Hidden Detention — Part 02

By Desert Pioneer

“Well, what’s missing from this picture?” thinks Jack. Cowboy Cop doesn’t want me around the rest stop. Could be a drug sale or maybe prostitution. Or could be he’s just an asshole. Rather than pulling out onto the highway Jack circles around the rest stop, up through where the truckers park and back down in the car section. “Well one thing that’s missing is a police car,” Jack notes. He’s either not on official business, or most likely not a cop at all.

As he circles around back into the truck parking Jack notices one of the truckers walking towards but not to the men’s room. Jack backs his car into the most remote upper space of the truck parking and turns off the engine. Really tough to see where this guy is headed to, perhaps the wooded area behind the stop.

“OK, this is what fantasy is all about,” Jack figures. Trucker headed to the woods and some dress-up cop protecting the area. Yeah out here in red neck back country; most likely to be a gun club or maybe poker, drinking and cigars. Jack gets out of his car and moves around the edge of the rest area trying to position himself for a deeper look into the woody area behind the men’s room. He stations himself leaning on a tree a bit behind the men’s room and barely makes out a path leading into the woods.

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Male BDSM: Drake Jaden flogs Dirk Caber

Check out this scene from the men of Daddy’s Bondage Boys, featuring Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber:

The brutal flogging continues, as Drake Jaden works over Dirk Caber in the dungeon. The flogger hits until he is laughing maniacally through the pain.

Title of this video: In Hell Part 5

Models in this shoot: Drake Jaden, Dirk Caber

Keywords: Military, Chains, Flogging/Whipping

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Hidden Detention — Part 01

By Desert Pioneer

Thursday 9PM, driving north on SH-99 Jack is getting tired. Looking for something to occupy his mind on this crazy lonesome drive Jack fantasizes about maybe pulling into a rest stop. Not a too busy rest stop, a few cars and a few trucks, on a not so major highway. The trucks are silent and cool, like they are there for a while. The men’s room has a single bulb light over the door and no traffic in or out of the door. Stuff that a fantasy is made of.

Jack’s black roadster pulls into the middle of the stop with a full view of the men’s room door. He waits and thinks about what he might run into in the restroom. Cutting his thoughts against reality he considers that this is interior northern California; not a liberal in your face queer community, but likely full of red necks who are hot in fantasy but pretty dull, and sometimes dangerous, in reality.

“What a shitty fantasy” he thinks. It comes from his angle of keeping fantasy close to his reality which, in Jack’s mind, pulls it more toward possibility. Unfortunately, the reality that serves as his base, ain’t all that. He’s had a few encounters that introduced fetishes.   Yet google “fetish” and get a list hundreds long. So that’s all Jack; on the low side of fetish experience and a big bucket list containing things (1) that he has done, (2) he has fantasized about, and (3) stuff that he hasn’t even thought of yet. Of course, the big one that all bottom’s have; being used by a man, a stranger, for his calling of that man, regardless of any service to the bottom. Fear of strangers stoked Jack from head to toe.

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Skyler gets tied up for a four-handed tickle

Meanwhile at Tickled Hard, Skyler is secured to the tickling table. Franco spends a few moments psyching him out before digging into his armpits. Self-described “dominant” Skyler squeaks out high-pitched laughter and struggles to push Franco away, but he’s not going anywhere. Franco tickles Skyler’s ribs and blows raspberries on his side, causing him to squeal and swear even more. Moving down to Skyler’s furry legs, Franco sends the captive into a state of tickling ecstasy so intense that he can’t even speak. Franco invites Ace to join him in tickling Sklyer’s torso so they can drive him wild with a four-handed tickle. The tickling only stops when Skyler physically can’t breathe. At that point, Franco shifts his focus to Skyler’s ripe size 10-and-a-half feet, tickling them with his fingers and a variety of bristly and nubby tools while Ace pins Skyler’s legs underneath his body. To round out the session, they douse Skyler in lube and tickle his armpits and the backs of his legs, then finally they let him jack off while he looks into the camera. Before unhooking him entirely, Franco tortures Skyler’s sensitive cock and gets in a few final freestyle tickles.

Skyler is secured to the tickling table

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male tickle torture

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