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Strung up by his arms in his pure white skivvies

Meanwhile over at BreederFuckers, Martin is strung up by his arms in his pure white skivvies. He thinks he’s found a friend to release him when Dave enters, but the perverted man can’t stop himself from enjoying Martin’s slender muscular body, weighty package and tight asshole. Martin moans piteously as his healthy fit body is mauled by a pair of rough male hands.

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He sucks on Martin’s nipples tenderizing them till they are slick pink pinpricks and then attaches cruel metal clamps attached by a chain. Now he can hold the chain and coax Martin to grind his smooth bare ass against Dave’s crotch like a whore. When he fails to fully satisfy his ass is given a lashing to make his soft smooth cheeks blaze red. Dave slides his finger up the captive’s rectum to open him up and then inserts a buttplug. Martin moans in agony as Dave inserts a finger up his ass to push him up on his tiptoes and lead him around like a puppet.


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Get the stirrups

Tied in a medical exam chairAt BreederFuckers, strapping young straight Terry needs to be tied to a medical exam chair to be fucked in the way he deserves to be. He’s stripped naked and his genitals are interfered with. He keeps hollering insults, so his insolent mouth is gagged with his torn underwear and a thick leather belt. His perfect cock and balls are roped up. Then it’s time to pound that tight hole by hammering a dildo into his ass. He’s viciously fucked by his captor, and his asshole is covered in cum that is fed into his mouth.

His perfect cock and balls are roped upMetalbond gay bondage blog

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gay bondage