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Lucky Cup – Chapter 3

By GratDelay

GratDelay bondage storiesToben

I stood up and stared down at Aaron. Now I could think straight, and get on with beating him to a pulp. I took another step forward… and fell to the ground screaming.

The jacking thing was going again! It was going full-speed, and focusing just on the head of my cock. I was still way too sensitive from cumming just a minute ago.

“Turn it off! Turn it off!” I screamed. I didn’t recognize my own voice, it was so high.

It kept going as I thrashed around, trying to get away from the awful feeling. It was pure torture.

Suddenly it stopped. I caught my breath, then cautiously looked up, afraid to move closer to Aaron. But he wasn’t there! I scrambled to my feet and looked around. Then I heard one of the doors to the hallway close. Fucking coward!

But he wasn’t really a coward, was he? He didn’t have to reveal himself to me at all. What was he playing at? Did he really think he could pass this off as just another prank?

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Pictures and video: Roped up in the shower

Tras perder un partido de f˙tbol contra un equipo del Reino Unido, dos jugadores espaoles se cuelan en el vestuario contrario para darle su merecido al capit·n del equipo. Es hora de ponerle a 4 patas y demostrarle quienes meten los goles.


Gay_Bondage_MetalbondNYC_01 Gay_Bondage_MetalbondNYC_03 Gay_Bondage_MetalbondNYC_04 Gay_Bondage_MetalbondNYC_07

After losing a soccer game against a team from the UK, two Spanish players sneak in the other team’s locker room to put the captain on all fours. It’s time to show him who’s really the winner.

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First Time 1995

By ty dehner

Today I’m known for my fiction writing of BDSM, but it all started over 20 years ago with my first leather and bondage experience. This was a time when the internet was just beginning and being kinky and gay was a challenge as we didn’t know there were others like us as one can find on the internet today. My discovery that there were others like me came when I found an issue of Bound & Gagged Magazine in a Tower Books. From that day I was there every month with each new issue, eventually building the courage to have a subscription and have it sent to my home. To meet guys then, one would place personal ads in a publication like B&G. I never really met anyone with those ads, but I read the stories that were written by real guys and dream of being them, bound, helpless and struggling. Then I got my first computer and one of those free disks to access America OnLine. And this is where this story begins…

They say if you wait long enough, that dreams can come true. Well, today one of those dreams did come true. For most of my life I have always wanted to experience leather and bondage. It was only in the last three that I discovered that I was not alone in this desire. As I came to terms with my sexuality and my desires, I started to want someone to share their experience and knowledge with me. I ran ads, got a few responses but nothing ever came from it.

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Video: Smelling sneakers and feet

At Jalif Studio, Aday decides to take his pal Punkcher to the countryside to train his new pet Ruben Mastin. Smelling sneakers and feet, swallowing spit, drinking and being hunted like an animal are just some things awaiting for him in the woods.


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Here are more pictures from this shoot:

full_05 full_12 full_13

Key Words: threesome, outdoors, spit, puppy play, sling, fucking, tattoos, feet, fetish, blow job, rimming, cum shot, Spanish men, Aday Traun, Punkcher, Ruben Mastin

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