A Weekend in Service

By bound2befun

Part 1

My dick is hard in my jockstrap and jeans as I ride the train to see him. What normally seems like a relatively quick trip seems to take forever. I’m incredibly horny having been ordered not to cum for the last five days. So, the restriction coupled with the anticipation of what is to come is making me antsy. I rub my crotch when others aren’t looking but even feeling somewhat guilty for doing so as I know Sir intended me to be denied all pleasure until I see him.

Finally, the train pulls up to Alexandria. Sir had indicated his place was close to the station so I pulled out the walking directions I had written from my pocket, softly brushing my dick one more time before I truly turned over control. I texted Sir to let him know of my imminent arrival and then quickly began the walk.

Arriving at his door, I knocked and waited. Was I really going to do this? I waited a while longer. Should I knock again? Is he just making me wait to amp me up (it’s working!). I am about to knock again when I hear the lock turning so I quickly avert my eyes to the base of the door. The door opens and I hear Sir telling me to come in but can only see the toe of his boot from behind the door. I walk through keeping my eyes down and hear the door close, locking with some type of finality that makes my dick twitch again.

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Serious Male Bondage to start filming at a new playroom in Las Vegas

Mark from Serious Male Bondage sent the information and pictures below about a new facility called “NED” or No Escape Dungeon, designed by NoEscapeSlave in Las Vegas!

No Escape Dungeon in Las Vegas


Mark writes:

“My friend NoEscapeSlave (Recon) is building a new playroom in the basement of his house in Las Vegas. He calls the facility ‘NED’ or No Escape Dungeon, a takeoff on his Recon name.

“The equipment in his new playroom is a combination of gear from his own collection, along with gear from SeriousMaleBondage.com, and some of his anonymous friends. As you can see in the photos, No Escape Dungeon looks like the Mr S store on steroids. Here’s Mark in the bondage chair:

NoEscapeSlave in Las Vegas

Mark continues,

“It’s my opinion that a generation of kinksters who have been collecting gear over the years are now scaling back and consolidating. This is certainly not the case with NED. The result is a combined assortment of gear which spans a wide range of kinks, including e-stim, leather bondage, heavy rubber, cages, isolation boxes, bondage chairs, hundreds of hoods and handcuffs, etc.

“This new Vegas playroom is still under construction, but in the future, SeriousMaleBondage.com will be shooting at NED instead of shooting at the old ‘SeriousBondage Institute’ location in San Francisco.”

The equipment in his new playroom is a combination of gear from his own collection

For more information about the “No Escape Dungeon,” contact NoEscapeSlave on Recon.

Thanks to Mark for the pictures and information!

Discount offers for Metalbond readers on several bondage websites

Just a quick update that through a special arrangement, a number of bondage-themed websites offer Metalbond readers a discount! To get the discount, you simply click through any banner ad or picture or text link from the Metalbond page.

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Iron Lockup is not currently being updated with new videos, so I am not blogging about that site these days. However for new subscribers, there is plenty of archived material, so you might want to check them out if you have not already!

I will continue to blog about new videos being added to Daddy’s Bondage Boys and Bad Boy Bondage, so keep checking back to the Metalbond site for updates!

Ethan’s Cruel Robbers

By SockgaggedJason

SockgaggedJason gay bondage storiesIt was the end of summer and the beginning of college fall semester, but the Georgia air was still humid and warm. Off campus, young sophomore Ethan was asleep in his apartment. He was a fit, shorthaired, clean-cut young man. An aspiring business major who enjoyed kickboxing. Two young men, disguised with neoprene ski masks, quietly entered his apartment as he slept. They were local kids looking for any valuables that would allow them to buy drugs. One of them had blonde hair draping out of their mask, the other had brown hair. Ethan woke up, however, and noticed the intruders in his place. He grabbed a nearby golf club and prepared to defend his home. Upon making his way into the hall, though, the robbers noticed of him and quickly pounced on Ethan before he could take defensive action.

The two thieves pinned him to the floor and held him down. Ethan, only wearing his underwear, experienced awful carpet burn in the struggle. That, and the pressure of their weight holding him down firmly was defeating.

Ethan tried to yell for help, though, hoping to alert the neighbors in his apartment complex, but the blonde thief cupped his hand over his mouth while the brown-haired robber flipped him over on his stomach. They bound his hands behind his back using a nearby extension cord they yanked from the wall.

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Strapped to the fuck bench by a brutal dominant top

male bondage and discipline

At Brutal Tops, horny master Bob voraciously fucks his sub into the floor, making the wimp groan in pain and discomfort. Then the snarling top viciously lashes the runt’s arse until deep red welts appear, much to his sexual satisfaction. The humiliated worm is completely defeated by this damaging session!

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A mouthy rugby player gets a taste of discipline

Meanwhile at BreederFuckers, Aaron is bound to the table by his wrists and ankles and all he can do is thrash about and shout. The rugby player fights so hard he nearly tears the table apart. His backside is paddled so hard it turns angry red. He feels the most excruciating tension as he has no idea when the next smack will come to his throbbing arse. While he’s gasping for breath Dave shoves his cock in Aaron’s mouth and he’s ordered to make him hard. Aaron is angrily fucked by the dick he’s just made erect. Dave feeds him a mouth full of spunk, which he’s ordered to swallow or they will destroy his burning sore arse. What a sorry cum guzzling whore!

metalbond prison library stories

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severe testicle torture

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