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More behind-the-scenes footage of JimmyUSMC in heavy irons

Here are a few more behind-the-scenes images from the filming of the popular Appleville movies that are available at Men In Chains. As a bonus, at Serious Male Bondage, you can see behind-the-scenes videos that were shot during the filming, and much of the footage is with the indefatigable JimmyUSMC.

Jimmy USMC in metal bondage

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Bondage guy of the day: HotHardHat

HotHardHat, who is active on FetLife, is also featured extensively at Serious Male Bondage. He is into VERY heavy bondage and rubber play:

HotHardHat rubber bondage

To see more of HotHardHat, go to Serious Male Bondage

You can see much more of HotHardHat right here on the Metalbond by clicking here

Also see him on Men In Chains, under the name of Dakota Duke