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Video: Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett in the dungeon

Venezuelan tough guy top Viktor Rom comes into the dungeon wielding Casey Everett like a muscleboy rag doll — bound, gagged and cuffed. Tossing Casey onto a pommel horse, Viktor tenderizes the tantalizing meat with a few spanks, slaps and a gob of spit into the face. Casey’s round perfect ass reddens and responds to the rough treatment, and Viktor gives a love bite nip on the right butt cheek.

Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett

Taking off the gag, Viktor smears his hot juicy mouth across Casey’s, pushes him down to start the enviable task of sucking his big brown uncut meat. Casey nearly gags on the thick prod, but opens his throat, gets used to the hefty girth of the leather-clad muscleman. Dick expanding to its full rock-hard length, Viktor tweaks his nipple then fucks his cock into Casey’s throat.

male bdsm Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett

When handsome Casey bends back over the horse, Viktor dives in to lick and gnaw his tight hair-rimmed hole. He rubs his stubbly beard across Casey’s ass crack to increase the sensation, then wets it with a juicy wad of spit. Or two. Or three. Casey’s hole is quivering and puckering for cock, and Viktor wants to tease it just a bit longer. He sucks the hole into his mouth, then stands to slap his cock around before plowing in.

gay fuck and suck Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett

Casey can barely catch his breath as he’s pounded full of massive Latin cock. Viktor watches every stroke, loves seeing his huge meat squeezing into his bottom boy’s wide-open hole. Casey groans and holds onto the horse for dear life. Speeding up, Viktor stands while Casey backs into the hard fuck and swallows his meat with a slick ravenous ass. Casey turns to kiss his top stud, and they move onto the black leather sling.

Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett male bondage

Bodies crashing in the smooth swing of the sling, Casey and Viktor pound their gonads with a frenzy. Casey holds the chains above his head to keep some equilibrium in the tough thrash of their wild, animal fuck. Viktor uses the sling to bring Casey’s hole crashing into his cock all the way to the bone, and Casey starts stroking his cock faster. Viktor holds his gorgeous bottom’s ribs and plows straight in, but has to pull out as his cock starts pumping out shot after shot of hot sticky cream. Casey eats every drop as his well-fucked hole keeps throbbing with need and satisfaction.

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Title of this shoot: SNIFF: BOUND TO SATISFY

male bdsm Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett


Scenes from ‘Prowl 4’ at Titan

In Prowl 4, take a trip with blond muscle god Trey Rexx into a leatherman fantasy as he jerks his horsecock and conjures up one hot stud after another, beginning with sizzling muscular leatherman Anthony LaFont. After Anthony pins Trey in a wrestling match, he plunges his fat cock deep into Trey’s guts until they both spray the place with spooge. Cute hard-bodied Bobby Williams appears buck naked and chained to a hobby horse and Trey nails his ass good. And in the final scene, piggy Rhet Hengst gets fucked ferociously in a sling by one stud after another, including Marco Paris, Mike Grant, Arpad Miklos (of blessed memory) and Trey; they nearly split him in two, spearing his ass with their big dicks and spraying him with gobs of sticky spunk.

muscle god Trey Rexx into a leatherman fantasy as he jerks his horsecock and conjures up one hot stud after another

See the video here

male leather bdsm

Video: Leather Dogs

Check out Dirk Caber, Jake Morgan and Kristofer Weston in Leather Dogs:

Dirk Caber, Jake Morgan, Kristofer Weston

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Title of the shoot shown here: Leather Dogs

Actors: Dirk Caber, Jake Morgan, Kristofer Weston

Key words: 3-Some, BDSM, Boots, CBT, Jerk-Off, Puppy Play

male bdsm Dirk Caber, Jake Morgan, Kristofer Weston


Video: Victor’s Tickle Torture

Victor, a straight, beefy Latino, is pretty confident to the point of being thuggish, but that doesn’t last long. He’s quickly reminded that he’s not the one in control here! Franco takes off Victor’s size 9 shoe and sock and tickles his meaty sole.

Victor thrashes and swears as he is tickled

Victor thrashes and swears, and when Franco lubes up his foot and uses the soap saver on him, he howls loudly and begs for him to stop. For a second, Victor thinks he’s broken free, but no such luck. Franco continues tickling his foot, punctuating the torture with quick trips north to tickle Victor’s armpits. Franco cuts Victor out of his underwear before exposing his right foot and subjecting it to the same tickle torture as the left. It’s so intense that Victor starts swearing at Franco in Spanish in between his rapid-fire pleas for it to stop. After a very brief moment of rest, Franco moves up to Victor’s armpits to continue the torture. Victor yells like a madman as he’s being tickled in his pits and inner thighs, but he changes his tune when Franco starts playing with his big, uncut cock. Victor goes quiet at first, then moans with pleasure as he shoots his big load. He’s soon howling again, though, because Franco quickly ramps the tickling back up. Victor’s body goes rigid and he slams his eyes shut as he’s on the verge of tears, begging for mercy, but really he knows the deal. If he bails out too soon, Franco is going to fuck his ass. He struggles with the torment, trying to trick Franco into stopping, but nothing works. Franco tickles Victor’s ribs and knees and even the back of his leg and butt before bringing the torture to an end. He’s been such a good prisoner that Franco rubs his shoulders, sore from being pulled back and tensed for so long.

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See the whole thing and much more at Tickled Hard

male tickle torture


Airport security hassle leads to gay bondage sex

This is what happens at Str8Hell. Tomas Fuk is in charge of airport security, and he is interviewing Petr Ujen. Not satisfied with the answers he received, and seizing the opportunity for some hot sex, Tomas soon has Petr stripped naked and gagged and shackled. On his knees, showing off his naked ass, Petr is in for more than he bargained for. Tomas gropes Petr’s cock and balls and spanks his ass some too. Then he pulls out his own cock and shoves it deep into the moaning Petr’s hole. Tomas fucks that hot ass deep and hard, stretching it wide. Then he pulls out and releases Petr from the shackles. He then has Petr suck on that throbbing cock and lick on the big balls too. Tomas then sits on the sofa so that Petr can mount him and slide his hot ass down on that rock hard dick. As he rides that big cock Petr wanks himself until he shoots his hot cum and milks it dry. He dismounts and kneels in from of Tomas to receive the hot cum shooting over his face.

male bondage


See VIDEO of this shoot at Str8Hell

Video: Owned by the Shadow Dom

In the sixth and final clip of Shadow Dom, Larry looks back on his long and painful journey. Upon the Shadow Dom’s command, Larry shoots his load all over creation.

bdsm, chains, rope, masturbation, cum shot

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See the whole thing at BoundMuscleJocks.com

Title of this shoot: Make A Man Of Him, Part 6

Key words: bdsm, chains, rope, masturbation, cum shot

Models in this shoot: Larry Savoy, Joe Giovanni

metalbond gay bondage

Dillon Diaz submits to Arad Winwin

More from Bound Gods. In this shoot, Dillon Diaz is here to serve and takes deep breaths, ready for whatever comes next. This tough pain slut takes bondage, flogging, paddling, spanking, gags, an e-stim cock ring, and a good hard fucking from Arad Winwin.

male bdsm Dillon Diaz submits to Arad Winwin

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Dillon Diaz and Sebastian Keys blindfold him, tie him up and fully suspended in rope bondage