Mikeintightpants claims a world handcuff record

Hey guys, Mikeintightpants is claiming the world handcuff record for wearing the most pairs of Chubb “Escort” handcuffs. Check this out:

Mikeintightpants claims a world handcuff record Mikeintightpants writes:

Some of you will never even have heard of Chubb’s “Escort” model of handcuffs, made here in the Midlands of England, used by law enforcement agencies in many parts of the world and a favourite with collectors. But let me assure you that they are one of the most secure (and expensive!) cuffs around. Those of you who are aware of them might have seen a pair or even handled a pair – or better still might have worn a pair. But how many guys have worn more than one pair at a time?

Mikeintightpants claims a world handcuff record 02Well, I have worn eight pairs at once – 4 from my own collection (of 6) and 4 from the collection of one of my cuff buddies.

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These cuffs contain 10-lever locks and are used principally for the transport of high-risk prisoners and they even come with sets of metal inserts that can be used to restrict the internal circumference of the cuffs when used on prisoners with small wrists. The 10-lever locks make them virtually unpickable, athough I have seen it done, but normally they’re an escapologist’s nightmare! And let’s be honest guys, most of us would prefer to be in these cuffs rather then trying to get out of ’em!


Thanks, Mikeintightpants, for sharing this!  Now we just need to figure out how to get you in the Guinness Book!

Does anyone know how to officially claim a world record? If so, please let us know! Also, is there anybody who might want to challenge Mikeintightpants for this record?


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