Muslce ginger Scott Ambrose gets tied up at the gym


In this shoot from Men On Edge:

Tyler Rush is working out in the gym when a giant, muscled hunk, Scott Ambrose, catches his eye. With Sebastian on speed dial, Tyler and Sebastian hatch a plan to take down Scott next time he’s at the gym. The two pervs pounce on their victim and bind him to the bench press. His ginger cock stands at attention despite his groans for help. Sucking and stroking, Tyler and Sebastian bring Scott right to the edge of ecstasy before denying him any pleasure. They then fuck his ass with a dildo while worshipping Scott’s sweaty toes. Bound from head to toe, Scott wriggles in his bondage as a fleshjack strokes his hard cock. After a relentless edging, Scott’s finally allowed to shoot his wad before he’s tormented with a severe apple polishing.

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Title of this shoot: Ginger Muscle God Tormented and Edged in Bondage

Models in this shoot: Scott Ambrose, Tyler Rush, Sebastian Keys

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Site: Men On Edge

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Copdar – An Officer from the Suburbs

By Cuffsandcops

With an unexpected day off before winter holiday recess, I found myself looking for a few last minute gifts. There were a few stores I had remembered visiting before the pandemic in the northern suburbs. Since I get my haircut by a barber in that vicinity, I had knowledge of a town police department located a few blocks from barber shop and decided to pass by it on the way to the shops.

I pulled off the highway and passed through a few traffic lights before being stopped at a busy intersection. As I looked to the vehicles entering the intersection to my left, I noticed a blue SUV, that upon closer look, was an unmarked police vehicle. The spotlight on the driver’s side and the reflection off the gold badge were the clues that identified the vehicle as part of a law enforcement fleet. After the light turned green allowing me to proceed, I was about 4 vehicles behind the SUV and we were heading towards the police station near my barbershop. I figured the SUV would pull into the department and I would carry on to the shops.

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An inmate gets his hole flushed out with a power hose

This guy isn’t as thick as most of the other crims in here. Despite his obvious arrogance, he’s managed to control himself and at the same time gained some privileges and genuinely thought he’s too sensible to find himself in this situation where he’s overpowered by the guards, stripped against his will and has this water mistreatment inflicted on him.

Outside he was dealing in drugs, and the authorities have no reason to think he won’t carry on his career inside prison, so they’re keen to jet wash his arsehole and flush out anything he might be carrying. Even if anything stays up there, it’ll be soaked and ruined. And his stashed phone’s not going to be working afterwards either!

male bondage water torture

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10 Days in Detention – Part 34

By socalbd

SoCalBD authorI was feeling content as I walked home on Sunday morning.  It was nice of Matt and Brian to ask me to share in their burgeoning relationship with dinner and some fun last night. They were off to a good start.  I honestly don’t think I did that much to help it along, but I was glad to help in whatever way I did.  I also felt my circle of friends was growing.  I never started this journey with that intent, but it’s been a pleasant surprise to have men around me that care about me.  Shared interests are one thing.  We have that.  Sharing each other’s joys and concerns is something else.  It’s good to understand that part is there with these fine men I’ve gotten to know over the last months.  I’m a lucky guy.

Daniel and I continued to connect during the week as we looked forward to our weekend together.  This would be the first time it was just us.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Daniel kept telling me to trust him and we would have fun as we got to know each other better.

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