The Roommate – Part 4

By RbbrStorage

This story originally appeared on the RubberZone. It is re-posted here with permission.


Seconds later, Matt heard a heavy door close and a lock bolted into place. He reached up to the hood, then paused, remembering to count to ten. He had only been awake less than an hour and had spent that entire hour flat on his back, still tightly encased in the double sleepsacks, servicing his roommate’s ass, drinking his piss and swallowing his cum. Apparently that qualified as breakfast in this new world order.

Matt reached “ten” and frantically tugged at the hood until he figured out the combination of straps and zippers that had to be released before it could come off. The relief he felt was immense as fresh air hit his face and scalp for the first time in nearly twenty-four hours. Matt just stared at the hood for a few moments, as if trying to figure out how something so inanimate could have such an effect on him.

Then Matt looked around at his laundry room. Something was different. Several things were different. The first thing Matt noticed was the door into the kitchen. It had been switched with the door to the garage. The kitchen door used to be a light, interior door with no locks, while the door to the garage had been a heavy, exterior-type door with two deadbolts. Now they’d been reversed, and those were clearly two new deadbolts on the door that now closed off the kitchen – closed off the rest of the house to Matt.

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The Roommate – Part 3

By RbbrStorage

Note: This story originally appeared on the RubberZone site. It is reposted here with permission.

Matt had no idea how much time had passed when he felt his roommate unwrapping the rubber strips that held him mummified to the weight bench. His muscles ached and his head swam in confusion only made worse by the sensory deprivation caused by having every hole plugged and controlled. Matt was pulled off the bench and stripped of the rubber bondage surf suit, then led across the room and onto a platform that felt rubbery and spongy. It only took Matt a moment to realize that he was standing on his treadmill, but by then the rubber fist mitts on his wrists had been secured to the crossbar. Matt felt his roommate unstrap the gag stuffed in Matt’s mouth and pull it free, only to quickly replace it with a wide rubber tube gag through which Matt would be able to draw all the oxygen an exercising body could need. His roommate then inserted some kind of narrow tube deep into the gag and taped it in place, leaving the wide tube otherwise open. Moments later a drip of sweet liquid started through the tube. Matt recognized it as his favorite sports drink.

Suddenly the world shifted under his feet and Matt nearly fell to the floor, only to be steadied by his roommate as he clued into the situation. Matt started walking in time to the treadmill, slowly clearing the fogginess from his head. Over the next hour, his roommate slowly increased the speed of the treadmill until, soon, Matt was jogging at a good speed, breathing heavily through the wide piss gag while the sports drink trickled down his throat. Finally, after what seeming like hours, his roommate slowed the treadmill and eventually brought the exercise session to an end. Matt wheezed through the gag, relieved that the exercise was over, and then particularly relieved when he felt his catheter drained somewhere other than his mouth.

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Locked down in Under Armour

Locked down in Under Armour IMG_3059-A IMG_3073-A IMG_3078-A IMG_3107-A IMG_9693-A

Mark from Serious Male Bondage writes:

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The Roommate – Part 2

By RbbrStorage

Note: This story originally appeared on the RubberZone site. It is reposted here with permission.

Matt awoke the next morning to the feel of the rubber plug gag being pulled from his mouth.  He panicked against the tight bondage, confused until the slim memory he had of the night before slowly came back to him.  Matt struggled against the sleepsack to confirm that he was still laced down to the bed and strained to hear any sounds as he slowly remembered that the tightness around his head was his favorite rubber hood.  Movement on the bed reminded him that all of this was the work of his new roommate – this stranger whose name he still didn’t even know.

“Hey, um, you’re gonna let me out now, righ –AAGH!”

Matt screamed as a sharp jolt of electricity coursed through his balls bringing tears to his rubber-covered eyes.

“What the fuck?  That hurts like hell-AAGH!”

Matt just couldn’t clue in to the idea of keeping his mouth shut.

“Fuck, man, I’m just not into that sort of – AAGH!”


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