Male bondage gear: Wrist-to-ball restraint

If you’re into predicament style bondage, then this is a restraint for you. It connects your wrists directly to your nuts, so every move you make will tug on your low hangers for a mix of pleasure and pain. The nut strap is removable, so it also doubles as a handy set of wrist restraints.

Male bondage gear: Wrist-to-ball restraint


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Male bondage gear: Wrist-to-ball restraint

Naked male mud wrestling with bondage and chastity for the loser

Meanwhile at Naked Kombat, it’s MUD WRESTLING — in this “Top Cock” shoot:

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Cocksure studs Jessie Colter and Jimmy Bullet face off on Top Cock, each confident in an easy victory. So, the contenders up the ante: they tangle hard bodies in a slick and messy mud-wrestling bout. The loser finds himself bound and blindfolded, made to suck winner dick, all the while facing extra humiliation in a chastity cage. The winner then pushes the loser’s anal limits with a succession of huge Bad Dragon dildos. It’s almost mercy when the winner trades his cock for the dildos and delivers a rough fucking before finishing off the loser with a cum-glazed facial.


Models in this shoot: Jessie Colter, Jimmy Bullet

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A mummified twink gets his nips suctioned and his cum extracted

At Boynapped, Danny has been so obedient and compliant so far. He endured the foot play and the kinky anal action, but now it’s time for the captive to get his hot twink sub cream stolen from his throbbing cock. Wrapped up tight in plastic and blindfolded on the old dirty mattress, the prisoner is soon having his nipples sucked hard, his cock swelling in Xavier’s hands, the masturbator on his helmet making his dick drool with the need to unload. Xavier knows how to make his subjects squirm, but the plastic is too tight to give the captive the opportunity while his cock is milked and he’s made to launch his hot goo from his bulging penis!

A mummified twink gets his nips suctioned and his cum extracted


Video at Boynapped

Title of this update: Foot Play & Cum Draining – Part 3

the prisoner is soon having his nipples sucked hard

Be careful about signing up to participate in a medical research project

In a video at Serious Male Bondage, a gullible young man volunteers to be the subject of an unknown experiment for $50 cash. He becomes a little nervous when he’s strapped down to the table. He admits to the researcher that he didn’t actually read the contract word for word, he only “skimmed” it. But it’s too late! There’s no turning back!

male bondage with medical research project

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Title: The Experiment

Dart Tech medical research project

Ryan teaches Andrew what slavery means

muscle bondage slave

In an apocalyptic new world, the last and few men on earth have to fend for themselves for survival. While roaming the woods, Ryan Bones stumbles upon what resembles to be a trap. A half-naked and dirty Andrew Green, with a sign around his neck that reads: ‘Protect Me. I Will Be Ur Slave.’ Ryan teaches Andrew what slavery means, first by having him suck on his thick cock and then by turning him over and fucking him until he cums.

male bdsm bareback anal sex


Title: The Last Men, Part 3

Featuring: Ryan Bones & Andrew Green

muscle bondage fuck