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The Edge – Chapter 05

By Steellock

Matt awoke to near darkness again. He could hear his own breathing but muted, it was getting faster but memory came back and he calmed down. It must be late Sunday afternoon.

Sitting up he ran his hands over his chest and body, feeling the stiffness and sore marks from the whipping this morning. Strangely though after the massage he felt loose and his skin glowed. Then he felt over the thick leather ‘Sci fi’ hood on his head. It was becoming normal; funny how you can adapt to things. His feelings of being enclosed and trapped by it were going and he now felt it to be warm and reassuring with it’s tight grip. His fingers touched the padlock at the neck and he felt his cock twitch; it was really quite horny being locked in. He could see in the dim light as it filtered through the pinprick holes over each eye. That he was also getting used to and barely noticed it this morning.

The door opened and Jess came in grinning. ‘You awake boy?’ he asked and Matt slid off the bench and slowly stretched. Jess just stood enjoying the view! Then he stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Matt and hugged him.

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The Edge – Chapter 04

By Steellock

Matt awoke to near darkness. All he could hear was his own breathing getting faster.

His head was still wrapped in a tight leather hood, and his jaw ached. Where was he? What on earth? And also he could feel sharp pinpricks digging into his cock and balls. He way lying on a hard bed, what light there was came though small hole over his eyes in the hood.

“What the hell is going on?” he thought. Then memory returned, along with throbbing pain from his chest and belly where guys had been having fun the previous day — the incredible afternoon and evening of new experiences. He rubbed his front and tried to lift the front of the leather shorts that were pressing onto his member. His breathing slowed, and he regained his calm. What would Sunday bring? Yesterday had been tough, but he had to admit that overall it had been one of the most intense experiences of his life. “Just wish I had been able to cum!” he muttered to himself.

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The Edge – Chapter 03

By Steellock

Matt stood looking in the mirror through his pinhole eye covers. He could just see the door, which slammed open, and a tall man ran through. He shouted something to Jess and slipped through to the back. Something about him made Matt curious. He felt he knew the back view from somewhere but could not be sure.

At that moment the feeling of someone massaging his right nip distracted him! He glanced back in the mirror and could see the man reaching round. He was pinching and squeezing, working to make Matt’s tit stand out. He had never felt this before and it was oddly exiting! It was followed a minute later by a sharp pain in his left tit. Really sharp! The feeling made him take a deep breath as the nerves relayed an intense wave of pain to his brain. He automatically rose to his tiptoes to get away and equally quickly dropped back as the steel collar around his balls yanked them down!

The feeling was repeated on his right side.

After two minutes the pain level began to fall and he could open his eyes, though they were a little blurred by tears.

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The Edge – Chapter 02

By Steellock

When Matt got back to the barracks that night he found that many of the troop had beaten him in and were lounging around chatting and joking. They quizzed Matt on where he had been. but he just shrugged his shoulders and said that he had been out walking.

He went over to his bunk, took off his jacket and realised that he could hardly raise his arms; the feeling was like after a really heavy new workout regime! He also realised that he was still hard. His dick was wet with juice; Matt was surprised that there was no stain coming though his jeans. He had to be really careful or the ribbing from last week would start again. He swiftly looked around but relaxed when he saw that Wayne was not in the room.

Also the frustration at not being able to release his feelings built up overnight. Some of the guys had no problem in releasing the pressure, wanking off either in the barrack when the Sarge was not there, or in the showers. Matt had never felt comfortable with this kind of public display and always wore shorts or a jock strap even when wandering through to the latrines. He would have to make sure he released the built up feelings before leaving the store next week. Then he sat up – that had been a reflex thought. His body must have made the decision to go back. When Jim had asked the question earlier, Matt had suddenly felt unsure. Was this normal? Perhaps he was being stupid. He felt sore and ached. He thought of the previous night:

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The Edge – Chapter 01

By Steellock

Matt looked at his squad mates. There was a look of awe and respect on their faces. In front of them was a guy hanging by thick, muscled arms from a beam across the ceiling of the cellar. His head was down on his chest, and sweat poured down his body.

TheEdge_1Around his wrists and hands were leather binders, secured by multiple straps and padlocks. The steel suspension rings on his palms were padlocked to the beam. Round his ankles were another set of straps, but they were not tied off and his feet were loose.

The bunched muscles of his back, from his neck to his lower rib cage, was shining red with occasional purple stripes. His butt, clenched and hard, shone in a similar colour. Red and purple stripes ran down the sides of his chest and thighs. The sweat shone in strong lighting, focused on him in an otherwise darkened room.

His balls hung low between his legs, held down by a steel band. They, too, were red and flushed. A chain was padlocked around his neck.

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