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Dave gets finger fucked and spanked

Tied face down to a spanking horse, whimpering pathetically, the muscular young Dave now gets finger fucked as he struggles to free himself, howling through his gag, bucking and struggling in shame and defeat. The masked man then spanks his muscular ass while affectionately fondling and caressing him, making him squirm in discomfort and disgust, defeated, degraded and humiliated.

Metalbond gay bondage

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This of this update: Dave – Part 3

muscle tattoo bondage

Tommy is tied up with a hard cock

Bound and gagged and tied to a bench, a terrified, 23-year-old straight man is at the mercy of a panting, lecherous masked man. He struggles in vain as the man rips and cuts the clothes from his body, revealing a muscular, smooth chest, thick thighs and to his great mortification, a hard cock.

male bondage

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This update is titled “Tommy – Part 1”

male bondage

Tied-up cocksucker

This is my favorite shoot ever featuring Derek da Silva, featured at Daddy’s Bondage Boys. Cullen Cable orally serves Master Derek da Silva — doing what he does best, while tied up! Derek takes full advantage of his captive until he cannot help but explode all over his face.

Title of this shoot: Training Play Part 7

Keywords: rope bondage, piercings, hairy, daddy, face fucking, deepthroat, sucking

With: Derek da Silva, Cullen Cable

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Naked humiliation and bondage for a construction worker

Poor Mike is a 26-year-old, sexy, unemployed construction laborer in desperate need of cash. He kneels and humbly states his need, then gets stripped and gets his cock and balls squeezed and twisted while he flinches in pain. He then gets hogtied as he writhes in pain and humiliation.

forced male nudity

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Title of this shoot: “Mike – Part 1”

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male bondage hogtied