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Prisoner is chained up and receives electro right to his cock

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Leaking pre-cum for the entire scene, Prisoner #05212013 is bound to the comfy chair in the wetroom with cuffs and chain. Sir Pan spends the scene pushing the Prisoner with harsh electro right to his cock. At times the power is audio activated and the prisoner is ordered to count, his cock throbbing and jumping with every jolt.

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Restrained in the Spider Web

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Sir Pan restrains the Prisoner to the Spider Web and starts to harshly punch, flog and shock the Prisoner, who yells in pain. The Prisoner is then ordered to his knees, where he is hit in his balls quite hard until he fully submits and sucks Sir Pan’s baton. The Prisoner is then allowed to jack-off and cum as a reward for his total submission.

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Prisoner 06232013 is cuffed to an overhead suspension bar

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Sir Pan cuffs Prisoner 06232013 to an overhead suspension bar in the wetroom and proceeds to shock the prisoner’s cock and balls to remind the prisoner of his place. Sir Pan shoves a butt plug up the prisoner’s ass and orders the prisoner to hold it in, when the plug falls to the floor the prisoner is punished for his negligence. After all of the CBT and ass play is over with, Sir Pan is kind enough to wash the prisoner’s ass and cock clean — with high-pressure cold water.

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Surfer boy with a fat cock gets tied up and edged

Meanwhile over at Men On Edge, surfer boy Kip Johnson’s physical exam goes awry when two impostors torment and edge his giant cock at the doctor’s office


Van and Sebastian are up to no good again, looking for hot guys to edge. After holding up a doctor’s office and impersonating the physicians, they wait for the two o’clock appointment Kip Johnson to arrive. Kip walks in for his physical, none the wiser. Kip removes his clothes as the two perverts inspect his body, admiring his muscles and big dick. The impostors lie Kip down on the medical table and restrain him as they start playing with his cock. Kip fights and screams but they cover his mouth and continue their torment, teasing his cock while tickling his entire body. Kip finds himself strapped down in the medical chair with electrodes attached down his legs and feet. His balls are tied tight with medical piping as an electric butt plug is shoved up the stud’s ass. Pulses of electricity surge through his body as his cock is relentlessly edged. After tormenting Kip’s nipples and fucking his hole, the two perverts milk a load out of his giant cock and feed it back into his mouth. They finish him off with some post-orgasmic torment before leaving him bound in his own cum.

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Hot stud Duncan Black endures relentless edging while being bound for his very first time


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Dirk Caber electrifies Bound Jock JR Bronson at IML

The BoundJocks team set up a booth at IML this year and encouraged guys to try out and be videotaped for their online scenes.

gay bondage

Experienced coach Dirk Caber promised to take good care of the volunteers. JR Bronson loves to have his bubble butt played with so he quickly volunteered, but had never experienced an electric butt plug in his tight little butt hole before. They convinced him to try it for the first time in front of the Bound Jocks cameras and the viewing IML audience.

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