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Raunchy male leather sex

Check out these images from “Prowl 3”at Titan. In Prowl 3, an amazing bunch leather studs go at each other nonstop in a massive gang bang at a local sex club. Lean and tattooed Brad McGuire fucks Diego Alvarez’s well-greased muscular ass while tall, lean fuck machine Michael Brandon slams Carlos Morales’s beefy butt. All around them, more handsome, hairy muscular studs bang away at each other in slings, suck hungrily on each other’s fat cocks and tongue some mighty tasty holes through glory holes and toilet seats, finishing up with an explosive finale between hot and hairy studs Colton Ford and Blake Harper.

an amazing bunch leather studs go at each other nonstop in a massive gang bang at a local sex club

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And Then It Woke Up

By GratDelay

Ken Keavey dropped his keys on the table and his duffle on the floor. He was tired but he felt great. He was back from his friend Dmitri’s house and one of the most intense bondage scenes he’d ever experienced. He felt like he had plumbed new depths of subspace. Even now, thinking back on it brought his hand to his crotch. The total immobilization in The Chair, the sensory deprivation and overload, the control of all his most sensitive areas… he was practically ready to do it all again.

But after such an intense experience, what he really wanted to do was to chill. He decided he’d clean off his gear and put it away later and headed into his living room to watch some |||

With a satisfied sigh, Keavey folded up his polishing cloth and set it down. His catsuit was hanging in the shower with a mirror-like shine. All the rest of his gear was cleaned up and properly stowed. After a job well done, he felt ready to chill. He decided to grab a snack before checking out the porn on his Twitter |||

Keavey nudged the last bit of cereal down the drain, turned off the disposal and shut off the tap. Another job well done. He looked into his pantry for something to snack on, but stuff seems to be missing. What happened to his Wheaty Snax or that half-finished bag of cookies from Merchant Pete’s? He felt simultaneous pangs of hunger and dissatisfaction with himself, like he did every night. He’d been meaning to make changes to his diet for some time now, since he’d put on some unwanted pounds; but every night the craving for something sugary caused him to put off his self-discipline for another day.

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