My Pal Jock and the Rainy Night – Part 01

By Hunter Perez

I looked out of my apartment window at the thunderstorm soaking the neighborhood. It was a Saturday night and, for once, I was glad that I had no plans to go out. The weather forecast called for downpours into the following afternoon, so the warm comfort of my little one-bedroom sanctuary was more than satisfying.

I heated a frozen pizza, open a bottle of soda, plopped myself on my couch, switched on the TV and found an obscure cable channel that was running an endless series of old-time cartoons. Even though I saw those zany films a hundred million times, I could still laugh at Yosemite Sam getting a cannonball blasted into his face or Sylvester the Cat ingesting a dynamite stick.

Somewhere in the animation mayhem, I fell into a sound sleep. It was a beautiful slumber, until my peace was ended with a pounding on my front door that shook me awake. I glanced at my clock and found it was shortly after midnight. Confused and groggy, I stumbled from the couch to the door. I inquired about the source of the pounding and a loud voice beyond the door declared it was my pal Jock.

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Gay bondage: Extreme Deep Throat Fucking

At Brutal Tops, cage fighter Jon has a bout scheduled for later in the week and is training on the punch bag with Master Mo. A college dude has turned up after cruising outside a cinema earlier that day, looking for men’s cocks to suck on:


His luck was in, and Master Mo invited him to visit. Now here he is looking at not one but TWO hard tops whom he hopes will work him over. Mo takes the belt and wraps it tightly around fag’s throat, making his head go beet red. He must then use his teeth to pull down Master Jon’s shorts. Maurice then pulls his mouth open while Jon fucks his throat, causing college dude to choke and gag painfully, but the tops continue regardless.

The cocksucker’s throat is pummeled so much that he PUKES!

MetalbondNYC_dot_com_BRUTALTOPS_02 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_BRUTALTOPS_03 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_BRUTALTOPS_04 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_BRUTALTOPS_05 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_BRUTALTOPS_06 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_BRUTALTOPS_07 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_BRUTALTOPS_08

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Inescapable bondage gear: Vector heavy padded bondage sleeves

Available from Mr S, these Vector Heavy Padded Bondage Sleeves offer an inescapable bondage experience that allows you to create an arms-crossed, straitjacket-style scene — or an arms-down, sleepsack-like scene! Both positions offer more body access and temperature control.

Inescapable bondage gear


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15 – Part 02

By slavebladeboi

I stood for a couple of minutes trying to hear what was going on as nothing else seemed to be happening, but he soon returned. He led me out of the room with his hand grasping my neck. I knew more or less how to get to the dungeon play space even though I couldn’t see but this was just one more bit of authority he held over me.

I heard the locks snap shut on the wrist restraints as he fixed them to the bar. It must have been the bar he was setting in place that took those first few minutes and he’d adjusted it to a height that meant I was reasonably stretched if my feet were flat on the floor but needed to be on tip toe to relax my arms slightly. When he kicked my ankles apart, so he could link them to the chains at ground level, I found tip toe was my only option.

Then silence.

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Porn star Dolf Dietrich surrenders his 8-inch cock for edging

Dolf Dietrich got tied up at KinkMen!

In this shoot, Dolf has a bondage session with Men on Edge. Sebastian and Jessie get to quick work on the stud, fitting his chisled body with ropes on a pool table.

Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_01 Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_02 Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_03

All the rope over his muscles has Dolf’s throbbing dick ready to launch out of his boxers. Dolf loves having his nipples played with, so Sebastian teases and torments them with a hitachi while Jessie sucks him off. They suspend the stud above the ground and fuck his ass with a dildo. Dolf is just too eager to cum — grunting, begging and then shouting for orgasm as he swings in the air. They take Dolf back to the billiards room and strap him down to the pool table for repeated edges with the fleshjack and vibrating sheath. As the day comes to end, they finally let Dolf’s cock explode and douse his abs in hot cum. Dolf gets a generous taste of his own seed before Jessie concludes the day with a rough apple polishing.

Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_04 Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_05

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Hard dick bondage: Adam Ramzi gets tied up and edged in the gay sauna

At Men On Edge, Hairy hunk Adam Ramzi is relaxing in the sauna as Sebastian comes barging in, exhausted from the heat.

He tries to be friendly with Adam, but all he gets is the cold shoulder. When Sebastian falls asleep, he fantasizes having Adam bound tightly with rope for his amusement.

35709_2 35709_3 35709_4

As Adam’s uncut cock bulges from his underwear, Sebastian tears away his clothes and swallows every inch of his cock. Tit suckers are placed on Adam’s nipples as Sebastian drives his cockhead wild with the vibrating hitachi. Over in the showers, Adam is edged some more with the fleshjack before Sebastian turns him around to eat his hole. Finally, Adam is turned around, with Sebastian sucking on his nipple as he milks all the cum out of Adam’s uncut cock.

35709_5 35709_6 35709_7

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Male bondage: Sebastian Keys gets the edging of his life

My Most Intense Men On Edge Session – By Sebastian Keys


Sebastian Keys writes,

“Van started me off bound good and tight to the pillar as my edging session began. I could feel his tongue through my underwear, teasing my cockhead as I begged for him to pull it out and suck on it. A hood was then put over my face. The sensory deprivation heightened every little touch, making my cock ache for attention. When he finally removed my underwear and began sucking on my cock, I could barely take it, the sensation was so strong all I wanted to do was blow my load. Van then tied my cock and balls up and attached it down to my toes, every time I flinched I could feel the tug of the rope on my aching balls. After sucking on my nipple while edging my cock, I was making so much noise that Van put a ball gag in my mouth to muffle my moans. At that point my cock was so sensitive it was almost painful how badly I wanted to cum, but Van persisted, stroking my cock before I finally shot my load clear across the room. As Van removed my hood, I was blinded by the light, still enthralled with the intense orgasm I just had, probably the most intense one of my life. But before I was untied, my extremely sensitive cock endured post-orgasmic torment to which I’ve never felt before. Thank you Van for this wonderful experience.”

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