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Unauthorized Entry

This one from Men at Play starring Alex Marte and Ben Brown has some necktie bondage:

Gay Bondage

Ben Brown and Alex Marte team up in this sizzling hot scene. When Ben arrives early for his appointment with the President, he is greeted by the burly security agent Alex. But after a call from the man himself saying that he will be further delayed Ben is told that he should make himself comfortable and ask Alex for anything that he may need. So out of boredom Ben starts mocking Alex by taking advantage of him, expecting the silent bodyguard to not react. But clearly he misjudges him and after enduring enough taunting Alex snaps, pins Ben down to the desk and gives the cocky visitor a taste of his medicine while he begs for mercy. A dream pairing, and the sex is nothing short of explosive… this is definitely one not to be missed!!!

gay bondage Unauthorized_Aff05 Unauthorized_Aff10

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