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Cages For Your Gear


Cages for your gear

An anonymous Metalbond reader who is in the military in an undisclosed country sent in these images, along with this information:

Dear Metal,

Not everyone lives on barracks, so in our change rooms at works we have the usual lockers for clothes, but then a little something extra — cages!

I am part of a high-readiness unit, so they have 5-day and 24-hour notice to move units, that means that they can turn to us and say we’re going overseas in 24 hours and we have to be ready. So for dudes who live off, they can keep their pack and essential gear at work in readiness, some of our stuff is classified so the storage cages have to be lockable (the other reason why I sent a pic of an empty one).

A kinky person such as myself can’t help but imagine all sorts of amazing scenes that could be done in a room like this, and I am hoping to manage to get into the locker room after hours one time and get some pics!


cages for your gear




Men show off their neck chains and padlocks

Hey guys! A whole bunch of you have sent in pictures of yourselves wearing chains padlocked around your necks. Check THIS out:



metrosin24 writes:

Hey Metalbond!

I have been a longtime fan of your site. Thanks for posting such great stuff. I was recently collared by a SIR for the first time. My time with him has been out of this world! He came to visit me in NYC this weekend, and we went to the top of the Empire State Building. I know you have been asking for some pictures of boys in collars. Well, here I am at “the top of the world!” It was such a great experience to share with my SIR. Hopefully there are many more experiences just like it to come.

Feel free to post the picture if you like.

Keep up the great work.

—boy b


Metal responds:

Thanks boy b aka metrosin24! That is a memorable picture, indeed!

Guys, here are even more pictures of men wearing chains that are padlocked on:

MetalbondNYC_ChainCollar_02 MetalbondNYC_ChainCollar_03 MetalbondNYC_ChainCollar_04 MetalbondNYC_ChainCollar_05 MetalbondNYC_ChainCollar_06