Tier Four – Part 3

By BoundLongAndHard

BoundLongAndHard speedosSeth did as he was told. He liked doing what he was told, even though his cock didn’t seem to need any help getting or staying hard. The ED cocktail was chalky with a faint taste of cherry. Seth wondered how long it would take before he felt anything. He didn’t have to wait long. Before the 3 minutes were up, he felt as though his cock was being forced to get even harder. He had never felt anything like this. He had lost all control over his cock. He liked having no control. He proceeded to B-3 and had to walk outside in the hall from B-2 to get there. His clothes had already been put in locker. Creighton told him he wouldn’t seem them again until the assignment was over. Thus, he had to walk through the hall from B-2 to B-3 nude and extra hard. Seth actually looked forward to this.

He entered the now familiar pressurized room and closed the pressure-sealed door. As soon as the seal engaged, audio instructions began. The disembodied voice told him to put the helmet on and be sure it fit snuggly and properly. Seth complied. He knew the drill. It announced that depressurization had already begun and would be concluded in 6 minutes. Same old, same old. It then announced he should move into the laser chamber. He would be asked to assume two positions, including the same position he had just shown Creighton and do so on the circular platform that had not been in the chamber during his prior visit. Also he wondered how the announcement – which must have been prerecorded – could have accounted for the pose he had assumed just 10 minutes ago. Nevertheless, he of course complied.

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Felix hangs on the cross for hours before getting chained like a dog

crucified in gay bondage

At Dream Boy Bondage, crucified Felix Maze gets weaker by the hour. “Help me!” he begs, hanging from the wood, but no one is listening. He is alone, naked and suffering, gradually slipping into shock. Finally, he hangs limp, his lean body glistening with sweat. Hours later, washed and hydrated, he awakens in the same dungeon. He is naked and chained like a dog, with a huge steel collar around his neck. The same three cameras blink at him silently. “Is this what you want, you perverts?” Felix bellows angrily at the camera closest to him, playing with his cock. “Do you want to see me cum?” he asks, getting hard. The prisoner has a huge, gorgeous cock. It throbs with potency. Then it erupts! “Does this make you happy?” Felix asks, staring right at the camera, his thigh covered with jizz, a flash of anger in his beautiful, blue eyes.

Dream Boy Bondage

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Title of this shoot: Felix Maze – Anonymous Lust – Part 4

chained prisoner

male bdsm

The strip search procedure

strip searched in prison

The sadistic guard takes real delight in cruelly mocking this defenseless naked prisoner. The tough young criminal does his best to comply and obediently strips his clothes and pulls open his stinking arsehole. His cock and balls shamefully bounce around as he exposes himself, but he unclenches his hole as the embarrassing onslaught of scrutiny hits him. It’s sexual embarrassment and physical discipline like this that allows the guards to maintain their absolute authority in a prison filled with rebellious thugs!

bend over and spraed em

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looking into his butt cheeks

Deranged doctor and a male nurse mistreat Blaze Austin

At Men On Edge, Blaze Austin is nervous for his appointment, but Doctor Sebastian Keys and Male Nurse Chance Summerlin know how to treat patients. They mummify him in plastic, pump his cock, stretch his ass, and edge him.

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Blaze Austin gay bondage

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