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The Cabin – The Story of Lust and Betrayal – Part 1

Bound Gods is at the Russian River for an outdoors shoot! Madman Ricky Sinz torments innocent campers deep in the woods.

Featuring Ricky Sinz, Tyler Alexander, Morgan Black, Logan Vaughn


KinkMen is proud to present a Bound Gods feature movie. In a dark story of lust and betrayal, Tyler Alexander’s father has just passed so his father’s long-time friend and business partner, Morgan Black, takes him on a retreat to the family’s cabin deep in the woods in order to hand over his portion of the family business. As the two reminisce Morgan can’t help but fantasize about the college stud. Little do they know that a madman Ricky Sinz is prowling these same woods.

24567_Ricky_Sinz_Morgan_Black_Tyler_Alexander_Logan_Vaughn_076 24567_Ricky_Sinz_Morgan_Black_Tyler_Alexander_Logan_Vaughn_080 24567_Ricky_Sinz_Morgan_Black_Tyler_Alexander_Logan_Vaughn_081 24567_Ricky_Sinz_Morgan_Black_Tyler_Alexander_Logan_Vaughn_088 24567_Ricky_Sinz_Morgan_Black_Tyler_Alexander_Logan_Vaughn_133 24567_Ricky_Sinz_Morgan_Black_Tyler_Alexander_Logan_Vaughn_154


He’s already taken a rogue camper’s ass as his prize with a hard beating and fucking that left the camper, Logan Vaughn, exhausted and covered in cum. Now, as Morgan watches Tyler jacking off in the shower Ricky waits in the shadows for his time to strike.


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Tyler Alexander shoots a massive load all over his face after being edged for hours

Tyler Alexander shoots a massive load all over his face after being edged for hoursMeanwhile over at Men on Edge, Tyler Alexander is not familiar with edging, but he’s about to be. They put his arms back on the metal pipes, tie him up, and cut off his clothes. His uncut cock gets hard right away and they tie that up too, pulling on his balls and making him arch against the pipe.

In a standing hogtie, he receives a dildo in his firm, round ass. Fully suspended in the air, he gets fucked some more in both his holes and gets flogged as he swings around the room. The captive has room for more play, so they throw his legs over his head and cane his ass, fuck his hole with the vibrator, and make him shoot his massive load all over his face.

This is another vintage shoot from Men On Edge — one of six gay BDSM sites served up over at KinkMen

Spencer Reed tops three subs per member requests at Bound Gods

Here’s another one from the Bound Gods/KinkMen archives!

This one features Dylan Deap, Spencer Reed, Van Darkholme, Sebastian Keys and Tyler Alexander in action during a live shoot:

Dylan Deap, Spencer Reed, Van Darkholme, Sebastian Keys and Tyler Alexander

A slave auction is held for the Bound Gods members, and the victors make the captives do whatever they want. Dylan can’t seem to keep his head about him, so Spencer flogs his ass and Van single tails him. The men are put up on one leg, and Spencer fucks them hard in the tight ropes. Tyler Alexander is new to the live show, and his nerves get the best of him. After a long session, the captives are rewarded with the doms’ loads all over their exhausted faces.

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Gang bang with Spencer Reed, Brian Bonds, Girth Brooks and Tyler Alexander

A 22-year-old bi stud gets caught in gang bang at Bound In Public:


Tyler Alexander is a 22-year-old stud who has landed in a room full of horny men. The crowd can’t resist Tyler’s body and immediately cover him in hands. As he’s getting groped, the electricity on his cock and his thighs make him flex and twist his restraints on the stretch rack. The crowd cheers his heavy flogging and then he’s suspended upside down to 69 with Girth Brooks’ monster cock. He’s blindfolded and thrown in the middle of the crowd for a gang bang and bukkake that this stud will never forget.

19859_p_02 19859_p_07 19859_p_13


This vintage shoot at Bound In Public features Spencer Reed, Brian Bonds, Girth Brooks, Tyler Alexander and Van Darkholme.

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BOUND IN PUBLIC – A Stud In A Sex Shop

This week’s update at Bound In Public features Travis Irons, Christian Wilde, Scratch, DJ and Tyler Alexander. Check it out:

Travis Irons, Christian Wilde, Scratch, DJ and Tyler AlexanderThere’s only one thing that Travis Irons wanted for his birthday — to become a huge whore for a bunch of strangers at a sex shop. He’s gagged right away and made to sniff the crotches of the customers to get them hard. They strip his clothes off, revealing his chastity device and make him suck cock. He gets taken to the glass door entrance and fucked with a dildo and the cocks of hot customers. They throw him up on the register and fuck him some more then shove four cocks in his mouth and make him jerk their loads on to his face.

Travis Irons, Christian Wilde, Scratch, DJ and Tyler AlexanderTravis Irons, Christian Wilde, Scratch, DJ and Tyler AlexanderTravis Irons, Christian Wilde, Scratch, DJ and Tyler Alexander


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Fake cop torments a super hot stud and fucks him in bondage

Check out the newest update over at Bound Gods:


Tyler Alexander has been breaking laws around town without realizing that he’s had a stalker the likes of Parker London on his tail. In Parker’s den Tyler is blindfolded and belted to a pole as Parker reads off his charges. The fake badge makes Tyler doubt his captor’s authority, but his cock gets hard as he’s stripped down anyway. Parker gives him a zipper and throws him in a cage overnight. Horny the next day, Parker checks on the captive, who is still rock hard and makes him suck his cock for a flogging. Tyler gets jacked off with the electric butt plug and cock ring then fucked hard. Parker shoves the butt plug back in his ass to make him cum, then fucks him again and blows his load all over the punk’s face.


To see the whole thing, visit Bound Gods