10 Days in Detention – Part 23

By socalbd

From the end of Part 22:

We had finished eating and were continuing to talk when he looked across at me and slightly grinned, saying, “It’s a hot afternoon, don’t you think? Take the tank top off. I want to see you shirtless with that collar more readily visible.” I did as he asked and was slightly embarrassed and he knew it. We continued talking for a few more minutes with me thinking everyone was looking at me. I’m sure that wasn’t true as there were other guys shirtless outside, also, but it felt like it. I was the only guy wearing a locked on collar, after all.

In the car I was cuffed again, shirtless and barefoot still. Dan drove us back to my place and once inside he had me kneel in front of him while he sat on the sofa.

“Let’s talk about the weekend I want you to spend with me. But we can do that after a little more play, yes?”

Part 23

“Yes, Daniel,” I responded. I enjoyed being on my knees in front of him. He looked so hot sitting on the sofa smiling down and across at me.

Daniel leaned forward and lightly kissed me on the lips. When he pulled back he took his fingers and started to lightly massage my nipples which immediately had me moaning, eyes closed, head starting to tilt back and a raging boner in my jeans leaking pre-cum. His fingers were so gentle and my nipples were so hard wired my breathing changed and I started to slowly pant.

“Easy boy,” Daniel said to me as he continued to massage the tips of the nipples and he saw the changes that were happening to me.

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Video: Nick Moretti wails on Luke Riley

Scroll below for a free video clip! In this shoot available from DaddysBondageBoys.com, Nick Moretti uses two matched Nerf bats to great effect on Luke Riley’s vulnerable form — tied to a huge sawhorse. Luke thought that those soft Nerf bats wouldn’t do nothing, but quickly it turns into a painful ordeal that leaves Luke wailing!

Nick Moretti wails on Luke Riley

Here is a video preview:


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Models in this shoot: Nick Moretti, Luke Riley

Keywords: leather, BDSM, bondage, domination, ball gag, punishment

Title of this shoot: Power Play Part 1

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The Last Time (a Rubber and Chastity Story)

By boyryan54

boyryan54Today is the day. Master has been talking about this next step since the beginning. But it kept thinking it would never progress this far. How naive it was!!

It finds itself kneeling in the middle of the playroom. The rubber gleaming from the two spotlights in the ceiling, making sure the camera has a clear shot of the kneeling gimp. It is sealed in a full-face entry suit, complete with gloves and feet, and a rubber hood with open eyes and mouth locked on. Its heart was pounding and racing since the Master unlocked the clear chastity device while the slave was unrestrained. This was the only clue it had received that this ordinary Thursday night would be a night it would always remember. For the first time in a year, it was unrestrained and unlocked. It looked down at its hard dick, twitching in rhythm with its pounding heartbeat.

Two feet ahead of it, a new custom metal chastity belt, bottle of lube, and a script written out by the Master lay in clear view. Gimp takes a quick glance over both, and then hears its Masters voice, “Gimp! Look up at Me!”

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