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By Marknorth

I didn’t care for the plaster encapsulation of my head at all.  Breathing through straws stuck in my nostrils as the plaster cured didn’t do it for me a tall.  In addition to the straws, the plaster shrunk as it dried and kept getting warmer and warmer.  I’m not claustrophobic by any means – I’ve been locked in a shitload of bondage hoods, sometimes for days – but that plaster really got to me.

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The Real Midnight Express

Does anybody remember the movie Midnight Express?

I remember watching this a long time ago and being incredibly turned on yet also scared half out of my wits. A large part of the movie’s appeal for me was the very hot and studly Brad Davis in the lead role. If you are not familiar with this Oscar-winning movie, it told the (mostly) true story of 23-year-old college student Billy Hayes, who was locked up for drug smuggling in Istanbul, Turkey. He eventually escaped.

An episode from a while back of the National Geographic channel’s Locked Up Abroad interviews the REAL Billy Hayes and tells his real story.

For more information about the National Geographic Locked Up Abroad Midnight Express show, click here.

There are also more pictures of Brad Davis posted here.

To buy the original movie on Amazon, click here.



Locked up in Second Life

Did anyone catch that movie recently called Hot Tub Time Machine? One of the characters is a young guy who plays in Second Life — as an inmate in prison! My kinda guy. Check out a clip here.

That reminds me of Steel Vlodovic, shown here:


The first thing Steel did when he entered Second Life was check out the prison. He spent about three months locked up as an inmate at Ghul.


Maui prison


When I was in Hawaii recently I visited the Hale Pa’ahao prison on Maui. It was quite different from Alcatraz.  Much more relaxed.  It’s on the West Maui town of Lahaina, down a side street off the main drag where all the tourist shops are. It was interesting to see such a quaint, pleasant building — and of course they have a big palm tree out in front.  The outer walls are made of coral.

With all the whaling going on there in the 1850s, apparently they needed a place to lock up the rowdy sailors who had too much to drink.  But conditions weren’t very harsh at all, and the offenses for which you could get locked up for were relatively minor.  About the worst thing you could get in trouble for was “disturbing the quiet of the night” or “lascivious conduct.”

The prison rules were relatively mild as well. But check out Rule No. 14 … now THAT one sounds interesting!

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