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Tim the Bondage Slave

By Mister-X / Spartan

“I know what we should do.  I’ll put in my large butt plug.  You put me into my leather straitjacket, put my leather pants on, and strap on my leather hood with nose and mouth holes.  Wrap my arms behind my back, connected at the front, so that my tits will stand out.  Unsnap the coverings over my tits, put on my tit clamps, pulling the connecting chain up to attach to the ring at the front of the straitjacket and snap the straitjacket coverings back over my nips.

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The Rules – Part 1

By Miles Pierce

He awoke with a jerk, his head snapping up and filled with the scent of leather and the taste of latex. Confused, he felt himself slung forward, an ache in his shoulders, his muscles stretched and tired. The world around him was total blackness. He realized his arms were suspended and holding up his body, knees slightly buckled. Struggling through consciousness, he found his balance despite his inability to move his legs or arms much, instinctively pulling himself upright, finding footing on a cold stone floor.

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