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Marc Dylan and Nate Karlton fuck in a holding cell

Meanwhile over at COLT, it’s in between photo shoots, and a hunky and shirtless Marc Dylan shares with the COLT camera crew about what he thinks is so hot about cops. All the while, COLT Man Nate Karlton can be seen over Marc’s shoulder, giving a prime example of what makes a man in uniform so sexy. Marc looks over his shoulder at Nate then says, “it makes you wanna pound something, or get pounded!”

With Marc in his dark blue cop uniform and Nate in his highway patrol uniform, these off duty officers meet up in an empty holding cell for a little cop-on-cop action. Through the bars they kiss, grab and grope each other, slowly opening up their shirts to explore what lies beneath. Marc makes the most of his explorations and finds himself down on his knees before his partner. With plenty of boot licking and hungry cock sucking, Officer Marc gives Officer Nate a thorough full-body pat down.

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Always on duty, Nate initiates a full body strip search, taking his time to thoroughly inspect and swallow each and every inch of that thick piece of meat between Marc’s legs. To be extra thorough, Nate bends Marc over and inspects his hot muscled ass. Running his nightstick between those round butt cheeks, Nate teases and probes Marc’s hole with his big man stick. Nate pries that hole open, making Marc’s butt hungry for his cock. With a few hard slaps on Marc’s meaty ass, Nate uses his stiff cock to do an in-depth cavity search.

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From the vault at COLT: Armour

Check out this one from COLT:

COLT Kristofer WestonGagged, cuffed, collared and chained, Dolan Wolf is helpless, bound to a 4-post dungeon bed as leather-clad Wilfried Knight zeroes in on him. Wilfried treats Dolan like prey with intense eye contact, verbal taunting and lots of rough manhandling. Pulling out a key, Wilfried makes a deal with Dolan offering his release, but first he makes Dolan promise to give him “everything” he wants. Dolan hastily agrees with an eager and hungry nod.

COLT Kristofer WestonDolan Wolf and Wilfried KnightDolan Wolf and Wilfried Knight

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Metalbond Q&A: Kristofer Weston discusses the recent re-launch of Bound Jocks

In an interview with MetalbondNYC.com, Kristofer Weston, director for COLTstudiogroup.com and BoundJocks.com, talks about the recent site re-launch for Bound Jocks — and what it’s like to get his hands (and ropes!) on all those hot porn stars. He also talks about the earlier part of his bondage porn career (when he was known as Steve Landess), the kink interests of younger guys these days — and his recent interest in puppy play.

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Metalbond: The new Bound Jocks site looks better than ever. What’s new and different now?

Kristofer Weston responds: Yeah, I’m quite excited about this new version of BoundJocks.com. For the first time you can download the scenes to own and stash them on the cloud, so you can view your favorite scenes any time you want. Also, as more and more people use their phones and other mobile devices, this NEW site is usable on any platform or mobile device. The search ability, especially by fetish, has also been updated and is much easier to use.


So, what you are saying is that now is a better time than any to subscribe to Bound Jocks?

Pretty much, and you don’t even have to buy a full time membership like you used to in the past. Now you can just download or stream only the scenes you want to watch. Just like buying movies in the past.


!MetalbondQA_Kristofer_MAINOne thing that sets Bound Jocks apart from some of the other bondage-themed sites, is that your shoots are done in brightly lit, clean rooms. You use colorful ropes and some really cool jock gear. It all seems a bit more fun. You planned it all this way, right?

Well, we planned to have more athletic guys experimenting with bondage in a non-threatening atmosphere — that is true. The site kind of evolved as we started using more colorful gear and then added the colored rope to it. The color against the white backdrop makes it pop and look more flavorful. I like to call it “bondage candy” for the eyes.


MetalbondQA_Kristofer_01It always looks like you and the models in these shoots are really having fun with all this stuff.

Of course! At the beginning I think the models were more nervous about it, as they didn’t know what the end product was going to look like. But now, after five years, I think BoundJocks has really become an identifiable brand that the models want to be part of. More and more hot young guys keep asking to be part of it. You really get a feel for that if you watch the interviews we do with them at the end of the scene. A lot of them were just curious and then discovered they really like it once we tied them up. Like in real life, it all comes down to trust. I think the models know they can trust us — and they end up having a lot of fun.


What have been some of your favorite shoots at Bound Jocks to date? Any particularly memorable scenes or models you have worked with so far?

Oh gheeze — there have been so many. I guess my favorite is when the jocks have their hands bound behind them and cinched to their balls, like Tate Ryder does in his solo. It personally turns me on to see them tug on their own raging hard-ons without being able to touch themselves. Also Dirk Caber and Dolan Wolf are major favorites of mine, just because they are such kinky fucks who will do anything and enjoy the hell out of it!


Any hints on upcoming shoots?

I think this year we will take it up a notch and start to get a little raunchier with the jocks. Also, now that I have a pup — Tyler Rush — who has taught me the joys of puppy play, we will probably do more of that as well. Both the audience and pup community really seem to enjoy it when we do.


MetalbondQA_Kristofer_07Before you were behind the camera, you were in front of the camera, appearing as Steve Landess in videos for Zeus and Grapik Arts. Those must be great memories, yes?

Yes, I look back at some of those images and think, ‘Wow, I started young.’ But it’s great to have all of those great play sessions preserved on tape forever. I think it gives me a unique sense of what it’s like to be in front of the camera and what the model is going through in his head as he performs.


Do you think bondage is more mainstream today? Is that a good thing?

Yes, and I think that is an awesome thing! There was a time when saying you were into S/M was like a second coming out for gay men who had already struggled with coming out in their 20s. These days, guys come out much younger and jump into fetish to try it out right away. The stigma is less, and also kink has expanded from master/slave to latex, sports gear, puppy play, furries and everything in between. I’m all for guys exploring their kinks, no matter what they might be.


What is something that people might be surprised to know about you?

People might be surprised to know that I actually live an hour North of San Francisco on a small farm with chickens. I think people just assume I’m in the city with a massive dungeon tying up boys all day long. That being said, I do tie up boys in the barn from time to time. Maybe that needs to be the next site …


Anything you would like to add?

Just a huge thank you to you, and all your followers who have supported us all of these years. The feedback we get is amazing. It always surprises me when someone comes up to me at an event and tells me how much they admire the site. It’s a really nice thing to hear.


To see Kristofer’s work, click any of the images below to be taken directly to Bound Jocks:




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Metal would like to thank Kristofer Weston for doing this interview!