Here’s more from Dream Boy Bondage: Doug gets bound in a chair

And gagged, stroked and electro-tortured. By Jared. This one gets a little rough.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_free_video_preview_Doug_01 Dream_Boy_Bondage_free_video_preview_Doug_02

After a long, hard flogging, Jared decides to take on a more ‘hands off’ approach with increasingly painful jolts of electricity through Doug’s entire body. Time to fry this thick piece of man-meat from the inside out! What could be better? Oh, wait, something is better — Jared gets Doug nice and hard after the first few sets of shocks, then continues to fry every ounce of energy from Doug’s weakening body. By the end, the poor piece of meat lies still, unconscious.

Here’s a clip:


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Pictures and video: Doug is forced to shoot while bolted to the wall

At Dream Boy Bondage, Doug’s chest, cock, and balls throb in pain after he removes dozens of clips and pins that had been biting into his most sensitive flesh.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_free_video_preview_01 Dream_Boy_Bondage_free_video_preview_02


“Get on with it!” Jared demands, pointing at Doug’s cock. The captive grabs his fat, throbbing dick and starts working it. It’s a beautiful thing – big and long – and soon is engorged. Doug, still bound to the cross at his ankles and other wrist, works his cock harder and harder until it bursts, spewing cum. “Good job,” Jared sneers, grabbing Doug’s free wrist and locking it back to the cross. This stud isn’t going anywhere. Yet to come: Hard flogging.

Here’s a free video preview:


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Pictures and video: Riley at Dream Boy Bondage

Riley is a tough kid from the wrong side of town. He’s driving on a private road past the large mansions on “Rich Row” when his car stalls. He’s tries fixing it, but succeeds only in getting splattered with oil and gas. His phone is dead. He wonders if these rich fuckers will even talk to him if he asks for help, but it’s freezing out and he has no choice.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_MetalbondNYC_Riley_free_video_preview_00 Dream_Boy_Bondage_MetalbondNYC_Riley_free_video_preview_02

He knocks on a nearby door and is pleased when a young guy answers. It’s weird that the dude is shirtless and barefoot in the middle of winter but, whatever, at least he seems nice. “Sure, come on in,” the shirtless guy says, “But first you’ll have to take off that dirty sweatshirt.” Riley strips down to his A-shirt, revealing a tight, working-man’s body. This is going to be fun.


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Dream_Boy_Bondage_MetalbondNYC_Riley_free_video_preview_05 Dream_Boy_Bondage_MetalbondNYC_Riley_free_video_preview_ad


Birthday Surprise – Part 04

By mclioncub

The transformation (Part 2)

Once completing the process of cleansing, I was allowed to rest. Still chained to the toilet, I felt used and exhausted. I was starting to understand the concept of being broken and lifted. As I sat there, at this point defeated, I felt a sense of enjoyment. Kevin was truly taking me as his slave. No matter how much I wanted to fight it, it was happening — SHOCK VALUE!!

When Kevin returned to remove me from the toilet, I was led to the bondage chair. When we arrived at the chair, I immediately noticed the plug sitting in the middle of the chair. Kevin noticed my hesitation and explained, “As my slave, your ass belongs to me and I will do with it as I please.” He then turned me around, ordered me to step up on the foot platform and sit. As I began to lower myself onto the chair, I could feel the plug start to invade my asshole. With every inch the plug began to stretch me and fill my ass. Moments later, I felt the strong hands of Alpha push down on my shoulders and I was thrusted on the plug. The deeper it invaded, I could feel my ass being filled with the invader. Then all of a sudden, my sphincter muscles responded and I felt the plug seat itself inside me and my butt was now firmly sitting in chair.

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Chgoguy78 gets a new cock cage from Steelwerks



Chgoguy78 writes,

Dear Metal,

Here is a pic of my device from Steelwerks. It is a “Classic Supreme.” It has a locking PA barbell, which can be switched out to a urethral tube. It has removable discipline screws in the cap. It has a removable scrotal cuff to keep my balls nice and low. It is a combination of titanium and steel, and all pieces lock with the “s” screws.


Thanks, Chgoguy78, for the picture and information!

