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Update on the Prison Library

Hey prisoners,

Just an update on the Prison Library. A number of you have sent me stories recently, and I have not forgotten to post them. It’s just that I have been having some technical difficulties with the website lately that I am trying to get resolved. I will get the new stories posted as soon as I can.

The good news is that there are some really hot stories coming to this site, from the likes of Rubrpig, ty dehner, lthr_jock and others — plus a really special surprise coming that you definitely won’t want to miss. In just a few minutes, I am going to post Part 2 of “Wanted Karl” by rts, and there will be a final Part 3 of that tomorrow.

Oh and speaking of stories, I have a brand new idea for one — so if anyone wants to write something and needs an idea, send me an email.

Lucky is tied up in white Calvins and tickled

This is one of my favorite things ever. Lucky gets tied up and tickled by Dev in these pictures from My Friends Feet

Competitive_endurance_tickling_Lucky_01 Competitive_endurance_tickling_Lucky_03 Competitive_endurance_tickling_Lucky_04 Competitive_endurance_tickling_Lucky_05 Competitive_endurance_tickling_Lucky_07


There are many more pictures, plus a video, available at My Friends Feet. In the video there are two ticklers who are completely clothed.

I am really into this Lucky guy, whoever he is. I love the way he fills out those white briefs.

If anyone has any more information about Lucky, whether he appeared in any other shoots, please let me know!