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Clothed male naked male: Criminal Fraser is full of fight and spunk

Criminal Fraser is full of fight and spunk at CMNM Even after the officers wrestle him to the ground and yank his clothes off revealing his fit hairy body the young offender still talks back. Completely overpowered by the uniformed constables his cock and ass are given a full inspection. All the rough-housing soon shows as his skin blushes red and the masculine hunk sweats from the strain of being held down.

Criminal Fraser is full of fight and spunk at CMNM 02Criminal Fraser is full of fight and spunk at CMNM 03

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The Moat


stories by CREUSSThis time, after a few stories, I am back to a true story…

I was in the army, as I explained before… There is no reason to waste time to tell you about my army life…

Anyway, we were into a “commando course,” something quite hard, but rather interesting… Quite a challenge.

I won’t let you know why, but for any reason, I have done something wrong that awarded me to be punished.

As it was not really possible to be withdrawn from the course, the punishment had to be quick and efficient, to impress me and the rest of the squad.

Among the possibilities of the course, there was what we call “une Tyrolienne”. The English call that a toggle rope, I think (but I am not 100% sure of the translation).

From the top tower of the fort, it was possible to slide along the rope, down to the moat. We used to hold us with a special rope to grip both hands on each side of the rope. The bent of the rope could make the speed quite fast…

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