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Samurai Art Museum in Berlin delves into Hojojutsu rope bondage

If you are in Berlin, you might want to check out a presentation, “Hojojutsu, the warrior’s art of the rope,” taking place on Saturday, Dec. 7, from 7 to 8:30 pm at the Samurai Art Museum.

Quote: “Using hemp ropes, Hojojutsu taught soldiers and policemen how to tie up and control prisoners during arrest, transport, capture and interrogation. In medieval Japan, where ropes symbolized a connection between the material and spiritual realms, hundreds of aesthetically refined rope-tying techniques thus came to be developed and respected not only the religious beliefs of the times, but also took into account the Confucian sub-division of society into castes.”

Then, on Sunday, Dec. 8, Yanagi Berlin will host a “practical introduction” to Hojojutsu with author Christian Russo, author of a book on the subject:

japanese rope bondage


More information about the talk and practical introduction available here.

Author Christian Russo’s Facebook for his book is available here

HustlaBall Berlin 2012 – Ich bin eine Deutsche Schlampe

Spencer Reed takes Sebastian Keys to the limits at HustlaBall in Berlin.

Spencer Reed takes Sebastian Keys to the limits at HustlaBall in Berlin 01

It’s the HustlaBall in Berlin, and Sebastian Keys is the man to be used in front of a crowd of over 3,000 horny men. Spencer Reed starts things off in the VIP room, stripping Sebastian down and dragging him around the room to sniff out cock.

Spencer Reed takes Sebastian Keys to the limits at HustlaBall in Berlin 02Spencer Reed takes Sebastian Keys to the limits at HustlaBall in Berlin 03Spencer Reed takes Sebastian Keys to the limits at HustlaBall in Berlin 04

In the appetizer area Sebastian gets fucked by Chad Brock while the guests shove food in his mouth. Sebastian is brought out to the pool area where he gets pissed on, slapped, and fucked some more. After taking hot cum in the face, Sebastian gets the zipper then shoved into the pool to wash himself off before moving on to the HustlaBall stage show.

Spencer Reed takes Sebastian Keys to the limits at HustlaBall in Berlin 05

VIDEO of this vintage shoot here

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Big hot leather cigar daddy

For the Italian leather stallion leather Big Wolf, his cigar is like a second cock. Before he fucks guys with his horny giant piston, he insists they indulge in the burning part between his lips. Here comes the Scottish fuckpig Axl Black. When the master in his sharp leather outfit ignites the cigar and contemptuously blows out the smoke, the slave is immediately aware of what kind of guy he’s got: tough, relentless. And the smoke taste always stays in the mouth, no matter if he rams his cock in the throat of the little pig, or if the horny sweaty armpits are licked clean, or the slave spits into the snout. The greedy Scot looks into the embers and knows that he is now only property. He has never been so horny.

Title of this shoot: Leather Big Wolf vs Axl Black

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Keywords: leather, daddy, hairy, smoking, domination, tattoos, licking, nipples, armpits, sucking, cigars

Models in this shoot: Leather Big Wolf, Axl Black

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Here is a German Description (apologies for any grammatical errors):

Seine Zigarre ist f¸r den italienischen Lederhengst Leather Big Wolf wie ein zweiter Schwanz. Bevor er den Jungs mit seinem geilen Riesenkolben reihenweise die ƒrsche kaputt fickt, macht er sie mit dem brennenden Teil zwischen seinen Lippen erstmal so richtig l‰ufig. Keiner ist ihm dabei so hˆrig wie die schottische Glatzensau Axl. Wenn sich der Master in seiner scharfen Ledermontur die Zigarre anz¸ndet und ver‰chtlich den Rauch ausbl‰st, wird dem Sklaven sofort bewusst, an was f¸r eine Sorte Kerl er geraten ist: knallhart, unerbittlich, dauergeil. Und das qualmende Teil bleibt immer in der Fresse, egal ob er der kleinen Drecksau den Fickpr¸gel in den Hals rammt, sich die geilen verschwitzten Achseln sauber lecken l‰sst, oder dem Sklaven ins Maul rotzt. Der gierige Schotte blickt in die Glut und weifl, dass er aus der Nummer nicht mehr rauskommt, dass er jetzt nur noch Eigentum ist. Er war noch nie so geil.

Cigar leather daddy

‘Prison System 4614’ (German: ‘Haftanlage 4614’)

You guys have to check this out! It’s a documentary film called “Prison System 4614” (German: “Haftanlage 4614”) that is playing in Berlin as part of the International Film Festival in Berlin (Berlinale) that is going on right now! It’s about a private prison where paying guests can get locked up. The description reads in part,

“Even when using the whip these ‘torturers’ never forget to be humane and, in spite of their tough prison warder guise, they are fully aware, in a way that is almost caring, of their responsibility for those in ‘detention.’”

The film is directed by Jan Soldat.

More information about “Prison System 4614” (German: “Haftanlage 4614”), including show times, is available here and here.

ALSO: The director, Jan Soldat, also made a documentary film about Klaus, a man and his desire to live as slave.

Metal would like to thank RH of Mencomix for passing this along.