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Reader submission — locking device for testicle bondage

Check out the pictures and information below from a blog reader:

Hey Metal, hows life?locking device for testicle bondage

I just got back from a week out field, my uniform I wore out there would keep even the most gunge-loving piglet happy! Three more washes and I should be able to wear it again.

Anyway my most recent purchase is something I think you would enjoy a lot, hence this email. I know how much you adore padlocks, and locking metal restraints. Well one of my most favorite pieces of kit is my locking ball weights, you know the metal ones that you need an allen key to take on and off? I call them locking since an allen key is not something you always have access to.

locking device for testicle bondage 02Fetters in UK bought out a range with a recessed groove in them, and then a variety of attachments for them. I have two of the attachments so far and aim to get the third, well-marketed (i.e., you want it but it will cost you!) the latest one I brought adds an extra layer of entrapment to the device, it is a locking collar that fits around the groove, I have a pic of it attached and in use on my nuts, let me tell you that thing is on tight, you have no chance of slipping it off over the weight unless it is unlocked.

I hope you enjoy these pics and that you’re doing well!

— anonymous

Thanks, anonymous, for the information and pictures!


Cages For Your Gear


Cages for your gear

An anonymous Metalbond reader who is in the military in an undisclosed country sent in these images, along with this information:

Dear Metal,

Not everyone lives on barracks, so in our change rooms at works we have the usual lockers for clothes, but then a little something extra — cages!

I am part of a high-readiness unit, so they have 5-day and 24-hour notice to move units, that means that they can turn to us and say we’re going overseas in 24 hours and we have to be ready. So for dudes who live off, they can keep their pack and essential gear at work in readiness, some of our stuff is classified so the storage cages have to be lockable (the other reason why I sent a pic of an empty one).

A kinky person such as myself can’t help but imagine all sorts of amazing scenes that could be done in a room like this, and I am hoping to manage to get into the locker room after hours one time and get some pics!


cages for your gear