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Video: Dirk Caber turns the tables on Drake Jaden

See below for a free video preview from the men of Daddy’s Bondage Boys

Drake Jaden finds himself with the tables turned. Dirk Caber’s secret benefactor invites him to torment his torturer — and the former captive soldier indulges himself on his new victim.

Here is a free video preview:


Title of this shoot: In Hell: Part 2

Models in this shoot: Drake Jaden, Dirk Caber

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Video: ‘What the fuck is this place?’

In a video, Mark Bind offers a preview of his bondage-themed feature length movie, “Appleville,” starring Jimmy USMC. Check this out:

You can see more of “Appleville” — as well as another movie featuring Jimmy USMC called “Jail Break In” — at Men In Chains


HINT: Jimmy USMC will also soon be featured at Serious Male Bondage


AND: Jimmy USMC (who is straight) also has a Tumblr page here

Video: Austin is bound on a horizontal X-cross

Meanwhile at Dream Boy Bondage, Austin is tortured with the single-tail whip and sprays of alcohol. Then he’s fucked with a steel dildo – and shocked with electrodes attached to it.


A few days ago, Austin was a college kid whose biggest worry was making sure he didn’t get a co-ed pregnant. Now, every muscle in his body aches, his back is scarred from hours of whipping and he is bound, naked, to a horizontal X-cross. His head hangs back, causing his lean torso to arch seductively. The man torturing him – young, strong and sadistic as hell – enters the dungeon, with a bullwhip in his hand! Austin can’t believe he will be whipped on his chest and stomach. The first lash – on the top of his pecs – feels like a knife and hot branding iron hitting him at the same time. The lashes keep coming, slow and steady, until his torso, from his neck to his pubes, is brutally marred. Then Jared sprays the wounds with alcohol and rubs them hard with his fingers. The pain is unbearable. But it gets worse: Austin’s virgin ass is fucked with a steel dildo – and electric current is sent surging into his bowels.

Title of this shoot: “Austin – Frat Boy Tease – Part 7”

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Video: Chris roped to high-back bondage chair at Roped Studs

Check out this one of Chris at Roped Studs — and be sure to click the full screen view for this high-def video clip:


In this shoot, young stud Chris is tightly roped to the high-back bondage chair, roped at his shoulders, neck, abs, wrists and ankles. Biting clamps are clipped to his nipples — then all over his cock, including a big, nasty one right on the tip. Then the clamps are ripped of the roped stud, and his wounded cock is stroked by his rope man until it’s rock hard.

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