Tickle torture video: Diesel In Stocks

Meanwhile at Tickled Hard, Diesel immediately erupts in crazy laughter as Franco begins tickling his size 11 feet. Franco tickles Diesel between his toes, first with his spit-moistened finger, then with lots of lube. Diesel thrashes around so much, it looks like he might break the table! But it’s not just Diesel’s feet that are super-ticklish. He squeals and bounces around madly when Franco moves up to his armpits and tickles his bellybutton. Franco tickles Diesel’s knees and thighs before returning to his big, pretty feet. Franco tickles him roughly with his fingers, then the rubber soap saver and sonic toothbrush. It all leaves Diesel breathless and dripping with sweat. To reward him, Franco releases one of Diesel’s hands so they can jack off together. Franco shoots his big load first, and Diesel follows shortly after. Then, for good measure, Franco re-cuffs him and goes in for one last tickle of his feet.

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severe tickle torture

Raptor – Chapter 5

By Bikermike

Alex was left to recover for an hour or so; resting his bruised and cut body lying on his front on his makeshift bed, made out of wooden pallettes. He was milked once again; this time his captors needed to attach toothed clamps to his nipples in order for him to gain an erection so soon after his ordeal.

His life settled down once again into its routine: food then milked first thing in the morning (often fucked in the process), working the generator, milked again, food, generator, milked; every other day made to do various physical exercises and so on.

Even though he was beaten on occasions when he had not produced enough sperm, he was quite enjoying his life as a slave. Thoughts sometimes came into his mind as to what was going to happen to him when his ejaculate was no longer able to produce testosterone B? Would he be released? Did he want to be released at all? He needed to get answers from his captors but he was forbidden to initiate any conversation with them on pain of severe punishment.

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Raptor – Chapter 4

By Bikermike

Hour after hour Alex turned the generator handle in total darkness; sensorily deprived except for jolts of electricity surging through his balls, some tickling and some agonising depending upon the voltage being produced. Throughout this torment he was aware that his cock for the most part remained rock hard. The more he thought about his situation the more it appealed: his was now a life of abject sex slavery, having to satisfy three brutal masters as and when they desired.

He even found the prospect of being severely beaten this evening exciting, as were the not-so-tickling belts of current that his genitals were suffering every few minutes. How much more physical abuse could his body and mind take? His sexual appetite seemed insatiable.

The more he thought, the slower he turned the generator handle until Zapppp! He grunted as the electricity fried his balls. More electricity…more zapps…more…He roared as he orgasmed once again, followed by a very short period of euphoria until he sensed his cock hardening once again.

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