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Mouth spreader

Back over at Brutal Tops, Masters Dave and Maurice are using a captive sub in a public toilet:


They use the lucky lad’s mouth as a cocktail shaker. With a mouth spreader cruelly holding the bottom’s jaw wide apart the naked spittoon must kneel on the ground, head back, to accept whatever fluids the tops decide to deposit in his gullet.

Masters Dave and Maurice gob into his mouth for starters. This is soon followed by the tops’ snot and copious amounts of back-of-the-throat sputum. Naturally Dave pisses into his mouth and Maurice follows this up with a monumental sperm chaser. With the gag removed ginger must gargle the heady mixture of the tops’ bodily fluids, which are then topped off with huge strings of gob and snot from the boys and more piss from Mo.

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The expression on this tied-up, duct-taped-gagged guy’s face as he gets fucked is priceless

Isn’t it?


These scenes are from “On guard 4” at Gay War Games:

On_guard_i4-03 On_guard_i4-18 On_guard_i4-21


Jindra is completely in despair. This muscular animal is fucking him for hours now. He is still tied, he can hardly feel his arms anymore from pain. Then the soldier shoots his load directly into the guy’s face — it’s almost a relief.


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On_guard_s4 26