A Minimum of 12 Hours

By Collector2

Hi Metal, I would like to get some feedback / ideas from yourself and your readers about a predicament I find myself in.

Just to give you some background first.  I am a switch.  I love to bottom for heavy bondage but rarely get a chance here.  Most of the time when I do get to play I am top as I know way more about it than any of the other guys that are around here.  I also don’t believe in doing something to someone else that I haven’t experienced first myself so that I know the feelings and the limits.  This philosophy has stood me in good stead so far.

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Business or pleasure?

By Ralph aka herrpee

“Business or pleasure?” asked the customs officer. Depends on how you define pleasure of course. What I was here for wasn’t really pleasure for most people. I even think some people would call me insane for what I describe as pleasure. I came here to push my boundaries. But customs officers are very rarely people with a sense of humor so I quickly answered “Pleasure Sir, pure pleasure.” After checking my passport and asking me what I intended to visit he let me pass.

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Military Prison Uniforms

The following pictures and information come from “P.O.W.” and he tells me this was inspired by The Detention Center and Volunteers Needed.

POW chain collar with padlock

P.O.W. writes,

Dear CO,

As a frequent visitor to your blog, SIR, your work and effort is greatly appreciated.

SIR, a few weeks ago a list of guidelines for a detention center was posted. It is this humble prisoner’s recommendation that a ward should be added for military personnel. The attached photos provide suggestions for their uniform to be designated for certain tasks such as sleep, work, inspection, etc.

[nggallery id=181]

Military bearing is quite important for all detainees and must be strictly adhered to. Of particular interest are the POW_POV images in which prisioners are locked in cells in the floor while they watch their guards/wards perform marching drills or attend muster.

Additional uniform requirements not pictured:

gag (unless otherwise authorized for “special” duties)

jock strap

shaved head

Very Respectfully,


[nggallery id=182]



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