Video: Kristopher Weston’s moans of pleasure turn to agony

At Iron Lockup. Getting off doesn’t mean Mr. Kristopher is done. Mr Kristopher’s moans of pleasure turn to agony as his asshole and nipples get worked even harder.


Then Sir Pan blows a huge load all over Mr Kristopher and almost hits the camera. Here is a free video preview:


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Video: Flogged

At Iron Lockup.


Sir puts puppy on the cross for a flogging. He warms him up slowly but begins to build into vicious pounds, leading puppy to howl out in agony. Here is a free video preview:


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A Harness Built for Two – Part 7

By BigMouthfla

And that’s our life thus far. I frequently hold his dick while he’s taking a leak. Still turns us on a lot. I stay locked in my belt 24/7. Don’t even know how long it’s been, but I’m accustomed to it now. Mostly anyway. I still do get those “rages” where it’s like I can’t take it anymore. But it passes. I’ll say that those orgasms he is able to trigger while deep inside me is well worth the frustration that I go through with the belt. Nothing in this world could describe how those feel. And if I only ever get to feel those forever on end, I’ll take it!

At night, we always sleep with me between his legs, his cock in my mouth. The harness connecting us together. It’s our regular position. We have become very comfortable like this, and I wouldn’t know what it’s like to sleep in any other way.

Sometimes, for fun he puts locks on the harness and puts the keys in the time-locked box. Other times not. It’s just for some additional fun is all. Doesn’t really mean anything. Just adds a small element of excitement. We often forget about it though.

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Three rubber studs in gas masks overpower Lance Navarro

MetalbondNYC_rubber_gay_bondage_00 MetalbondNYC_rubber_gay_bondage_01 MetalbondNYC_rubber_gay_bondage_02 MetalbondNYC_rubber_gay_bondage_03 MetalbondNYC_rubber_gay_bondage_04

Lance Navarro is sleeping in his warm bed, when strange bright lights burst through his windows. The entire room shakes as the “men in black” show up by his bedside. Lance freaks out, and before he knows it, he’s bound and gagged on an examination table. Lance’s hole is stretched and probed beyond his imagination. He receives a hard fist fuck, a machine fuck, a beating and nasty semen extraction!


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Dirty cop caught in a trap!

This one is from Bound Gods. Will Wolf Hudson’s thirst for dirty cops ever be quenched? Think again!

Wolf_Hudson_Jett_Jax_02 Wolf_Hudson_Jett_Jax_03 Wolf_Hudson_Jett_Jax_04 Wolf_Hudson_Jett_Jax_05

Back at it again, sexy Wolf Hudson has captured himself another dirty cop, Officer Jett Jax, after catching him abusing his authority. To give Jett a dose of his own medicine, Wolf has him cuffed with painful clover clamps tormenting his chest and aching balls, all while he’s made to swallow uncut cock. Down in the sewer, Officer Jax gets a mean flogging on his backside before enduring the sting of the cane. Wolf plunges his big, thick cock into the officer’s hole as his screams grow louder and louder. Finally, Wolf shoots a hot load all over the bound officer and makes him clean off every drop.

Wolf_Hudson_Jett_Jax_06 Wolf_Hudson_Jett_Jax_07


Models in this shoot: Wolf Hudson, Jett Jax

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Wolf_Hudson_Jett_Jax_11 Wolf_Hudson_Jett_Jax_12


A Harness Built for Two – Part 6

By BigMouthfla

The next night he introduced an interesting idea. He showed me this contraption that resembled a small safety deposit box. There was an electronic readout on the top. I asked him what it was, and he told me it’s just that — a safety deposit box, but it’s controlled by time. The unlock happens automatically once a certain time is set and arrives. I was confused as to why he was showing me that, but ‘ok’. I never know what the man will come up with next! Makes it fun and constantly interesting.

He suggested it would be fun if we put the keys to the locks to the harness inside this box and set a time for the next morning. A bit confused as to why, I asked him “Why?” He said, “Wouldn’t it be fun, if for a brief moment, neither one of us had any control over our sleeping arrangement and neither of us could unlock the locks until a certain time?” “I guess, but what if you have to get up to take a leak or something?” “Oh I’d be SURE to do that before bed! No, this is not some ploy for that. No, I just think it would be fun to have us both out of control for a while. That’s all.”

So we agreed to set the time at 5 a.m. No harm there. We both wake up around 6 anyway. So we went to bed that night, and he dropped the keys in the box, set it for 5 a.m. and shut it. I put the harness on, got into bed, and he attached to himself as normal. He put the locks on, and one at a time I heard them click shut. Hmm, that seemed to have caused a bit of stirring in my chastity belt, I have to admit. Once they were all in place, he said, “OK, Babe, now we are locked securely together until at least 5 a.m. tomorrow morning, and there is nothing that either of us can do about it.” Yeah OK, that caused a lot of blood to rush as my dick tried its damndest to get hard again. Ah! When will it learn that it can’t? After all, it’s been a few months of continuous wear. But this situation was really making me hot.

I sucked him off like a champ. Even though it’s a nightly occurrence, I still love it and so does he. So we lay there locked tightly to each other without any way of negating that. This was actually kinda cool. I was thinking to myself, “I really hope he doesn’t have to take a leak — this will NOT be funny!” But all was well, and we drifted off to sleep. By the next morning, the box was already opened, so he reached in and retrieved the keys, unlocked us and we went on about our normal routines.

“OK,” I thought to myself. “That was fun and harmless. It’s cool.” That now became a new routine for us as well. I tell you, we keep making this more and more interesting as time goes on. First it was the chastity belt, then sleeping with him in my mouth all night. Then we added our leather harness. Then it was locked on. Now, it’s time locked as well.

We have an adventurous life!


To be continued …