Intercepted in a Train


stories by CREUSSOnce more, it is a true story …

As you will discover in the text, I was not “100% conscious” at all time, so I will tell you things how they happened really, not as I felt them on the spot. To make the text easier to read, I will also include at their place some facts I did not know, but I’ve been told later then…

I was young. I was well built, sporty and in good shape. Since the previous year, I had my hair cut high and tight, even if it was not exactly the US army regulations … anyway, I was looking like either a young soldier or a skinhead…

Summer was hot, and I passed my exams the month before. It was time to decide what to do for my future…

I always had a fascination for the army. My family was not accepting it, as they were rather antimilitarist. Anyway, I took the benefit of my summer break to tour around and get information about what I could do. After the army career centre I had all I need on the administration side. But I wanted to know more about the real life in the army…

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The Apprentice Welder

By Skinric

Part 1

Home from the age of 16 was a shared tenement building on the rough side of the world infamous Gorbals district of Glasgow. Well it could be said that there wasn’t really a good side to the Gorbals district, except the community and neighbourly spirit. The tenement flat had two bedrooms, kitchen and a lounge, which was shared with a three other lads, like me new apprentices at the big John Browns shipyard on the Clyde.

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The Altar

By Catdude

Part 1

Ah, university, for most our first taste of freedom and a chance to explore, down the track some knowledge apparently is passed along, I was at uni and loving it. I was staying on campus, but (thankfully) not in one of the party colleges, oh don’t get me wrong, there was a buttload of partying going on but thankfully I was in one of the cookie cutter colleges on campus, they were a large 5 story building, nice and simple.

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Master Qualification

By unknown

Part 1

I wanted to qualify as a master, I kept telling myself as the car approached the base brig.  Their theory was that in order to give it you first had to take it.  They had made me request it in writing, and then had sat on it for a week so I could change my mind.  But, I had been thinking about it for eight years, ever since I entered the program.  I knew what was involved, but part of me wanted to be tested, even while another part of me was scared shitless.

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The Pit: A Story by Catdude

By Catdude

Part 1

To say that I was cranky was an understatement. I got home from work and hurled my wallet and keys at the wall. Not caring if they hit something, in fact I was really feeling like hitting something, or rather someone! Jake was meant to have called me a week ago, and there was no word from him still. I wiggled the mouse on my comp to wake it up and looked through a few online pages, both gay and social networks. No action on any of his profiles.

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More comments from readers

Here are some more comments from readers of Metalbond:


Nice blog entry, re: pilloried and shaved. I’ve rubbed one out to Double Trouble quite a few times.



I ran across your bondage blog … wonderful stories, great pictures. Thanks for creating and maintaining it! It really is a cool blog! If sometime you want a “victim” to take some pictures of to add to the blog, drop me a line.

—New York City


[I want you to be] in metal of course at all times, handy for electro to your balls, metal is such a good conductor … and so unforgiving; when you shoulders are aching to be released but there is just no slack. You know what they say, bondage isn’t bondage until you want out, and then you may just have to wait…



That boy in the stocks is pretty fucking hot.



Wow … great cage … keep a guy under complete control in there … hooded, gagged, plugged, tits clamped and immobile.

—Washington, D.C.


I read through your blogs yesterday … links and all. BOING … made me Crazierrrrr.



It is great to read that both you and I seem to like the same thing. Inescapably bound, having to endure all that the top of the time inflicts.



When i leave you dress me in clothes you have chosen all modified to be locked on. Through the week i might receive a package of locks and orders to lock them on for you on webcam and to report tomorrow night for caging to get them off. How damn hot is that? That i would never touch my own cock again, maybe when you were mercifully granting me relief you could wear a glove so i would never have human contact on it :)





By Catdude

Part 1

I had been chatting to a top guy online for a while, I had come across him on recon, and after we had chatted for a while he admitted to being the owner of the cam site Prison-X. It was an awesome website that had live web feeds of guys in a cell, one of those room sized cube cages, you know the ones you see in the movie with the lone prisoner, visible from every side, no privacy at all?

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