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One of the best gay rape fucks ever filmed

I love the way they hold this guy down to fuck him. Check out Logan McCree, Ricky Sinz and Scott Tanner:

Logan McCree, Ricky Sinz and Scott Tanner Raging StallionScott Tanner comes over the ridge and is jumped by Logan and Rick. Logan holds Tanner tight as Rick tears off his clothes and fucks him first as Rick holds him down.

When Rick wants his turn he grabs Tanner and turns him over, putting his ass in line with Rick’s dick. Logan holds Tanner down as Rick pilages Tanner’s hole. As the onslaught ends all three men cum and the screaming begins to subside.

Hey prisoners, here are some of MY favorite porn sites that feature male bondage content.

I’m wondering which sites listed below are YOUR favorites, and why?

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Straight gym trainer begs for mercy as he gets cocks up the ass for the very first time

Bound In Public Josh West Straight Gyn Trainer

Straight guy Cole finally takes a cock up his ass for the first time. Friday night at the Armory, a room full of horny guys watch as Cole receives a hard flogging. The crowd throws the naked stud on the bed and you won’t believe how big his eyes get when that first cock slides up his ass. After getting banged by several guys, sucking cock, and giving hand jobs he finally takes Josh West’s fat 10 inches and screams for mercy. Josh West gets his fuck in anyway and Cole takes the loads of the crowd all over his face and chest. It’s all part of what happens over at Bound In Public.

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