Cruising for Sex with Micah Andrews

Micah Andrews turns into a toilet whore for horny men, including Cole Streets, Scratch, John Jammen, Will Jasper, Randy Manroot, Leo Forte, in this video from Bound In Public. The title of this video is “Cruising for Sex with Micah Andrews”

Micah Andrews has the fantasy of being a bathroom whore, so Cole Streets takes him to a local cruising spot to live it out. He gets stripped right away and they eat the captive’s round ass. Cole feeds him his cock as the prisoner crawls around giving out handjobs and getting pissed on by complete strangers. Micah gets gang fucked in the stall. They pull him out and flog him so that his ass is nice and red for the next fucking. When everyone is finished using the stud, they make him ride a cock until he shoots his load then cover him in piss and cum.

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Hired Help

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 videosSanchez pulled up in front of the Old McGriffith Farm, a dust cloud stirring up from the wheels of his F-250 as it bumped to a halt. Sanchez adjusted his tie and put on his big white hat and stepped out of the cab.

A big Chevy pulled up next to Sanchez. It was supposed to be blue, but the color had long been obscured by layers of dust. A lean muscular cowboy jumped down from the cab.

“Hey Mike,” Sanchez nodded. He and Mike had been buddies for years and worked several jobs together.

“So this is the place, huh?” Mike drawled. “Good chunk of land, no wonder they need help. Generous deal too.”

Sanchez nodded, pulling the ad out of his pocket. “And it’s a two-year contract. Gotta appreciate that job security.”

It was true enough. $60,000/ year salary plus earned bonuses. Healthcare, retirement plan, room and board supplied, and meals too. It was too good a deal to pass up, even if the farm was out in the middle of nowhere…

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Third letter from an inmate

Update: I received yet another letter from my acquaintance, this one apparently written when he was actually INSIDE his jail cell! See below.



Well, here I am. I have decided that orange may actually be my color. I am out of the habit of wearing baggy clothes.

There is not much to say. What you notice is what you take for granted. There are no visible clocks, so the passing of time is a blur. There is a nearby clock tower for the county courthouse that chimes through the day, but the sounds are muffled. And while I can hear some of the time, you never know if your counting of the ‘bongs’ is right or not. I feel my senses are a bit dulled.

The starkest, boldest and most damning of going to the jail is the transformation. You lose your freedom of course, but what you wear, what you do and when you do it. The most striking though was the transformation of the world color. The courtroom is painted in warm hues of a mix of peach skin and gentle terra-cotta. It is well lit with thoughtful lighting and bright. The floor is carpeted and the furniture, while designed to be functional, is comfortable. I did talk back at the judge a bit, and that was not appreciated. I soon learned the message.

The coldness of it all occurs when you leave the courtroom. You leave the courtroom and enter the ‘public’ area of the Jail. The warm tones are left behind and you transition into a blend of law-enforcement shades of green and green-grey. The carpet becomes well-aged linoleum, being clean and well swept. The lighting moves to standard fluorescent lighting. Then finally you go through the heavy double steel door into the Jail itself, the floor is now bare concrete, the colors are all very dark, unyielding blue tinged custodial grey. What few lights bulbs that exist are hidden behind very hard plastic fixtures, and likely at most are 50-watt bulbs. The place is dim. The lighting is not strong enough to even see what you are reading.

There have been long periods of quiet tedium. And waiting. And waiting some more. Waiting for something, a something that seems never to come.

I will keep you posted.

