Collared and ordered to wank

Horny Master Leonardo returns to discover his sub completely nude and pathetically wanking on his own. This enrages the top, who orders that the semi-hard runt pull off his Master’s top and licks clean his armpits and body. The excited Master then orders that his trousers are pulled down, and the worm has to lick clean the Master’s sweaty balls. Finally, the top demands that the sub wank and spunk all over Leonardo’s shoes. Then the humiliated worm has to lick clean the sticky jizz.

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Metalbond Review: Pledges & Paddles Volume IV

This print magazine — Pledges & Paddles Volume IV, published by Outbound Press in 2000 — has 64 pages of stories and pictures about frat hazing. All the stories feature male-on-male bondage, and many also have themes of humiliation, homoerotic pranks, and sex. Among the most memorable of the “true” stories is one called “Ex-Marine Pledges a Frat,” which was a prequel to a much longer story called “The Marine and the Sissy.”

In addition to the fantastic collection of stories is a large number of very high-quality photographs, as well as several hot, full-page illustrations by the male erotic artists Cavello, Leo Ravenswood, Sean, and Titus. I am impressed with the quality of this publication, which is one of many specialty issues of Bound & Gagged compiled back in the day by the publisher Bob Wingate.

Bob’s website is here, although he has not updated it in some time.

Pledges & Paddles Volume IV


I will be mailing this magazine, along with two other regular issues of Bound & Gagged, to SpacePupSilver, who is working on assembling a complete set. Are there any other collectors of these magazines out there? If so, who’s got what? I encourage anyone who has these to give them away or trade, rather than sell.

specialty issues of Bound & Gagged