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Iron belt

Check out the email I got from a friend of mine (posted here with the permission of both the participants):


Hey, Metal –

I wanted to tell you about an experience I had last weekend while visiting my friend Yossie.  As you know, he is a blacksmith and metalworker, and likes making his own Irons which he enjoys riveting onto his prisoners.

He has been talking about making me an Iron Belt for some time; something he can use to fasten me into my cell (as if it was really needed. Total Bondage Overkill!)

Anyway, he took me to his workshop and fitted a flexible copper tubing around my waist which took on the basic shape; he was able to remove it while holding the shape of my waist.  He then placed it on a piece of paper on the floor and traced around it.  Now, the paper had a template for my waist.

Next, Yossie cut two strips of metal from one long piece of strapping.  He then used a special metal bending device to mold it into shape.  It took a long time, and many tries always checking against the template, but eventually he had bent the strips into halves of an infernal Iron Belt fitted totally to my body!

Then came the welding of the hinge.  Pop! – Hissss! He fired up his torch, and fused a hinge into one end of the Belt.  Next, he welded on some tabs which will eventually hold two rivets.  Then he drilled the holes in the tabs.  After cooling the whole thing down, he tried it on me for size.  It fit – well, like it was MADE for me!  He secured it with a padlock (rivets are for more long term) and I wore it the rest of the afternoon.


Fucking HOT if you ask me! I hope next time you get the rivets and stay in it for days or weeks!

What happens at DZ Ranch Land and Cattle Company

What happens at DZ Ranch Land and Cattle CompanyDear Metal,

I wanted to share some of the photos taken of the muscle slave over the weekend when it was out serving as a labor slave on the ranch. The slave was kept locked in a custom metal collar with locking screw and locking leg shackles.  The slave’s muscled arms proved too thick for our own locking wrist restraints, so we had to use an alternative set locked with padlocks.  After several days working on the ranch, totally naked with the heavy collar, the slave’s neck was very bruised and raw.  The slave endured the entire scenario while being beaten with a switch while it was put to work digging out stumps in the rock hard soil of the ranch.

The slave wore the restraints the entire time, even when sleeping, and his salty sweat actually made the metal get rusty in places.

I am sure you and your readers will enjoy the photos.


DZ Ranch Land and Cattle Company

slavepath slaveshovel slavesuckfar slavetruck


UPDATE: The shackles were custom made by BootsNCamo from Recon if readers are looking to order a set.


If you are a well-built muscle slave, you can learn more about DZ Ranch Land and Cattle Company by looking up FirefighterSIR on Recon.