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On the discipline block

At BreederFuckers.com, Kirk is one tough strong bastard, but all his might and muscle can’t break him free from the ropes holding him down on the discipline block. That big muscular arse of his pointing up looks so hot, especially when his tighty whities are rammed right up the crack to rub against his arsehole. His briefs are destroyed, leaving him buck naked. His dick is drawn back between his legs with a clamp on his foreskin. Kirk is in agony, as he can’t move without causing himself considerable pain to his most tender bits. Adrian and Dave wank his cock, and Kirk can’t do anything to stop himself becoming aroused with their devilish manipulation. His cock is made even stiffer in a suction device while his arse is filled and fucked. Kirk nearly chomps through the bit in his mouth, drooling away like a chained beast. He can’t prevent himself being stimulated to orgasm while he receives a torrent of arse punishment. He weeps and howls as his precious sperm fills the container.


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Lee is tied up by sadists

And in one more update from BreederFuckers.com, Lee can shout and curse all he wants, but with his arms suspended up and his legs shackled in a leg spreader that’s all he can do. Sadists love watching him twist in the wind, straining every muscle to break from his bonds and thrashing in anger when they encircle his exposed body.

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What happens at Str8Hell

Jan Bavor is gagged and shackled, with his hot chest bared as Ondra Vidim approaches from behind. Ondra reaches round and plays with Jan’s nipples. He feels Jan’s huge muscles before moving to the front and running his hands all over that sexy chest. He leans down and licks Jan’s nipples as he gropes him. He opens Jan’s jeans and then begins hitting on his belly. Pulling on the nipples, Ondra then applies clothespins to one, and then the other. He continues to attach pins to Jan’s hot body. Then he attaches nipple clamps and pulls on them before using his whip on Jan’s hot body. He reaches inside the jeans to free Jan’s cock and balls. Then he drop down and takes the cock in his mouth. Jan’s cock gets very hard as Ondra sucks on it. Then Ondra releases Jan and they start to kiss each other. Jan drops to his knees and sucks on Ondra’s big, fat, cock. He takes the fat dick in his mouth working it well. Ondra wants more though and has Jan bend over so that he can fuck his hot ass. The fat cock slides deep into Jan’s tight hole and fucks him deep. Jan enjoys the deep fucking and turns over to get more fucking. He wanks himself as Ondra pounds his tight hole. Jan keeps wanking hard and soon dumps his hot cum onto his thigh as Ondra’s dick is deep in his ass. Jan milks all the cream from his cock as Ondra keeps fucking him. Then Jan, drops down and wanks that big, fat, cock until Ondra’s cum is released too.

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Video: Bound muscle and nipple torture

See below for a free video preview from the men of Daddy’s Bondage Boys.

Officer Matt Stevens continues to pick at the ego of his criminal. The clothespins move to the more sensitive areas, and Draven Torres tests the ropes in a fruitless effort to get them off.

Here is a free video preview:


Title of this shoot: Breaking and Entering: Part 7

Models in this shoot: Draven Torres, Matt Stevens

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The torture of a muscular torso

Check out what happens to muscle captives at Russian Captured Boys

Master just couldn’t stop himself in torturing the muscular torso of his tied and helpless slave because the slave’s nipples and armpits are the most attractive zones for electrocution. Fortunately for the slave, the first day in the captivity was coming to an end — but the YEARS of imprisonment are yet to come…


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Tied up and tortured with clothespins

Or “pegs” as they call them across the pond. At BreederFuckers.com, hetero prick Aaron is used to calling the shots and expecting people to bow to his authority. Now they have strung him up stark bollock naked so he’s incapable of resisting. He feels more intensely vulnerable than he’s ever been in his life.

They can freely grope and perv all over his body as much as they want. He can shout and insult all he wants, but that only provokes them to be greedier and meaner, mauling his sexy straight man’s body. They own his body and his big, eager dick. Dave goes down on him and Aaron can’t stop himself from going a fat stonking hard on. They tie up his engorged cock and weigh it down. He can do nothing to stop his trapped tumescent prick and the searing level of pleasure/pain in his body. Dave sets upon his vulnerable bum, ramming his fingers deep inside his anus till he’s sloppy and loose. Aaron needs to learn that everything he experiences and feels is controlled by his captors now. Dave flogs him senseless and Adrian attaches a string of pegs down his body. Just when he’s wanked till his juice is spraying all over, the pegs are cruelly torn off with one swift rip. This straight man will never experience an orgasm the same way again.

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