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Video: ‘What the fuck is this place?’

In a video, Mark Bind offers a preview of his bondage-themed feature length movie, “Appleville,” starring Jimmy USMC. Check this out:

You can see more of “Appleville” — as well as another movie featuring Jimmy USMC called “Jail Break In” — at Men In Chains


HINT: Jimmy USMC will also soon be featured at Serious Male Bondage


AND: Jimmy USMC (who is straight) also has a Tumblr page here

Brig Story – Part 4

By Tommy Guns

I awoke the next morning, still hog chained, and with a pounding headache that was beating rhythmically with my heart. I knew where it came from. I still had a raging hard-on, and the lack of blood flow from the head below the waist to the one on my shoulders was creating a problem for me. I had never gone this long without relieving myself, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not get the images of last night out of my head. They kept me harder than I had ever been before, and I was in dire need of release of some kind.

I had never been able to just rub myself off against a mattress, and this time was no different. This was going to be a serious and growing problem.

I had been awake for what seemed like hours before I heard footsteps outside my cell. It was a single set, so I assumed it was only one of my Marines from the day before, probably returning to see if I was still ready to service them. I would have been glad to, but now I really needed to pee as well as jack off, and things down below were getting serious.

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Training the Sergeant – Part 4

By lthr_jock

The Captain looked down at the man slurping beer out of the dog bowl and took a long drag on his cigar. As the end glowed red, he looked at the ash growing on it and taped it, letting it float down over Davis’ head and into the beer he was drinking up. Davis was trying his best to lap at the beer but as it went down it got more difficult. The Captain saw he was having problems, so he lifted up his right foot and pushed it down on the back on Davis’ head, forcing it into the bowl. Davis licked and sucked faster, choking as the beer went up his nose, but after a few minutes he managed to drain the bowl, leaving only a small amount of beer in the bottom.

The Captain looked down. “Lick it clean.” To his surprise and pleasure, the man did so. He leant over to Dejan. “So, tell me his story.” Quickly, Dejan explained and showed the Captain the cocktail of drugs that Davis had been taking. “Interesting. May I suggest adding these?” He gave Dejan the name of three other drugs – two to increase muscle growth, the third to increase suggestibility even more.

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