Code Yellow Containment

Metalbond Rank CodeYellowContainment-043-R010-A CodeYellowContainment-045-R010-A CodeYellowContainment-051-R010-A

The photos above document initial experiments with a rigid fiberglass case and a dual-hose gas mask. In this configuration, one of the hoses is used to supply inhale air to the captive in the case, and the other is for exhausting the exhale air. Both hoses are connected to a dual-chamber bubbler bottle via copper fittings mounted into the side of the case. As a result, the inhale and exhale air must pass through its own chamber of liquid creating resistance to the flow so the captive must exert more effort to maintain normal inhale and exhale volumes. As the air passes through the liquid it also creates a unique sound, which allows us to monitor the depth and rate of the captive’s breathing. As Rank demonstrates, the fiberglass case and its associated apparatus provide him with a novel and efficient means of transporting and storage of unruly captives. A video of this scene is available on titled ‘Code Yellow – Containment’ which highlights Rank’s effort to contain the spread of vanilla sexual preferences around the planet by his contaminated prisoner in the yellow suit.

NOTE – this information is for entertainment purposes only. This type of confinement play and breath control is extremely dangerous and possibly fatal. Do so at your own risk.


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Mitch Vaughn gets edged and tortured at the gym

Ripped muscle god Mitch Vaughn is taking a piss at the gym when he catches the ever-pervy Sebastian creeping on him. Mitch brushes it off and goes back to hitting the weights. Before he knows what’s happening he finds himself bound to the bench press with his legs high and his ass exposed.


Sebastian licks the pink hole between Mitch’s plump ass cheeks and gets his cock hard. Mitch keeps saying he doesn’t like it, but he nearly cums anyway. With a dildo firmly inside Mitch’s ass, Sebastian tickles the hell out of him. Every twist and turn makes Mitch fuck his own ass. In rope from head to toe, Mitch is tied to 100lb. weights as he’s violated by the Fucksall. Sebastian’s next toy is the e-stim dildo. Mitch nearly cums from the electro right on his prostate but Sebastian walks away. Mitch begs and begs for him to return and finally launches a huge load all over his muscular chest

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The Jacket – Part 6

By Rubrpig

The relationship between Sir and I began to fall into a pattern which seemed to please Sir. He had access to me whenever he wanted and he knew that I was consistent in obeying all of my standing orders. My body was more muscular and harder since He had me change my gym to a gym that was primarily for bodybuilding. A workout buddy of his was a trainer and Sir arranged for me to be trained by him. Sir had set goals for my development and he wanted me very well defined and well muscled. He was careful to tell his buddy that I was not to be worked out to the point of being a bodybuilder. So Sir was pleased with my development. I had always found it easy to build muscle mass from my days training for the college football team I had starred on.

My personal image had also changed. As Sir had ordered me to grow a beard, I had stopped shaving and my beard had come in thick and dark like my hair. Sir finally told me to make an appointment to get my beard trimmed and shaped. I had to admit it was getting scruffy looking so I asked around and found a local barber that specializes in beards and men’s haircuts. I had always gone to a traditional barber shop as I had never felt comfortable in a hair salon, even one for men. Sir had told me to report to the store once I had finished at the barbers so he could ensure that he was happy with the results. I also asked for permission to have my hair clipped into a military high and tight and Sir smiled and agreed.

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Shackled to a wooden post

Adam Potora is shackled to the wooden post, and blindfolded, wearing only some see thru underwear. His tormentor appears and starts to whip Adam, who moans as the whip lands on his body. Then more moaning as his nipples are pulled too. His punishment continues as his underwear is pulled down and the whipping continues. The tormentor hits at Adam’s cock too, making him flinch and try to avoid the hand that slaps his balls and pulls on his nipples. Clothes pins are applied to Adam’s balls with intermittment slapping of his thighs. Then pins are attached to the cock as well. Adam is turned, and his ass starts to get the attention it deserves, as the hands spank it and the whip lands as well. The hands pull Adam’s ass cheeks apart, to show off his hole. Then that hot ass gets spanked some more. Released from the wooden beam, Adam is placed on the floor and whipped again, moaning all the while. He is made to grab his ankles, showing off his hot ass, which has lube applied. A finger is shoved deep into that ass, opening the hole very well. Then Adam is made to stand and wank his big cock, getting it very hard. As he wanks he shoots his hot cum over the floor, which brings his punishment to an end. He is shackled and left there, maybe for more to come.

Title of this shoot: Adam Potopa – Spanking

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