Muscle man bondage: Four-handed massage with happy (and unhappy) endings

Meanwhile at Men On Edge, muscled hunk Robert Axel decides it’s time to take a trip down to the massage parlor. The two masseurs oil up his muscles and begin working on every inch of his body. In the midst of Robert’s relaxation, he finds himself tied down to the massage table as the two pervs begin teasing his cock. Robert’s screams for help are muffled with their handgags while tit suckers are placed on the stud’s nipples.

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They edge Robert’s hard cock with the dual hitachi’s before tying him up in the center of the room. Robert balances on one leg with a ball gag in his mouth as the masseurs continue to edge his hard cock. The bound hunk is then made to swallow a dildo while another is shoved up his meaty ass. Finally Robert is pushed over the edge as he blows his cum right onto his stomach and is finished off with some post-orgasmic torment.

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A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 08

By R8080

Alex came to slowly. His world was dark and restrictive. His jaw ached from having worn the gas mask for so long but he couldn’t open his mouth even a little. Every part of his body felt like it was stuffed, squeezed or trapped. And in his ass was the unmistakeable presence of the electro-plug.

He was still in rubber. Alex felt the sweat building up. He could feel heavy straps across his legs, chest and arms. But there was more, it felt like he was enveloped inside an airbag.

His head was locked in place by blocks to either side. A large gag had been inflated in his mouth, pushing his cheeks out until they met resistance from both within and without. Two tubes entered his nose and seemed to be his only source of air.

His entire world was at once both suffocatingly small and larger than the universe. He could feel the thick straps tug against his chest with each laboured breath, and then in the same instant his mind raced forward to think of every possible future that may lie in store. It was hell and it was nirvana and, while his brain struggled with the duality, his cock knew exactly how it felt.

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Male BDSM: Adam Herst drags Brandon Moore into his lair

Adam Herst drags Brandon Moore into his lair and torments him with relentless fucking and pain


Adam Herst drags in his bound stud, Brandon Moore, and begins tearing away his clothes. He inspects the captive’s body before tearing a hole in his jeans and begins fucking the sub. Locked in his cage, Brandon awaits with a spider gag prying his mouth open, ready for Mr Herst’s hard cock. He fucks the stud’s mouth before giving Brandon a relentless flogging. Brandon’s bound face down ass up as Adam attaches mini-clamps all over his body. As Brandon moans in pain Adam shoves his cock in the prisoner’s mouth before ramming his cock up Brandon’s ass. After a rough fucking Adam pulls the stud’s head up and covers Brandon’s face in cum before leaving him helplessly bound.

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gay male bondage

I was there when they made this video!

HotHardHat puts boy Blake into heavy rubber bondage in this shoot at Serious Male Bondage. I was there to watch in person, and it was very cool indeed!

HotHardHat puts boy Blake into heavy rubber bondage

The title of this shoot is “Heavy Rubber From MD Latex” – you can see the VIDEO by joining Serious Male Bondage

rubber gimp suit

You can find HotHardHat on FetLife

boy Blake is on Twitter

The rubber suit shown above is from MD Latex

The video was shot by Bind of Men In Chains

A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 07

By R8080

Note: This is a continuation of a story from a while back. To start at Part 1, click here.


The fireplace was roaring. Alex could feel the heat building up in his suit, the water sloshing about between his two rubber skins.

He knelt, gas masked forehead pressed to the stone floor.

“Have you thought about what I asked?”

His Master had arrived. Alex didn’t dare sit-up until told to do so.

“Yes Sir.”


“Sir, I… I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“No Sir. Your boi doesn’t know what he needs. Please Sir, please decide for me.”

A rubber boot appeared in Alex’s vision. It was white and, as it was used to raise Alex’s chin, he followed it up. White boot, attached to a white suit.

His Master was wearing the same thing Alex was. Suit, boots, and backpack. His gas mask was different, with a single mirrored visor. And the gloves on his hands actually had individual fingers!

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