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Rick Castro’s The Bondage Book

Here are some smartphone pics I took yesterday at an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum showing covers of Rick Castro’s “The Bondage Book” as well as a photograph:

Rick Castro’s The Bondage Book

Rick Castro’s The Bondage Book

Rick Castro’s The Bondage Book


Does anybody remember The Bondage Book? Looks like there were four issues in all.

These are on display until the end of March 2024 at the Brooklyn Museum, as part of a special exhibit titled “Copy Machine Manifestos: Artists Who Make Zines.” There was lots of alternate music-related content, as well as queer content.

Link here

Drummer magazine website is relaunched

And they have a new Editor-in-Chief! And they are promising a new issue coming soon! Details are available at their website:

Drummer magazine

They have some newer content available, including five complete issues as well as articles. And one of my very favorite features is a complete library of the first 100 issues! If you are a subscriber as I am, you can access this vast library.

Drummer back issues

Click for Drummer magazine

You — yes you — can be on the cover of Rubbermen!

Squirm from RubberZone is getting ready for the 2022 issue of Rubbermen, and he says they are looking for some genuine rubber men to grace the cover!

Rubberzone picture contest


They are looking for a wide diversity of rubbermen. That means all body types, skin colors and backgrounds are welcome. But you do need to be wearing rubber! You can wear a hood, a gas mask, or even show your face if you are so inclined. There are various prizes involved for those who are chosen.

For details, go to RubberZone.

gay male rubber men stories and pictures

The Becoming

The filthy Pig has illuminated my Raison d’etre. It comes to me distressed, rigid, and overwrought, desiring only to be used.

During our timeless sessions, I observe Its angst, frustration, and tumult dissipate as calmness and serenity fill the vacuum. With each level of synergy; each extension cord lash, peck punch, nipple clamping, and stress position, the Pig draws closer to the elusive tranquility that It incessantly yearns for.

I am pleased to relieve the Pig of its affliction, as in the process, I temper my own despair.


CommanderForYou rentmen


Metal would like to thank Commander for the text and pictures above. This NYC-based Master can be reached via RentMen, and also at Commander76484@gmail.com

Video: Hal Fischer talks about signaling with keys and hanky code

Check out this video in which artist Hal Fischer discusses “gay signifiers” — namely keys, earrings and the hanky code — worn by gay men in 1970s San Francisco:


Hal Fischer’s work, Gay Semiotics, is a photographic study of visual coding among homosexual men.

You can see many of his photographs on the SFMOMA site.

Also visit gaysemiotics.com

Thanks to my buddy Grey for passing along this link!

Photographer Mark I. Chester: Street Sex Photos and Other Perversions

For those who are in Palm Springs, LeatherSex Conversations, presented by the Desert Fetish Authority, are held the first Friday of every month. On Friday, Dec. 6, 2019, Mark I. Chester will present “Street Sex Photos and Other Perversions,” which is described by organizers as 40-plus years of images from San Francisco’s gay radical sex underground.

Mark I. Chester


“Mark I. Chester’s work work is politically provocative, artistically taboo and socially conscious,” an announcement from the Desert Fetish Authority says. “In documenting his life, Mark has also documented these tumultuous times in San Francisco, giving a glimpse of the people and times that we have lived through. One focus of this presentation will be Mark’s new project, Street Sex Photos, which documents gay men being sexual on the streets of South of Market in San Francisco.”

The presentation will take place Friday, Dec. 6, 2019, from 7-9 p.m. at the LGBT Center of the Desert. It’s not to be missed, if you are in Palm Springs!

Details on the event available here.

Desert Fetish Authority official site here

Desert Fetish Authority