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Tyler Saint subjects Drake Jayden to police brutality

This is a vintage shoot from Bound Muscle Jocks! Tyler Saint finally goes on the offensive when he traps Officer Drake Jaden in the police locker room after hours. The interrogation begins when Drake is strapped to a punching bag for some PUNCHING, and more!

Tyler Saint subjects Drake Jayden to police brutality

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Title of this shoot: “Protect and Serve Part 4”

Tags: BDSM, bondage

Models in this shoot: Drake Jayden, Tyler Saint, Nick Moretti

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male bondage porn ith Tyler Saint and Drake Jayden

Jessie Colter faces interrogation at the hands of Connor Maguire

At Bound Gods. His latest plot foiled, pain slut terrorist Jessie Colter has finally been captured by Agent Connor Maguire.


Authorized to take any means necessary to extract information from Jessie, Agent Maguire slips on his leather gloves and gets to work. Jessie has his bulging pecs and torso covered in clothespins and cropped. Still unwilling to rat out his comrades, Jessie is made to gag on Connor’s dick while taking a vicious paddling. Agent Maguire hoists Jessie into an inverted suspension, leaving Jessie vulnerable to a battery of ball torment, caning and flogging. Next, Agent Maguire takes Jessie to the floor and gives him a rough fucking and hot wax.

37715_5 37715_13

Connor’s hard dick finally persuades the terrorist to squeal, but the confession doesn’t grant Jessie any mercy. Connor milks the cum from Jessie’s cock and smears it all over his captive’s face. Jessie then receives a hot load from Connor, as Connor promises even more torment in the days to come.


Models in Shoot: Connor Maguire, Jessie Colter

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Pictures: CREUSS gets arrested then placed in a straightjacket

CREUSS male bondage


How did this man end in this position?

We have no pix of him before, when he had been arrested. When guards lead him to the regimental prison, they managed to get him dressed in orange. Later they tried to get him ready for some interrogations, and get restrained.

For reasons no one had been able to explain yes, inmate did get insane. He fought back his captors, and they had no option but put him down and straightjacket him. First option as to send him for psycho tests, but when he understood what was happening, he did get unpredictable. They had to fix a sort of muzzle made of a metal grills protector, to prevent him from biting. He was getting insane and was grunting as a damn.

Eventually they had to cut his sight too and hooded him with the capture hood. Tighten to the neck breathing get harder. He eventually calmed down a little, and they managed to handle him a bit easier and took him away.

The straightjacket is a genuine Polish Army one, brand new, bought on a famous auction website.

male bondage CREUSS straitjacketed


Metal would like to thank CREUSS for these pictures of himself! You can read stories by CREUSS by clicking here

Hiker Tony Prower is held captive by soldier Riley Mitchell

At Bound Gods, hiker Tony Prower is blindfolded, gagged and tied to a chair. He struggles in bondage as his captor Riley Mitchell crops and zaps him. Riley works Tony’s leaking cock and demands to know why the hell he’s here.

Tony Prower is blindfolded, gagged and tied to a chair

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Michael DelRay punishes Alex Mecum for slacking and jacking off

Spy Gets Captured

By Mister-X/Spartan

I warily looked around. This was near where I was to meet him. I didn’t see anyone, which was a good sign, since I was early. It looked like the authorities didn’t know about our planned meeting. I walked over to where I was to meet him, and saw a figure walking this way. When he was close enough I saw it was him. He was nervous.

“I’m being followed.” I had pulled out my pack of cigarettes and pulled one out to give him.

“What? You shouldn’t have met me, then.”

As I started to leave he put the cigarette in his mouth and said, “wait, I’ve got the information you want.”

I hesitated, pulling out my lighter to light his cigarette, and that was when a bunch of armed men started coming out of the nearby area, guns drawn. I realized I’d had it. All these years I’d not been captured, but my luck had finally run out. My cock started getting excited.

The other guy panicked, and started to run away. I knew better than to do that. When he was taken, he was screaming, but not for long. When the others came up to me, they said something in the local language. I knew they had said to put my hands behind my back, but I played dumb. One of the guys spoke English, and said “don’t play dumb, Mr. Crawford.”

“Play dumb? Why? I’ve done nothing wrong. He just asked me for a cigarette and I gave him one. Then he wanted a light, and I pulled out my lighter when you people showed up.”

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Number 6 – Part 4

By Mister-X / Spartan

Finally that day’s class was ended. He told everyone to come back the next day for the second day of class. He said that there would be a chance to get some hands-on experience by practicing some of the techniques he’d taught on a volunteer. He didn’t say who the volunteer was, but I knew. It was me.

I stuck around while the students filed out. Number 7 could see me and came up to me. I had several questions I wanted to ask him. He started by quizzing me. “Were you here for the whole session?”


“So you know some of the torture that you will be experiencing?”


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Number 6 – Part 1

By Mister-X / Spartan

I was standing in the middle of nowhere. My instructions were to take the bus to that location and get off. I looked around and saw nothing but flat land that had crops growing on it. I felt like that Cary Grant character in the Hitchcock movie “North by Northwest.” Fortunately I didn’t see any crop-dusting plane starting to come toward me. At least, not yet.

There was also another important difference from the character in the movie. I had been given a coat to wear on the journey along with the bus ticket. The instructions were to empty out my bowels and bladder before boarding the bus, as well as to get something to eat, then put on the coat, zip it up, fasten the belt, but don’t put my hands in the pockets or raise the hood. It would be a two-hour bus ride.

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