The HogSak

This is Tommy and his invention, the HogSak, as photographed by Serious Male Bondage:


The HogSak is a unique and original device that combines the head trip of a straightjacket, the enclosure of a sleepsack and the intensity of a hogtie. It is a very intense bondage device and not for beginners. Once you are in it, there is sure to be a feeling of complete helplessness. Your arms are placed (one over the other), on your lower back (though some like them in front), and a waist belt cinches around you just under, pinning them in place and making you unable to lower them. Another strap passes from this same waist cinch, down around your ankles and forces the legs tightly up against the bottom, essentially immobilizing you in a perfect hogtie. This can be a very intense ride, with the convenient zip at crotch level being slightly lower than normal so that both the front and rear hot spots can be easily reached by your tormentor.

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You can see more HogSak pictures and information over at Serious Male Bondage

I’m not sure of the current status of Tommy’s site,

Video: Lance Schafer gets electro-tortured

Meanwhile at Dream Boy Bondage, it’s a great week for electro-torture lovers as Army Lt. Lance Schafer is duct taped to a steel chair, electrodes are attached to his nipples and left ankle, then his brutal interrogator calmly describes how electric current will flow through his body — and flips the switch, all shown preview video below:


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Abducted starring Jay Roberts


When Jay Roberts wakes up in a strange office, hands bound to a chair and a blindfold on his face, he quickly realizes something is seriously wrong, with blurry images of the stranger he’d met at the bar, flashing across his mind. But its not till the booming voice of his abductor calls his name over the PA, and starts giving him instructions that he realizes exactly who he’s dealing with. As the instructions get more and more sexual and extreme, Jay is unsure whether to comply and give his abductor what he wants to see or risk the consequences. But eventually Jay gives in and gives the voyeuristic stranger exactly the show that he wants, working his perfect ass deep and hard with the massive dildo until he shoots his hot load all over the desk.

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Man-on-man bondage: Fun with an electro shock dog collar

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Army PT instructors Mike and Maurice fancy training Tattoo as a dog, but he is useless. At least with an electro shock dog collar on and a tail dildo rammed in his arse, he looks the part — so now for some training. Just how good is he at fetch? Some painfully stinging electric shocks will improve his behaviour. 

Master Mo then asks doggy if he’s hungry. Big mistake, as Master Mike dumps some dog food into his doggy bowl, which the bottom has to lap up. Master Mo wickedly adds his own ingredient — a bucket load of piss fresh from his cock.

 Doggy spills most of the lovely piss, so no one can argue when Mike beats his dog and calls him a “shit dog.” The pathetic Doggy’s earned himself a face full of his Master’s gob for his pathetic display.

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