’s butt, crack, butthole and taint. Tom then begins spanking Carter. He uses his hand, a riding crop, hairbrush and a whip. Carter has trouble remembering to address Tom as “Sir.” This is only Carter’s second spanking, so he still has much to learn about obedience and respect. Tom will be happy to teach him.

shaving butt, crack, butthole and taint

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Title of this update: Carter in the Spanking Tower

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Tough guy inverted spanking

Dex, a 22-year-old straight military man, is sitting on the floor in a pair of tighty whities and leather ankle suspension cuffs. Tom locks Dex’s feet to a steel spreader bar attached to an industrial hoist and lifts him into the air upside down. He then spanks Dex’s firm, incredibly round butt by hand and with a yardstick, wooden spoon, leather belt and a flog. Dex is a quiet guy, but he can’t conceal his reactions to this spanking. He struggles as he swings about. Tears well up in his eyes. He gets verbal.

male bondage and spanking

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Title of this update: Dex Upside Down

gay bondage spanking videos

Dustin in the Spanking Tower

Here’s another one from Spanking Straight Boys. Dustin is a straight 21-year-old Marine. Given a choice of a wooden paddle or a silicone paddle/slapper, Dustin chose poorly and took the silicone paddle. As tough of Dustin is (and he is most certainly one tough Marine), the silicone paddle takes his breath away, reducing his voice to a whisper as he counts out the 30 strokes. If that isn’t enough, Dustin then gets it with a small, stinging flog and a wooden yardstick (and, of course, Tom’s hand). Dustin really struggles with this spanking. Tears well up in his eyes, and, at times, it seems he might break down.

Dustin in the Spanking Tower

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Title of this update: Dustin in the Spanking Tower

male bondage and spanking

A bodybuilder is given a wedgie — and then a paddling!

Look what happens to Mitch at Spanking Straight Boys:

bodybuilder is given a wedgie

Mitch is a muscle guy with a ripped physique and round butt. He knows he’s in for a surprise today, but doesn’t know anything about what that surprise is. He only learns the particulars as the video proceeds. First Tom inserts a butt plug in Mitch’s ass, and then he gives him a wedgie…

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Title of this video: Mitch’s Wedgie Spanking

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