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Forced to strip in jail and prison

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Forced to strip in jail and prison

Prisoners are a mixed bunch when it comes to how clean they keep themselves. A few won’t be seen out of their cells without their looking their best, when others are stinking bunch of mean little fuckers. Lads who stink have been known to cause riots! A case in point is this vicious brute – he’s been sent down for something unsavoury but his biggest offence is that committed against everyone’s sense of smell, so feel a little sympathy for the poor screws who have to get this fella to bend over and spread open his odorous arsehole.

Lads who stink have been known to cause riots

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A convict gets chained by Officer Denali at Guys In Lockup

Officer Denali loves to revoke house arrest programs from all of the inmates that he feels would serve much better as a prison inmate. That is the case with criminal trash Sean Harris. After arresting Harris, Officer Denali transports his cuffed and shackled prisoner’s body back to the GIL City Jail and he is perp-walked across the parking lot up to the back door of the jail. Once in the jail, Criminal Inmate Harris starts with his snarky comments. The inmate’s body is checked, searched, stripped and cuffed to the inmate intake counter as his smooth body is cavity searched. Officer Denali only takes so much talking then he likes to shove his duty weapon into the offending mouth and bark off a few orders. Security cameras are everywhere and yes, the girls in dispatch love to watch the inmates as they do their thing to relax and relieve some tension. Officer Denali decided this DILF needed to have his feet shackled to the bunk so he realizes that he is not going anywhere and needs to get busy blowing a nice load. Which he does!

The inmate’s body is checked, searched, stripped and cuffed


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Show us your ripe asshole, convict

The prison gym is the place for the hard men of the prison. They want to keep their muscles impressively large and intimidating, both inside and for when they get back onto civie street. The testosterone-filled weights room is where the prisoners have no choice but to brag and bluster about how tough they are. This muscled prisoner has made the mistake of saying his arse is untouchable within earshot of the officers. He knows that if they want to, any screw in the place could order him to display his arsehole and he’d have no choice. So in the prison gardens they demand a full strip and, owing to other inmate being present, he kicks off…

prison strip search

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Jimmy gets chained in a solitary confinement cell

In this video from Serious Male Bondage, Jimmy couldn’t move at all. He was connected tightly in all four directions using metal shackles, metal waist belt and metal collar. The solitary confinement cell is 5-foot-by-5-foot and has anchor points all over the walls, so they were able to attach and tighten the chains in all four directions.

muscle bondage tattoos

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