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More pictures from P.O.W.

Check out the letter and pictures that “P.O.W.” sent:

Dear CO,

SIR, all males in the military look great in uniform, but nothing for me is more arousing than camouflage (any pattern type) trousers. There is extra, reinforced padding in the seated area to prevent against wear and tear.  When the two halves meet, they form a nice oval shape to frame the ass perfectly with seamed stitching. Too bad this area is not colored differently like the rear of deer and rabbits for easy tracking in the field.  Another appealing equipment piece for the combat uniform is the noteworthy Kevlar helmet which similarly looks like a phallic hood.

acu_present acu_target wood_present_1 woodland_target


Two positions ideal for a submissive while bent over is the presentation (command term, “PRESENT”) with legs akimbo and resistance, a feeble protection posture, with legs tightly locked together. The presentation position is a fun challenge to train while the resistance offers a more aggressive penetration tactic. Some of the included images have the prisoner spread-eagled for frisking and willing presentation; the other images have his cheeks tightly compressed to resist penetration, always a satisfying drilling exercise.

Always Dripping,




The Chair

The Chair — No dungeon should be without one
By Chuck

Metalbond gay male bondage 01I wish I had a dime for every time somebody asked me about The Chair. Heck, I’d maybe have a couple of dollars! They see the pics and imagine being strapped in it for a while. And having spent some (but not enough) time in it myself, I can say that it is a truly “refreshing” experience.
Metalbond gay male bondage 02The idea began after I built an electric chair for a Halloween display. That one was made from 2×4 scraps. Sure, it looked and worked OK, but it still looked like 2×4 scraps.
Metalbond gay male bondage 03So when I thought about spending a little more time on a chair for my dungeon, the first thing I did was to try to get away from the “lumber” look. I decided to use not 2x4s, but rather 2x3s for the material. I also stained it in a light color, so it looked more like an institutional finish and less like a waterbed frame.
Metalbond gay male bondage 04Also, I copied a slightly smaller chair’s dimensions so that the “condemned” would get a slight squeeze as he sat into it. There’s nothing like starting to feel confined even before the first strap is pulled into place.
Metalbond gay male bondage 05I’ve also made a few leather straps through the years, and early on I decided I wanted as much total immobilization as possible. This meant straps everywhere, including the neck, head and face. The final device for that proved to be a lucky combination. The head is held in place by straps on the top, sides, and chin. The 1.5-inch neck strap is very secure. Absolutely no head movement at all is possible, and the nose and forehead restraint make a perfectly light-tight blindfold as well.
Metalbond gay male bondage 06As you can see, several folks have enjoyed some time in The Chair. Hopefully there will be more to come.
Metalbond gay male bondage 07In the future, I plan on placing a few carriage bolts exposed on the seat, arms, legs and back, so that once the prisoner is tightly strapped in, his body will make contact with them. Then I can attach an electro box and make this a truly functioning electric chair. He’ll be firmly making contact to the bolts, and will be able to do nothing but sit there and enjoy (or not) the “treatment.”
And as they say, you can never have too many straps!


Metal would like to thank Chuck for sending in this information and the pictures. Chuck can be found on Gearfetish as Kuffed. He is Yossie’s collared pup, and he also stops over to see the fine folks at SeriousMaleBondage from time to time.

Mikeintightpants tries on some rare restraints

Rare Restraints

By Mikeintightpants

On occasions I’ve been very fortunate to handle and to wear some of the rarest restraints around and thought I’d share a few pics with you. Replicas of these restraints exist but the ones shown here are all the real things and I consider myself very fortunate to have been allowed to wear them – and of course some might say I’m even more fortunate to have been released from them!

Mikeintightpants tries on some rare restraints 01McKenzie Mitts – a device that covers the hands and wrists, leaving only the fingers exposed, it also chains the hands together and is attached to a bellychain that locks round the waist. Were used for prisoner transportation.


Mikeintightpants tries on some rare restraints 02Oregon Boot (also known as the Gardner Shackle) – a very heavy metal shackle that locks round one ankle and is supported by a metal brace that fits under the heel of the prisoner’s boot. Was used for prisoner transportation and also for punishment in some prisons.


Mikeintightpants tries on some rare restraints 03Guiteau handcuffs – reckoned to be the rarest handcuffs, only 4 pairs known to exist. This model of cuffs was rumoured to have been used on Charles Guiteau the convicted assassin of President James Garfield (hence their name) but this has not been proved.


Incidentally none of these items are in my own collection, but they are all on my wish-list … dream on, Mike!!


Metal would like to thank Mikeintightpants for the information and pictures above





Chuck wants to use his flex cuffs on you

Check out these pictures from longtime Metalbond contributor Chuck:

Chuck flex cuffsChuck Flex cuffsFlex cuffs Halloween

Chuck says,

Halloween is coming up. I wanted to share my SWAT costume — everything is real except for the weapons, of course. The helmet-mounted LED light blinds my prisoners as I near them — a nice touch.

The riot cuffs are homemade from two wide white pull ties and a wide black one to hold them together — and trust me, they work quite well. Some are more open for legs, and some are smaller for wrists. I had a guy over once and used them to secure his hands behind his back while we showered together — now that was hot!




Thanks, Chuck! I hope you nab lots of prisoners on Halloween!