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Shamus at BreederFuckers

MetalbondNYCMeanwhile, over at BreederFuckers, hard straight man Shamus is bound with his legs akimbo, giving pleasing access to his ass. His big meaty butt is given a viciously hard flogging over his jeans while verbally abusing him. The soles of his feet are caned to tame him further.


When he’s subdued his asshole is fingered, penetrated with a vibrator and then he’s given a good hard fucking so this hetero knows what it’s like having a cock up his ass.

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StraighHell is now BreederFuckers

The relentless pervs at BreederFuckersThe relentless pervs at BreederFuckers think it’s time for straight guy Joel’s bum to be properly displayed. He’s bound spread eagle while still in his pants which are cut off from him. His proud hetero face is covered in spit and his ass is flogged and spanked.

Dave delivers electric shocks to his hairy balls and dick While his asshole is fingered Dave delivers electric shocks to his hairy balls and dick making his sphincter tighten. He’s fucked with a vibrator while the soles of his feet are caned. The men take turns screwing Joel. He’s pushed to his limits and his tender asshole is covered by both men’s cum.

Metalbond gay bondage

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