10 Days in Detention – Part 14

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

I felt Dan return to the bed and to me.

Into my ear he whispered, “You will feel many sensations before we are done.”

I then felt him take hold of my balls. He pulled them down slightly, taking care to ensure he had them within his grasp and slightly pulling them away from my body. There was the sound of clinking as with small chains, and I felt the leather first and the prickly sensation second. The ball stretcher being attached to me included small spikes on the inside. It took him a few moments to secure the stretcher, and when he had it just right he gave it a small yank and I yelped slightly as the spikes dug into the tender skin of my balls.

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Super-twink Seth Stark gets bound and tortured

Blond super-twink Seth Stark has always fantasized about being bound and tortured, used as a sex slave. For years, he refreshed the Dream Boy Bondage homepage obsessively on update days, imagining himself, each week, as the young sub being whipped, forced to suck cock and then fucked, his virgin ass rammed mercilessly no matter how hard he begged for mercy. Now, at age 20, his dream comes true. He is driven, blindfolded, wearing nothing but a cutoff shirt and assless briefs, to a secluded mansion, then roped face-up to a king-sized bed. He struggles against the ropes, terrified but turned on. He is in total darkness but knows he is not alone. He feels hands on his body – and his cock. His shirt is ripped off. “Oh, god!” he whispers. Then a whip crashes into his naked flesh.

Super-twink Seth Stark gets bound and tortured

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SETH STARK – Young And Willing – Chapter 1

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10 Days in Detention – Part 13

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

I’m not sure how long I was asleep. I woke up suddenly to the sound of banging on the cage bars. It was loud and irritating and immediately took me out of my slumber.

When my eyes adjusted I saw Dan standing outside the cage with a thick wooden dowel in his hand. He was using it to bang on the bars.

“Wake up slave. Your service is far from complete. Get on your knees,” Dan commanded. I managed to roll over so that I was on my knees and facing the end of the cage.

Dan took the dowel and held it between the bars to get the end under my chin. Using the wooden stick he guided me to the very end of the cage with my head touching the upper bars.

“Stay put, slave,” Dan commanded this time. I was still not fully awake yet and was trying to comply with his demands at the same time as I was trying to become fully coherent. My body ached all over from last night’s punishment session and it was hard to maneuver between the stiff muscles and the heavy shackles I was wearing.

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Fun with a head-to-toe black rubber bodysuit

Choked, mummified, spanked, even stomped on? It’s a lot of torment for most of us, but for traveling Yoshi it’s just another playtime for fun! He’s visiting Bangkok’s most notorious rubber store FORFUN, obedient and groveling in its renowned Red Room playspace. A tough local master clad in a spandex bodysuit puts Yoshi in his proper place for a grueling session. He’s in a full head-to-toe black rubber bodysuit, fully submissive and in control of his cruel master. Only his probing tongue is allowed to poke out of its mouth slit and roam free. Yoshi proudly takes all his master can dish out, and he looks forward to more filthy BDSM kink coming up in Part 2.

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Site: Yoshi Kawasaki XXX

Title: Just FORFUN, Part 1

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