ElectroPebble by E-Stim Systems

Available from E-Stim Systems, the ElectroPebble is the new Dual Channel 9 Program mode powerbox that includes audio, and is also available in two stunning Bonus packs — the XPE Pack with an ElectroPebble, Conductive Rubber Loops and a medium Electro Egg; and the XPF Pack, which combines the ElectroPebble with Conductive Rubber Loops and a Flange Electrode.

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Married Diver Bound

By mmmpppfffhhh

Author note: I was inspired to write this story when my (late) friend Maurice (Jim Stewart) of Fetters told me about a straight married couple who liked tying up Malcolm in dive gear. I modified it so the gender of the narrator is unstated; you can imagine whomever you want!

[WARNING: This is a work of fiction; do not attempt to copy or re-enact the fictional activities described]

All through the day he knows he’s facing a whole weekend being kept helplessly tied up, the whole time dressed in thick smelly rubber from head to foot. And he knows that as soon as he comes in, it will start.

It’s the same every time, but no matter how often we do it, until he’s actually all kitted up and secured in bondage, we’re both pretty nervous. But all the “getting ready” is very sexy too. It’s got a lot to do with seeing a big fit confident man like him progressively turned into a submissive heavily-controlled rubber prisoner.

So on Friday afternoon, as he pulls up in his work van, he waves to me, comes in, puts down his tools and goes straight up. He knows he has no choice, even though what’s going to happen to him is what we both want.

He strips in front of me, glancing nervously sideways at me and the pile of rubber dive gear on the floor, which he knows he’s going to be put into. He’s blushing furiously. He stands naked in front of me, looking down at the floor with his hands behind his back. He’s very aroused, and if it wasn’t for the chastity device I keep him in, he would have a rock-hard erection. As it is, his locked cock is sticking out stiffly like a bulging doorknob. I can almost hear his pulse pounding.

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Heavy-duty male BDSM gear: Asylum Hood

Heavy-duty male BDSM gear

Available from Mr S, the Asylum Hood features a detachable mouth and chin covering as well as a detachable padded blindfold. Both these leather coverings are bucked to the sides and top of the hood when you want to isolate your captive completely. When not using these two covers, you have open eyes and an open mouth and chin for easy breathing or sucking your favorite cock. Nose holes are part of the main body of the hood, however, the lower mouth and chin cover is made without any nose holes and when buckled on, covers the nose holes on the hood itself. When the blindfold is also strapped on his breathing will be labored as air will come from around the edges of the two covers. He can still breathe, but it becomes a very intense scene. This hood laces up the back and does not include a locking collar — although you could add a padlock to male it even more secure, if you wish.

male leather gimp

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An athlete is tied up and gets his hole invaded

A masked man assaults a captive jogger’s tight, virgin asshole. He uses his finger first to lube and loosen it as the young man squirms and grunts, trying to cope with the invasion. Then the man uses a large dildo, slowly working it into his tight butt. The young athlete struggles and moans, his legs trembling, his toes wiggle, he whimpers pitifully through his gag as he tries to escape the invading rubber dick.

male bdsm butt play

See the VIDEO at Straight Men In Trouble

This of this update: Jogger in Trouble – Part 4

male bdsm

One Year – Part 07

By Taurus

Part 7 – “Checkup”

Day 30, as Russell said, was James’ checkup, the first of many to come in 30-day intervals.

To James’ surprise and joy, it was Russell who stepped into his cell when he awoke. Before carrying on with the regular proceedings, they exchanged smiles.

Once James was cleaned up, he expected the fist mitts to come back on, but they did not. Instead, he was fed a shot glass of water and a small pill before a bed on wheels with side rails was wheeled to the cell door. It was able to tilt up slightly at the halfway point to turn into a recliner. At the moment, however, it was flat like a normal bed.

From a pouch, Russell produced the blindfold and ball gag he was all too familiar with, and James meekly accepted them. He was laid out more or less in a neutral, face up position, with each limb tightly bound to the side rails using institutional restraints. For added pain and immobilisation, each of his nipples had a strangely heavy clamp applied to it, and a rather tautly pulled chain connected it to the corresponding side rail.

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Eckie: A great site for male bondage stories and better than ever

For those of you who enjoy really good bondage stories, don’t forget to visit the long-running and very popular page run by Eckie of The Netherlands:

Eckie gay bondage stories

Eckie is one of my heroes. He’s the kind of guy who can look at a picture or a short video clip of a captive in some sort of unusual predicament, and then write a lengthy story based on it. Eckie also posts stories from his many contributors. He has been at this for more than 25 years now!

Earlier this year Eckie experienced some technical difficulties and he took his page down for a while, but due to very high demand he has since resumed — at the revised location of https://eckie.com/simple/ — with a slightly different format. You have to sign up to access the content, but doing so is free — and well worth it!

I check Eckie’s site just about every day. Some of the recent stories on his site that I have particularly enjoyed include:

“The Gag Lover” by Mmmpppfffhhh

“Hypnotised Biker” and “The Dummy From the Spa” by Dream Nephilim

“Hooded Forced March” and “Skinhead and Legionnaires” by Creuss

Plus there are also many, many excellent stories by Eckie himself, some of the more recent of which include:

“The Gibbet Cage”

“Hogtie Challenge at a Cost”

“Living in a Box”

… and many more!

Visit Eckie’s site — you will be glad you did!

gay bondage stories Eckie

gay male bondage