Locker Room Tales – Never a Jock

By Marknorth

Part 1

I was never much of a jock.  Alright, to be truthful, I wasn’t athletic in the least.  I had never played any sports in High School – I was too small and too uncoordinated.  I hated gym class – it only proved the point and the other guys never failed to point out how inept I was.  They hated having me on their team as I was sure to screw up and cost them the game.  The football team was the worst at harassing me.  They would make sure that I was somehow tackled by mistake every time we played flag football in gym.

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What would you decide to do?

Hey guys, here is a challenge from Metalbond and Mister-X: Read the story below and then post a comment or send me an email about what YOU would do, and what you would like to see happen next.

What would you decide to do?

By Mister-X / Spartan

Many of us who live alone dream about having someone always available at our beck and call to put us into bondage.  But how many of us, when suddenly given this opportunity, would trust a perfect stranger to now live in our home and perform this task?

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Jim Stewart

I learned today that Jim (Maurice) Stewart has passed away.

JimStewart_01Jim, who was a writer, playwright and producer, founded Fetters in London in 1976, which is now an internationally known source of efficient physical restraint equipment and other erotic fetish gear. Fetters was inspired by Jim’s profound interest in Harry Houdini and escapology. Jim had a website, called Houdini Connections.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jim when he came to present at GMSMA in New York City in the mid 1990s. Since then, we had been regular correspondents via email over the years.

He will be missed.

JimStewart_02 JimStewart_03 JimStewart_04

The Freshman

By Aussielthrbiker

Part 1

I met Matthew during my first week at uni and discovered, much to my pleasure, that he was in all the same lectures as me.  He was a surfer type, 6 foot, athletic build, with long blond hair and piercing blue eyes.

At the end of lectures on Friday afternoon, he asked if I would like to drop by his place for a coffee.  I lived in a dorm on campus; Matthew shared a house with two other students about 10 minutes walk off campus.  He explained that his house mates, Nick and Brad had gone away for the weekend.

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An Afternoon in the Bush

By Catdude

The box sat in the middle of the room, nothing about it all that distinctive. The only thing that would draw attention to it where it placed next to another wooden box was the hooded head that poked out of a hole in the top. The hood that could be seen at a casual glance was a English s10 gasmask, it had been modified so that instead of straps at the back it was the front part of a rubber hood.

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Cruising Al PacinoDid anyone ever see the movie Cruising with Al Pacino? Apparently this movie was quite controversial when it came out — according to the Back in the Gays website, some of the interior shots were made to look like the legendary Mineshaft sex club.

Anyway, a local friend of mine told me this true story of his PARENTS taking him and his brother (both of whom turned out to be gay) to see Cruising when they were kids:

My father, with the misguided idea that the movie was about “cars cruising” took my gay brother, my mom and me to see this movie. My brother and I had boners the entire film, and my parents sat there in utter shock. A great childhood memory!

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