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A trio of Steelwerks wearers

Check these guys out. Christopher from Steelwerks Extreme sent me these images. All THREE of these guys are locked in high-quality, custom-made chastity devices:

Full_4827 Full_4865 Full_4910


As I said before, these are about the best you can get when it comes to chastity. A huge thanks to Christopher for these pictures, and as for the models — HOT!


You can visit the Steelwerks Extreme site by clicking here.

Also check out the Metalbond Q&A with Christopher here.


Man-on-man bondage: Fun with an electro shock dog collar

Check out what happens at Brutal Tops


Army PT instructors Mike and Maurice fancy training Tattoo as a dog, but he is useless. At least with an electro shock dog collar on and a tail dildo rammed in his arse, he looks the part — so now for some training. Just how good is he at fetch? Some painfully stinging electric shocks will improve his behaviour. 

Master Mo then asks doggy if he’s hungry. Big mistake, as Master Mike dumps some dog food into his doggy bowl, which the bottom has to lap up. Master Mo wickedly adds his own ingredient — a bucket load of piss fresh from his cock.

 Doggy spills most of the lovely piss, so no one can argue when Mike beats his dog and calls him a “shit dog.” The pathetic Doggy’s earned himself a face full of his Master’s gob for his pathetic display.

003 010 014 015 016

To see more, visit Brutal Tops

Gagged with an open mouth gag

Brutal Tops:


Master Billy and Master Nick’s biology class is about to get much more interesting. These school bullies grab their teacher and make him take part in a PRACTICAL lesson on bodily fluids. Pushing Mr Wilkinson onto the floor, the bully boys take turns gobbing, snotting and pissing into his mouth, held open by a painful spider-gag, then over his body and face – ordering him to swallow and not to waste a single drop of their precious bodily fluids… Billy rams his dick down the back of student bottom Sam’s throat and face fucks him, choking the poor fucker in the process. The sub’s tight throat has satisfied his Master and Billy pulls out to spurt his jizz into the teacher’s face, a fourth bodily fluid delivered just in time for the end of the lesson.

005 010 017 018

To see more, visit Brutal Tops