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Tied up in the Control Room

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Tony Orion learns one of the hardest lessons in the Control Room: restraint. The greedy stud lies on his stomach in a full latex straight jacket begging for cock. Adam Ramzi steps up, whips out his perfect prick, and shoves it down Orion’s throat. At first Orion seems satisfied, but before long he’s crying out for more dick. That’s when well-hung Tony Defendi answers the call. The aggressive top literally pummels Orion’s face with his massive tree trunk-like cock. Even though he’s gagging on the giant meat Tony begs for more so Adam slides his big cock right up alongside Defendi’s dick. Even with a mouthful of two thick cocks Orion begs for more, so Defendi and Ramzi pull out and leave him with none. To further torment his captive, Defendi spits on Orion and turns his full attention to Ramzi. He eats the stud’s ass, sucks his cock, then rams his 10-incher deep in his hole. The fucking continues until Ramzi shoots his load followed by Defendi who pulls out and blows a massive spray of thick white cum all over Ramzi’s chiseled abs.

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Models in this update: Tommy Defendi, Adam Ramzi, Tony Orion

Categories: Anal Sex, Bondage, Group Sex, Interracial, Latex, Oral Sex

Title of this update: Control Room

Hot House male bdsm

Bruno Knight & Kyle King in Sektor 9

Bruno Knight & Kyle King in Sektor 9Kyle King is a wild pup who needs to be tamed. Training Master Bruno Knight locks King in a cage and taunts him by smacking him in the face with his fat uncut cock. King wags his dog tail butt-plug and begs for a taste until Knight shoves his hard dick through the bars and fucks King’s mouth. Knight leads King out of the cage on a chain and gets to work stretching out the yelping stud’s hole. He steps up and shoves his thick tool deep in King’s perfect ass. Knight fucks him doggy-style then flips him over on his back so he can pull out King’s cock and jack him off. Both hunks blow their loads all over King’s furry chiseled abs.

Bruno Knight & Kyle King in Sektor 9Bruno Knight & Kyle King in Sektor 9

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The Auction – Part 03

By Eckie

With all the dozing away and sleeping short periods only it was hard to determine any time we spent there, but at some point I started hearing more noises, more than just the noises you have in the woods from nature … some people might be awake by now – but still no one took any notice of us two sitting here all night.

It must have been another hour or so before finally someone came to us and started undoing out restraining. Piece by piece was removed so that after short time we were finally able to move again quite freely (as free as it is possible inside those layers I still was in) – still being that long tied in that position made us stiff and the body aching. We were helped up on our feet, struggling to find a firm stand though, but we were supported when lead towards the house and after some time I felt quite alright again – exhausted as all the other time of this weekend, but fine and – yet again horny, which caused my encased dick to hurt even more as it did already.

I was lead somewhere around that house, and reaching a table or bench was laid on it bent forward, arms tied to the far end corners, legs spread again and tied to the legs of the bench, some more straps securing my upper body tight before I heard my masters voice again – the first time one spoke to me since we were left there yesterday evening/night.

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The Dom Scene 3

Tate Ryder, Derek Parker and Jake Genesis

At Hot House, Jake Genesis has Tate Ryder in a face mask and shackled to a handlebar hanging from the ceiling. The tattooed muscleman grabs Tate’s face and pushes him back so that his cock stands straight up in the air, allowing Jake to deep-throat the massive tool. Jake moves on to Tate’s big round bubble-butt. Defenseless and at Jake’s mercy, Tate has no choice but to open his hole as instructed so that the handsome leather top can fuck him hard. Jake continues to pound Tate’s ass, oblivious to the fact that Derek Parker is standing in the alley, smoking a cigar and watching through a grimy window. When Tate sees him he motions for him to join the action. Derek enters, extinguishes his cigar on Tate’s harness, pulls out his big cock and smacks Tate in the face with it. Derek and Jake flip Tate over so the cock-hungry bottom can suck Derek’s cock while Jake fucks his ass. Tate’s tight hole proves too much for Jake who pulls out and jacks a load out of his thick cock and leaves. Derek steps up to fuck a load out of Tate before pulling out and shooting a stream of hot cum all over Tate’s chest.

Tate Ryder, Derek Parker, Jake Genesis

Models in this shoot: Tate Ryder, Derek Parker, Jake Genesis

Key words: Anal sex, bondage, group sex, leather, oral sex, rimming

Title: The Dom Scene 3

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Video: Behind the scenes with Austin Wolf, Alex Mecum and a set of handcuffs

Check out this behind-the-scenes shot from Austin Wolf’s twitter feed, featuring him in a Hot House shoot called “The Fixer,” in which he handcuffs Alex Mecum and fucks his brains out!


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Just announced: Falcon and Hot House merge

Breaking news in the male porn world! FalconStudios.com and HotHouse.com have announced the unification of their sites into one mega site. Starting now, visitors to and members of either site will be able to preview and access the content from BOTH sites.

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The combined catalogs include over 3,800 total scenes, including classics that defined and shaped gay porn, hundreds of award-winning videos that span decades and exciting new releases featuring the biggest stars of today and tomorrow!

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Armoured Dominance – Part 2

By Rubrpig

Six months later, Jason and Scott got an email from James with several pictures attached. The pictures showed both completed harnesses from the front and the back. The images showed 2 sets of stunning armour identical except for size as Jason was 6’2″ and Scott was 5’10”. The men who while they were waiting for the armour had completed a move to a new home as they had decided after the return trip to become partners. The men called James and quickly made arrangements to come out and try on the armours before completing the payment for them.

5 days later, the men pulled up at the ranch house and got out James came out and greeted them and took them to the blacksmith shop, the same shop where they spent over 2 days fully encased in heavy plaster and fibreglass full body casts.

Their armours were hanging there on stands, a pile of dull flat riveted chainmaille sat beside each one. James told the men to strip which they both did as fast as they could. Soon both men were standing there with raging hard ons which amused James. Just then James’s assistant walked in carrying sets of clothing for them. She helped them to put on the hose which also allowed them to access their cocks and ass so they could use the toilet. Then a linen shirt was handed to them then soft leather boots. After that they were each given a padded tunic which they knew was a arming doublet which would help spread the weight of the armour.

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Testing the Metal Sleep-Sack

By Mister-X/Spartan

Mitch invited me over to see his latest creation. He makes bondage gear, and he gives me the first chance to try it out. Sometimes the gear he creates is great, but sometimes, well, let’s just say that not everything always works the way it is intended to work. I never know what I’m going to experience when I go to visit Mitch.

When I got there Saturday morning, Mitch asked whether I had anything scheduled for the weekend. It was a holiday weekend, and I don’t like to get out on the road on holiday weekends. I’m retired from work, so if I want to go anywhere or do anything I do it during the week, leaving after the commute traffic has dissipated. I told him I didn’t have anything up.

“I’d like you to try this little baby out, but you’ll need to spend a couple of days in it. To get you prepared, you’ll need to take an enema. I’ve got a kit set up for you in the bathroom over here.”

I was thinking that this was just like Mitch. None of this ‘would I be willing to spend a couple of days in something I’ve never seen before’ or ‘would I mind taking an enema’ — just orders of what I will be doing. But I appreciate that Mitch has me be his guinea pig for trying out his new creations. It certainly adds interest to an otherwise boring retirement.

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