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Bradley gets roped to a wall and stripped

Yesterday, Bradley was a typical college jock. Today, he is the victim of his own stupidity and good looks. Jared has entrapped Bradley by playing on his weakness for gambling, getting him indebted to some very shady men and then offering to cover the debt if Bradley offers his body to be used however the young sadist likes. Bradley has no choice but to agree and is now hooded, stripped to his underwear and roped to a wall. Jared rips open the prisoner’s shirt, revealing a smooth swimmer’s body, then reaches into his jock, pulling out a huge cock. A few strokes and the captive is rock hard, ready for a long session of torture and abuse, which begins now, with an electric wand and 35 clothespins.

Bradley gets roped to a wall and stripped

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Title of this video:

BRADLEY – Master’s Pet – Chapter 1

See the video at Dream Boy Bondage

Joey – Part 02

For Part 1 click here

By slavebladeboi

Following a mainly sleepless night, and twenty four hours after waking on that bench, it happened that Joey returned to the park, this time on his bike, which he usually used to get him to his part time work, to help with his expenses, as well as for the exercise that helped keep him in shape. There was very little breeze to slow or cool him and he felt the urge to push himself to mitigate the inner feelings he still had. Dappled shade rapidly alternated with brilliant sun, cooling and heating his back in succession as he cycled around the track, always within view of that bench, but never getting close to it.

The bench attracted him with a force he couldn’t explain but at the same time it repelled him, the two opposing forces made him feel disturbed, almost giddy. Since his experience, waking up, remembering his tortures, finding his cock locked without knowing who or when, he was both frustrated and nervous. In truth he was angry, frustrated, frightened and anxious all at the same time. He didn’t know which way to turn mentally. He’d been used. The turmoil that this caused him was fighting the feeling somewhere, deep inside, that it was sexy, hot and just about everything that he’d dreamed about most of the time he was jerking off.

Jerking off, yeah, the thing he could no longer do, and that made him angry.

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Porn star Dirk Caber endures heavy bondage and torture

Check out what happens to Dirk Caber at 30 Minutes of Torment:


The Pit – Dirk Caber starts off his first challenge in the pit, balancing on wooden blocks with his hands bound behind his back. Dirk’s balls are squeezed before Van warms him up with punches to the torso. Clover clamps are then clipped onto his nipples while he’s tormented with the electric zapper, followed by an intense flogging. – The Water Chamber – Chained to the wall, Dirk has clothespins clamped all across his torso and even up and down his rock hard cock. He screams at the top of his lungs as water blasts his tender skin and rips the clothespins off one by one. – The Gimp Room – Bound in a hogtie, Dirk’s meaty ass is beaten with the cane before feeling the gimp’s hard cock rammed up Dirk’s hole. Dirk’s beaten with the flogger while enduring his intense fucking before finally spraying his load all over himself.

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Dirk Caber male bondage

A businessman gets kidnapped into gay bondage slavery

It’s back to business this month and there are a whole slew of sexy city workers in their freshly tailored suits roaming the streets. Adrian spies the firm arse and promising bulge of a new hot corporate fucker and finagles his way into his office. Once he’s in the corridors this straight bastard is easy pickings! Back in their lair, Adrian and Dave revel in peeling off his suit and inhaling the rich scent of this city gent’s manly body.

metalbond gay bondage

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The cops want in

Alex Mecum cop uniform

Lev’s neighbors report him to the cops — saying that he is violating building noise levels and is throwing a party. But when two cops show up and start looking around, they find him alone. Officer Louis recognizes Lev’s mouth from his XXX online videos — and decides to put it to good use. Cohering to the motto “To Protect and Serve,” Officer Mecum joins Officer Leo in on the fun and they both serve Lev with a big penalty!

gay porn cops handcuffs


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Title of this video: The Cops Want In, Part 1

Models in this video: Alex Mecum, Leo Louis, Lev Ivanko

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gay male bondage