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The Bet – Chapter 06

By lthr_jock

I wake up. I still don’t know what time it is, but there is a thin light coming into the room so I think it’s early morning. I reflect on yesterday and what Bob put me through and to my surprise I feel tears running down my cheeks. I can’t believe what he put me through. My cock and balls are still strapped up so wave obscenely in front of me, taunting me as though that gear aroused me. Which it didn’t. I wonder what Bob has in store for me today. I try to think of how much time I have left – and I’m not sure. I think it’s Monday, so I should be in work. I wonder what Bob has told them. As I worry about what will happen next, I drift off to sleep again.

I wake up as with a loud crash, Bob drops a sports bag in front of my cage. “Get up, slave, time for a shower and the gym.” As he opens the door, I obediently crawl out and then head into the shower. Although he hasn’t given me a time limit, I know he’ll want me back as soon as possible, so I hurry through it including removing the plug and evacuating my bowels. I look at myself in the mirror, the collar showing up against my shaved head and my cock and balls still restrained and sticking out in front of me.

The steady ache in my balls has dulled – I must be getting used to it. I head back out and, with only a nod from Bob to prompt me, I open the sports bag and take out the neoprene shortie wetsuit.

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Lobo gets restrained then fucked by machines

At Butt Machine Boys, Lobo gets chained up and has his meaty hole explored with fucking machines.

Lobo is a straight stud who is curious about butt toys. He sees the pages of ButtMachineBoys.com and he’s extremely interested in giving it a go. Lobo has a little trouble getting going with the dildo at first. Once tied up, strangely enough he totally screams for more with the machines. Lobo has to keep from cumming with the Fucksall. The Water Snake drills his hole with a large meaty dildo. He blows his amazing wad in no time.

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The Ass Master and CJ

Here is another vintage male BDSM shoot from the men of Butt Machine Boys

Butt Machine Boys

The twisted Ass Master is at it again. He can’t stay away too long because his appetite for hot young studs is insatiable. The helpless victim is sexy slim CJ with a huge cock and a hungry hole. The Ass Master makes him strip naked and warms his cock and hole with toys. For his freedom, CJ has to get fucked by a series of machines. He starts with the Scorpion in the standing position. He bends over and gets it doggy style with the Predator. The Ass Master has CJ on his back and fills all of his orifices with dildos via the Snake machine. As the Snake pounds on his juicy hole, CJ shoots his load all over the place.

Butt Machine BoysButt Machine Boys

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Tyler Saint male bondage

Sebastian and the Ass Master

This is a vintage shoot from the men of Butt Machine Boys

9 15 Sebastian Keys Butt Machine Boys

Handsome boy next door Sebastian Keys wakes up in the Ass Master’s dungeon. Sebastian refuses the voice’s initial requests but eventually gives in to his sick little game. Sebastian inserts rubber and metal toys up his tight ass. The machines are dragged out and he straddles the Crystal Palace at full speed. The large dildo attachment is pumping his hole like a smoking piston. The loud banging Hammer machine relentlessly fucks his wet ass. It literally milks his cum load from his unwilling cock.

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fiucked up the ass at Butt Machine Boys

Lucky Cup – Chapter 5

By GratDelay

male bondage fictionAaron

I was startled out of my sleep or stupor when I stopped rotating. It had been hard to tell when I was awake or asleep for much of the night, but I remember several moments of panic where I had to remember where I was and why I couldn’t move. A moment later, I felt my center of gravity shift as I moved into a more upright position. Then I was able to straighten my legs so I was in a standing position.

The shell peeled back from my head. The room was pretty dim, but I still had to squeeze my eyes shut until they adjusted. Even more glorious than being able to see was being able to open my mouth.

I looked around. Toben wasn’t there. That bastard! What if something bad had happened while I was stuck?

Next my hands were freed back to the wrists. Not that it did me any good, since my arms were still held rigidly out in front of me. No sooner than I thought that did the shell turn flexible again, like it had the night before: from the top down. Lastly I could move my feet; I noticed the circular base was no longer in evidence. All the tendrils that had been supporting me and rotating me had disappeared as well.

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By boyryan54

boyryan54I am sick. I feel pretty crummy, but my Dom seems pretty happy about it for some reason.

