An excerpt from a collection of short stories by ty dehner

SWITCHBACK is a new collection of short stories by ty dehner. Featuring two new stories that have never appeared in print, this group of stories includes men in uniform, friendship and more. Several of these tales have plots where there is a switch in the position of those involved. These gay men explore bondage, power exchange and hot gear!

By ty dehner

The cloudless blue sky filled the horizon as the pine air was broken by the continuous whine of a high-performance Suzuki motorcycle. The rider in red and white one-piece riding leathers was enjoying the twisting road with the skinny pine trees reflecting off the face shield part of his black full-face helmet.

Dan was far from home, needing to escape the pressures of his job for the weekend. After exiting the office building when his shift was over, the banker raced home in his sports car. After parking his Corvette in the garage and climbing out, Dan saw his Suzuki. It was calling him to climb aboard and just get out of town.

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Lukas at BreederFuckers

made to jerk off other men while being wankedLukas can hardly blame the men at BreederFuckers for going wild wanting to use his hairy masculine body with the heady masculine odor he emits. Tied and stripped down to his skivvies, his detainers get turned on by the pheromones that radiate from his manly body.

008 017 018


He’s made to jerk off other men while being wanked, his ass and torso are flogged. Then his tight asshole is fingered and fucked with a vibrator. His naked used body is left on display while he whimpers beneath his ball gag.

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gay bondage

Muscle stud Cliff Jensen gets bound and beaten

Cliff_Jensen_Matthew_Singer_gay_bondage_04 Cliff_Jensen_Matthew_Singer_gay_bondage_05 Cliff_Jensen_Matthew_Singer_gay_bondage_06

This is a vintage shoot from Bound Gods. Click any of the pictures to see this particular video:

Bad ass Cliff Jensen is bound in leather straps while Matthew Singer services his fat cock. Getting flogged by Van, Cliff smirks and throws some attitude. As the beating becomes harder and harder, the bound stud gets an attitude adjustment and yells as he reaches his limits. Cliff gets to work on Matthew as a reward. Matthew endures upside-down suspension, the crop, the zapper, the flogger and a hard suspension fuck.

Cliff_Jensen_Matthew_Singer_gay_bondage_01 Cliff_Jensen_Matthew_Singer_gay_bondage_02 Cliff_Jensen_Matthew_Singer_gay_bondage_03

Models in this shoot: Cliff Jensen, Matthew Singer

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The Slave Daycare – Part 02

By Taurus

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Chapter 12 – The Operative

The daycare had no scheduled visitors today, but Frank and his slaves still dutifully went to work even if everyone else was allowed to stay home. However, where Frank toiled at his computer, the slaves had quite a lot of leisure time to waste.

“Why are you still here?”

Frank knew the answer to his question that the slaves would elect to answer with silence; his slaves were far too hardworking to allow themselves rest.

And so he would tell them to.

“Go to the common area, play and have fun, or else.”

“Or else?”

“Or else I’ll make you wear clothes.”

A gasp.

“That are one size too small.”

Thoroughly terrified by the thought of clothing, the slaves slinked out of sight as fast as they could manage.

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A Serious bondage chair in use at Edge Dungeon

Check out these pictures, from the men of Serious Male Bondage, featuring RootT (from Recon) bound in a bondage chair made by a guy who goes by SelfBondageChair (on FetLife), at the new Edge Dungeon facility in California:

SelfBondageChair RootT

Serious Male Bondage writes:

“Inspired by a lifelong passion for BDSM, the construction of the mini cell block and dungeon started as a private initiative, taking over two years. Many challenges were overcome from finding a suitable and private location to gathering the original construction materials and skills from numerous sources. The goal was realized to build a fully working jail, build to function as such. No shortcuts were taken, resulting in cells that match those of Alcatraz. Now, this truly unique private space is available for anyone to further explore fetish and BDSM desires and make fantasies into realities.”

The bondage chair in the photos was made in Germany by a guy on Fetlife whose profile name is SelfBondageChair.

The captive is a guy on Recon whose profile is RootT.


VIDEO of the above-depicted action at Serious Male Bondage.

Title of this video: Root-T and the New Bondage Chair

tied in a bondage chair

Porn star Trenton Ducati gets what he deserves

Trenton Ducati is going balls-to-the-wall with the 30 Minutes of Torment challenge:


Trenton Ducati steps up to the challenge that 30 Minutes of Torment has to offer. He begins bound in the pit as Van warms him up with some impact play. He pulls on Trenton’s rock hard cock till he’s standing on his toes. As Van breaks out the flogger, Trenton begs for more. Locked in the metal chair, Trenton has electrodes attached down his thighs and an electric band wrapped around his cock. Van kicks it up a notch and attaches clover clamps all across Trenton’s ripped chest as the tormenting electricity surges through his body. A metal plug is then shoved up Trenton’s hole to keep him in place as clothespins are clipped down his sides. One by one, each clothespin is cropped off as Trenton screams in pain. He’s tormented once more with water sprayed to the face before Van milks a load out of Trenton’s cock.

34775_1 34775_2 34775_10

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Three Slaves – Part 04

By Practicerestraint

Number 502 headed towards the open wall of his cell and out into the corridor.

“Stay where you are, 502.  You’ll regret leaving your cell unescorted.”

He whipped around to see who spoke, but there was no one.  As the voice continued, however, he saw the speakers built into the ceiling.  He also noticed the cameras in each corner of the room, attached to the ceiling.

“Open the top drawer and put on the items inside.  Then read the documents on the desk.  Your orientation will begin in about an hour.”

Number 502 debated for a moment, and then turned to the set of drawers along the wall.  Stark naked in a strange building, he doubted that he would make much progress in terms of escape.  Disobedience didn’t seem like a good idea either, although he hadn’t opened the drawer or read the documents yet . . . .

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