The official Steelwerks website site is here.

Metalbond Q&A with the business owner is here.


Two slaves endure a grueling BDSM obstacle course

Who will win a face full of Christian Wilde’s jizz? Bound Gods proudly presents the Kink Olympics hosted by Van and Christian Wilde! Broadcast live, the Kink Olympics pits Slave #002 against #735 in a series of brutal and humiliating challenges. The slave with the most devotion and discipline gets the grand prize: A face full of Mr. Wilde’s hot cum

Christian_Wilde_Dylan_Knight_Scotty_Zee_gay_bondage_01 Christian_Wilde_Dylan_Knight_Scotty_Zee_gay_bondage_02 Christian_Wilde_Dylan_Knight_Scotty_Zee_gay_bondage_03

For the first challenge, the slaves must escape ropes around their wrists and ankles — and then undress while blindfolded. Next, they have to hold tight to an overhead bar as they take a vicious torrent of hits from the flogger. The slaves take turns sucking off Mr. Wilde, seeing which slut can bring him to the edge faster. Mr. Darkholme and Mr. Wilde take the slaves to a knotted rope and make them straddle it and move to and fro on the line. Each knot knocks their balls as they fight rope burns to make the best time. During an intermission, Mr. Darkholme fits each slave with an ice lock connecting their sack to a bowling ball. The slaves race again, this time circling the main platform on their knees dragging the bowling balls behind them — with a bucket in clenched in their teeth. After the race, the slaves must melt the ice locks — hands free — with mounted hair driers. The hosts take a tally of the points earned by the slaves, with #735 holding a slight lead. In return, he gets fucked by Mr. Wilde, who has #002’s loser face strapped to his ass. The slaves move to a row of a sybians and face one last challenge. With the scores close, whoever blows first while riding the sybian at full power wins it all and gets anointed by Mr. Wilde’s load.

Christian_Wilde_Dylan_Knight_Scotty_Zee_gay_bondage_04 Christian_Wilde_Dylan_Knight_Scotty_Zee_gay_bondage_05


Models in this shoot: Christian Wilde, Dylan Knight, Scotty Zee

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Enhanced Interrogation: Detained Stud Faces a Horny, Sadistic Agent

At Bound Gods, Damien Michaels doesn’t play by the rules. Tommy Regan is going to talk, by any means necessary.

Tommy_Regan_Damien_Michaels_gay_bondage_01 Tommy_Regan_Damien_Michaels_gay_bondage_02 Tommy_Regan_Damien_Michaels_gay_bondage_03 Tommy_Regan_Damien_Michaels_gay_bondage_04

It’s dark, and Tommy Regan can’t move. Heavy straps keep him bolted to a chair in some god-knows-where place. Occupational hazard for a spy. Suddenly, bright lights wash into his eyes as the hood over his head rips off. As he regains his bearings, he realizes that some intelligence officer, Damien Michaels, has him as prisoner. Damien spares no pleasantries and gets straight to the interrogation, punching Tommy’s bulging pecs and twisting his nipples raw. The bad cop routine isn’t getting Damien what he wants, so he flips the approach and edges Tommy’s cock to get the intel. Now that Damien got what he wants, he keeps Tommy around for fun, suspending his arms above his head and flogging his hard body raw, only interrupting the torment to make Tommy gag on his dick. Damien takes Tommy deeper into the black site, chaining him from the ceiling in a sleep sack and fitting his dick with electrodes. Tommy reels under the pain from the electricity, submitting fully to his captor. Damien keeps Tommy slung from the ceiling as he fucks him relentlessly. Damien milks a load from his captive before covering his ass in cum. Tommy sways in the air, defeated and broken as the cum drips down from his body.

Tommy_Regan_Damien_Michaels_gay_bondage_05 Tommy_Regan_Damien_Michaels_gay_bondage_06 Tommy_Regan_Damien_Michaels_gay_bondage_07


Models in this shoot: Tommy Regan, Damien Michaels

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Tommy_Regan_Damien_Michaels_gay_bondage_08 Tommy_Regan_Damien_Michaels_gay_bondage_ad