It started a few days ago with a sore throat and a cough. Seemed innocent. My Dom kept asking how i was feeling, with a sadistic glint in his eye. I knew he was a sadist, but this seemed cruel to get pleasure from a sick slave. This morning, things took a turn for the worst. I developed a fever and when I coughed, a shiny black tar-like substance was on my tissue. I remember thinking it was spreading over the Kleenex, but that seemed crazy. Must have been the fever playing with my mind. When I mentioned it to my Dom, he said with a chuckle, “That’s impossible, slave! Now let’s tuck you into the cage for the night.” I wanted to plead to go to the doctor, but I knew it would be no use. My Dom knows what’s best for me, after all. With a heavy yawn, I crawled into my cage, and my Dom patted my head and said, “I’m sure you’ll feel better soon.”

The next morning, I woke with a start in my cage. I couldn’t see, my tongue felt weird, and I had a hard time forming words. When I went to go rub the cobwebs out of my eyes, I noticed I couldn’t feel my eyes! My head felt like it was covered with latex. I started to panic, and started grunting and kicking the door of my cage. My Dom finally came down when he heard the noise, and even in my blind state, I could tell from the stomping of his boots that he was mad to be woken up so early! When he entered the room, the energy in the air was thick with anticipation, but it seemed to evaporate the second he got to my cage.

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Sebastian Keys at Butt Machine Boys

Sebastian Keys endures extreme fucking machines at Butt Machine Boys


Sebastian Keys wakes up tied to a bed in a deep dungeon. Before he knows where he is or who put him there, a masked stranger eats his ass and dildo fucks him. Next the annihilator fucks his ass hard as the masked stranger works the controls. Even though he doesn’t know the man who’s taken him, Sebastian doesn’t want to leave and is given a reward fuck by his favorite machine and shoots his load all over it.

Model in this shoot: Sebastian Keys

Title: Sebastian Keys endures extreme fucking machines

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Ride Along as a Prisoner – Part 4

Ride Along as a Prisoner Part 4 – City F Detention Center

By asiancuffs

15 Aug 2017

I sat on the prisoner bench with my hands cuffed and feet shackled to the steel bar. The only thing I can do is to watch though the bar windows of vehicles passing us. In about an hour, the wagon gets off the highway and starts entering F. The city traffic is not that bad as compared to G, and in 10 minutes on the busy road we reach a building with a pair of solid metal gates. I looked out of the window, there is a sign saying “City F Dentention Center.” The wagon is pointed directly at the gate, so that the CCTV can scan and check its license plate. In a minute, the gate opens automatically and the wagon enters the detention center. I heard some mechanical sound and saw the gate closed behind the wagon. The vehicle parked in a designated parking spot and the engine stopped.

Both officers get off from the driver’s compartment, and one went inside the building with some documents in his hand and also a set of transport restraints, the same kind that I am wearing now. The other office opened the rear door of the wagon to allow some fresh air before he stood near the wagon to have a smoke. There were a few persons walking by the wagon, some in uniform and some in plain clothes. Some of them say hello to the officer and have a chit chat. When they walked pass the rear door, most of them looked inside and saw me in handcuffs and shackled to the steel bar sitting there. A shackled prisoner is nothing new to them, so they just have a glance and walk past.

In about 15 minutes, I saw the officer who went inside the building come out of the door. Together with him is another uniformed officer holding one guy in his suit and shirt restrained in the same way like myself. I am not surprised that he is not in prison uniform as we both were just arrested persons and haven’t gone through court procedures, so we are wearing our own clothes. This guy, I call him jailmate, looks like he is not used to restraints, he didn’t know how to lift the connecting chain to reduce the dragging pressure of his ankles. He is walking in small steps in a very uncomfortable way. When he reaches the rear door of the wagon, I have eye contact with him and he immediately lowers his head. My officer friend then signs some papers, and together with the detention officer, they helped jailmate up onto the wagon. After he sat on the bench opposite me, another set of handcuffs were locked onto his shackle chains and the steel bar. The sliding gate was closed and back door was locked, both officers went back to the driver’s seat and we are ready to leave the detention center and head back to G.


To be continued …

Metal would like to thank the author, asiancuffs, for this true story!


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